Jim Jordan joins Intelligence Committee to boost Trump in public impeachment hearings

11/8/2019 10:30:00 PM

Rep. Jim Jordan has officially joined the House Intel Committee, a move designed to bolster Trump’s defense as Dems take their impeachment probe public next week

GOP leadership has officially assigned Rep. Jim Jordan to the House Intelligence Committee ahead of next week’s televised impeachment hearings, a move designed to bolster President Donald Trump’s defense as Democrats take their probe public.House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced the roster shakeup on Friday, adding that Rep. Rick Crawford (R-Ark.) has agreed to temporarily step aside for Jordan (R-Ohio

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), who is seen as one of Trump’s best attack dogs on Capitol Hill. The open impeachment hearings will kick off next Wednesday with testimony from the top diplomat in Ukraine, William Taylor, and George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary of State.Story Continued Below

“Jim Jordan has been on the front lines in the fight for fairness and truth,” McCarthy said in a statement. “His addition will ensure more accountability and transparency in this sham process.”Story Continued BelowJordan is the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, which has been one of the three committees conducting closed-door depositions with impeachment witnesses. Many Republicans see Jordan as a capable messenger and effective questioner.

And some GOP members have expressed frustration that some Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have not been participating in all the depositions, unlike Jordanand some of Trump’s other top allies. Transcripts of the interviews released this week show Crawford hasn’t been asking many questions during the closed-door sessions.

McCarthy, who has sole discretion to appoint Republican members to the House Intelligence Committee, said, “Rick will rejoin the committee and resume his work to keep our country safe” once the impeachment probe wraps up.Moving Jordan to House Intel is sure to please Trump, who has urged Republicans to “get tough and fight” harder for him in the impeachment battle. But because of the impeachment rules approved by the House, Jordan will get only one five-minute round of questioning, unless other rank-and-file members yield their time to him.

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That’s the definition of an oxymoron! Now the dems gave the republicans what they want the republicans are going to make the legit impeachment inquiry a joke Give a guy who is compliance with sexual battery and suspected of joining in the activity with the doc that jerked off in shower. Wow Very low IQ kinda dude.

He should take care of his sex scandals in Ohio first. FAILURE Great a Trumper and liar. Just what this country needs. Jim Jordan should be called as a witness in the realDonaldTrump impeachment for ignoring sexual misconduct. What a dangerous move! He’s definitely not to be trusted. 🤬 GOP ImpeachTrump Jim_Jordan Looks like the GOP subbing in Jordan for this 'roster shakeup' will be a slam dunk. Ha! the smell of despair is strong.

Guessing his job is to make things as disruptive as possible as a way of trying to diffuse/convolute the issues. Congress man Jordan will not be able to defend Trump’s criminal ways and life style. DEM REP: Ambassador Taylor, have you ever had knowledge of sexual assault on members of a wrestling team you coached and failed to take legal action?

Is is a slime ball! He could have helped students, he did not.....bad man What happens when he gets indicted for failing to report sex abuse when he was a coach. They are coming after him. I can't wait to see him hauled off to jail when he discloses classified information. Jordan needs to be charged in Ohio state university sexual abuse scandal!! He knew!!

A bunch of cowards sending in a man who let boys and young men be sexually abused. Gym Jordan is there for theatrics and distraction. You mean GymJordan? Gym Jordan? He'll have to resign soon. Lol No wonder MSM has simultaneously renewed its vicious attack against Jim Jordan over a false university sex scandal !

He should resign! This guy is just plain slimy. And to turn his back to the guys being abused at PSU is disgusting. What am I saying...he’s the perfect Republican and his values are same as the right wing. The molerster can't report molestation on his athletes on Ohio but he is on a Intel committee, something is wrong

Here's Jim_Jordan entering the Intelligence Committee to lower the level of discourse. Gym Jordan is a Sexual Assault Enabler who cannot identify any Republican crimes. Republicans are in desperation mode to save their President. It all will be in vain. The clown car has arrived That's a pretty good move for the GOP. Jordan certainly will help the White Evangelicals, who he tends to emulate, remain engaged and entertained. He talks so much like their televangelist. Even looks like one.

The Republicans who defend Trump w/he confessed to extortion& bribery,shaking down another country,don't vote to impeach him in the Senate is a embarrassment to America&are just as much criminals as Trump is for enabling him while he's commits crimes,voters elected you not Trump. Maybe we should clear up the Ohio College sex scandals first that Jordan was involved in.....

Rzn out of options. Gym is a serious freak. It won’t take a lot of picking at his soft spots to reduce him to an even sorrier state lol This is the best they have? Jim_Jordan should Resign Looks like another a-- kisser wanting to get in the limelight as when it counted he was a do nothing. That housegop would assign a guy who can look the other way as his colleague abused students in his charge to head GOPoversight & now houseintelcomm tells you exactly where their priorities lie. GymJordan

Jim Jordan is a Craftsman, and by that I mean he’s a tool. What's the under/over odds on how long it takes Loudmouth Jordan to break Intelligence Committee Rules on disclosure of classified info. Be will make the hearings a circus. What a boot licker Jordan is. But he needs trump in case he is implicated in Ohio he turned his back on sexual abuse.

This is just a set up for the most obvious joke ever. Right? This isn’t going to turn out well for the GOP. Jim Jordan has some questions of his own to answer. Wait! What about ... JimJordanKnew JimJordanResign ImpeachTrump Hopefully RepAdamSchiff will not allow them to turn the testimony into gross sham performance vs. getting to truth.

He should and needs to resign. He harbored a sexual predator and allowed his team to be sexually abuse. His team trusted him and he didn’t care. There is I hope a special place in hell for all of these Trump sycophants who have abandoned their country The same guy who turns a blind eye on sexual assault! You have to live in the gutter to defend the gutter!

Isn’t this the guy who did nothing after his students reported being sexually assaulted? Truth must prevail. If the evidence is there, Congress must impeach. SenateGOP “Yeah, I’m a tuff guy, see. I’m going to crack some heads, see. I’ll beat those who defile realDonaldTrump see. I have no mind of my own, see. I just do what I’m told, see.” Representation without Reservations. See. See NotCurious George hop around. TheView DearPresidentTrump

The child molester enabler? How is he still in Congress? Jackoff Jordan Let him try. He’s a child abuse enabler. 😂😂😂😂 what? He think he’s gonna go in there and save the orange leader!?!? 😂🙄 Hellocrows Such an iconic example of truth & integrity. Another sexual predatory enabler. He wouldn’t know truth or intelligence if he fell into it. I still say follow the GOP $$$ to DJT posse.

Well, this is definitely a Oxymoron that Jordan should be Associated with the Intelligence Committee, when he's so inept to believe in anything that's not a Conspiracy Theory, or just a Plain Lie. Jordan and Intelligence is an oxymoron Yep Jim_Jordan is great to have in your corner when you need a coverup or someone willing to look 👀 the other way... talk about “do nothings”.. ummm... that would be GymJordan JimJordanKnew JimJordanCoverUpCrimes JimJordanKnows

🙄 😂😂😂😂😂 if this Neanderthal is all the GOP have in their arsenal to confront and cross examine career diplomats of high caliber, They better start making room in federal prison for Trump and his acolytes! 😅😅😅😅😅🤡🤡🤡 It's like letting a killer out and placing him among people he does not get along with.trumps people just void of brains.

Wasn’t Jim_Jordan just charged with being witness to a sex crime and doing nothing about it? That sounds like the OPPOSITE of what is needed on the Intelligence Committee , isn’t it? Go get them Jim_Jordan!! Fight hard! GymJordan encourages & promotes pedophilia I want to know why his actions are NOT being investigated. He put many young men in harms way and we put him on the house intel committee? Seriously people?

RepRickCrawford you been officially tea bagged... How does it feel to have Gym's Jim_Jordan scrotum laid upon your forehead? HouseIntel SenateGOP SenateDems HouseDemocrats HouseGOP Jim Jordan on the House Intelligence Committee is the ultimate oxymoron! Good €ucking luck you loosers. He’s such a knucklehead

Sweaty GymJordan ranting incoherently in his ill-fitting button down will definitely help Trump. Will the Ohio wrestlers that he ignored be able to attend? The Dems got rid of Franken and Hill and this perv is going to chair the House Intel Committee? C’mon Dems call him out. SenKamalaHarris ewarren amyklobuchar

Timing is everything. Perfect time to put Jordan on Intel... Apparently the whole Senate is as corrupt as trump. All you need to know about the modern gop They wear their values on their sleeve JimJordanKnew It’s a spiteful move really. It’s like, “We know you’re gonna win, so we’ll make you listen to this idiot the whole time.”

Marion75448155 And the tried and true professionals who are testifying will shred him like they did in the depositions. These are not lackeys who cry and whine. These are career professionals who have experience and knowledge to stand up to losers like Jordan. He will look pathetic & the fool. By bolster you mean a louder mouthed liar

Schiff should throw him out immediately whenever he acts up. So intelligence isn't required in the House Intel Comittee? He’s replacing Devon Nunes who is busy suing his cow. Are we talking about this guy? An oxymoron of sorts...🤔 Watch Nim sully his name in the most public and egregious fashion. Jim_Jordan is just a Trump yes man...one of the worst, who would have burned HillaryClinton at the stake if she did even one of the 100 things realDonaldTrump has done - yet he defends him. gop has lost its soul and it will take years to restore!

Take it public is in this case only way to coming voters to take active objective coice for a society fhey want in a free democracy into a coming president election2020. Jim do an excellent job. So I guess he will make a fool out of himself on Television as always. Can’t wait to vote him out in Ohio Notice how much he looks like Michael Kelly?

Pervert!!! Hope nobody needs protection! Gym Jordan sucks at that. Ask his former wrestlers! Gym-mies here! Name should be Jim Jones and the Republican Kool Ade Parade! JimJordanKnew He is a blowhard! Schiff better put on his big girl panties, because the game just got real..!! It is pathetic that we will have to watch every day the partisan rankings of this depraved Republican, incapable of passing the Bar Exam, morally culpable for the sexual abuse of his wrestlers.

They must be desperate! Jordan and Intelligence are incompatible 🤦‍♀️ Well, he will do his usual horse & pony show. The circus may be somewhat justifiable in that the President is a clown. Oh he's a great one to have anything to do with Intelligence! He's still got trouble from when he was an assistant coach and the abuse claims that he did nothing about.

Why are his sleeves not rolled up in this picture?! I just CANNOT take him seriously orherwise.... Shouldn't Jim_Jordan being resigning over failing to report sexual assault at OSU? MeToo Jordan’s a human sh^t show. He’s there solely to yell & make a scene. Im sorry but he has enough problems Gym Jordan needs to resign.

oh, gymbo, tough, isn't it? Defending criminality, perverts and child molesters seems to be your life. How proud your family must be! He can watch the other republicans masturbate Monkey throws poop at the wall. 🤼‍♀️💁‍♂️ To be on the Intelligence Comm., must you be intelligent? Asking for a friend. Since he ignored sexual assault allegations he should be great for this.repjordanknew

Funny how democrats can even get better billionaires than GOP bloomberg trumps trump wink. Democrats secret formula is called INTEGRITY republicans cant spell that for recruits *Gym Willful ignorant outrage. Here we go. Boost Trump or have a fair and balanced approach that offers things like Due process, confronting your accusers etc. the things we value in this country.

Ohio State Athletes wish you had this ‘protective mode ’ while you overlooked their sexual abuser on the wrestling team. Trying to do the pointless.🙄 I guess jim jordan felt sexual assault by a coach was ok, so no surprise he would try to excuse trumps misdeeds. Trump loves sketchy folks on his team Someone in GOP leadership must have 'that' sex tape.

🤮 This rape apologist has zero credibility Sure. Jordan did such a good job handling sexualmisconduct at Ohio State. Put on a show for Trump, lol! God, the partisanship taking place in Washington is sickening... You almost can’t see the scar where they had their soul removed to sell to the devil... Jordan needs to get seigniorage & got to Ohio & deal with OU wrestling scandal. More witnesses are showing up.

He did a great job ignoring the crimes being committed under his watch while he was a coach. So I’m sure he’s just the perfect man for this job! Sad state of affairs is Jim is going to up your believability! What an ass! It’s ironic and hilarious; he should not be joining any intelligence committee, although he definitely needs more intelligence!

Jim_Jordan shelters rapists. He should resign based on his deplorable behavior at Ohio. Will he attend in his gym shorts!! Let the circus begin. Expect more bad faith actions by the GOP. Trumplicans are hanging their hopes on a guy who allowed abuse of athletes at Ohio University? Trumplicans just don't want to bother themselves or their leaders with morals or ethics.

Sure it will. The pedophile enabler is the best the GOP has GymJordan maybe MoscowMitch will bring in Roy Moore for the defense during the Impeachment Trial. SenJohnKennedy LindseyGrahamSC realDonaldTrump JohnCornyn SenatorRomney SenatorCollins lisamurkowski Maybe for the better, since now at these Impeachment hearings Americans can see what complete fools Republicans have become.

He said that he wanted to 'help his team.' I guess America is his football. The only way jim is sticking with this idiot is because hes involved in the cover up Happy to hear today that Jordan's past is coming back to kick him the butt. His holier-than-thou demeanor, hides a checkered past. I realize that many of Trump's GOP supporters, have skeletons in their closets they fear Trump will expose.

So Locker Room Gym is going to attempt to protect Trump from impeachment; Locker Room Gym has less credibility than his master and still has skeletons in his own closet. Is he bringing pizza for the next republican tantrum party? Why doesn’t Adam question Jordan about his involvement in Ohio State sexual abuse scandal

jamesji31510343 This fucking sucks 😬 Shower boy Every circus needs a clown that’s why we invited you Jimmy Jordon, Jim_Jordan Oh goodie. Replaced Nunes as official runner to Trump. Intelligence Committee. 👇 🤮 Did Gym finally make it out of the boy’s showers? Make him wear a jacket. Gym is not coaching wrestling any more (thank god!)

We just learned he failed to protect minors when a coach reported sexual misconduct to him so what does the republucan party do? Promote him? What only sexual deviates, lap dogs or traitors can be in important positions? And Luca Brazi is right behind him And they send their most ignorant person to represent trump. All he'll do is disrupt and create chaos.

Turning a blind eye to Trump’s misbehaviors, like he turned a blind eye while a coach at Ohio State University to sexual misconduct between another coach against a lot of young men. Guess he’s comfortable with that. GymJordan is know for his nonsensical rants and shenanigance.That's whyTrump and Republicans want him on the committee.

Gym Jordan, Gym Jordan, Gym, Gym , Gym. Ya get it! The guy who ignored the slapping sounds when a young man was being assaulted. Ya Gym Jordan. The whole country knows that GymJordan turned a blind eye towards sex abuse. I wonder what else trump is blackmailing Gym with? bbttychmbrs1 He is there to find out who the whistle blower is...not that it matters.

If they are sending their best, their best ain't good enough. Jim Jordan is the man. The more they smear you with anonymous bogus allegations the more you know you’re over the target. JimJordanKnew That Gym, he knows how to turn a blind eye. Not to smart... he’s nothing but a big mouth Coats are required.

Going down with Trump. That is wonderful news, he is always straight forward and is not afraid of those democrats. Americans will be subjected to jordans vile attacking. This mob has no facts and will attack noble honorable Americans. This needs to be limited. Get them Jim. Enabler for sexual assaults on OhioStAthletics athletes

Good move, Jim. 😎 Can we talk about how he hung the student athletes at OSU out to dry? How can Jordan get a security clearance? Cleared for the ridiculous? He is a hack, under his own scandal at home You mean THE Jim Jordan who ignored complaints of sexual harrassment? THAT Jim Jordan? A referee reported that Dr. Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower at Ohio State University. He reported this DIRECTLY TO REP JIM JORDAN - the asst. coach.

But Gym Jordan protects pedophiles. Contradiction in terms Well that dramatically reduces the average IQ of the 'intelligence' committee It becomes more clear that the trump party will break our laws and spit on our Constitution for trump...however, there are intelligent actual republicans who can still think and see reality despite trump...and they vote...blue if they must for our country and children!

‘Cause Jordan is such an upstanding man that always stands up for the victims? Or ‘cause Jordan is willing to ignore multiple credible reports of sexual assault to protect his own interests?🤔 maybe we should ask those boys on the wrestling team? Is common knowledge a defense? Just gonna make a bigger fool of himself - if that’s even possible

Another bully. May someone slap him down with their knowledge! They added a guy who through his wrestlers under the bus so hey...the gop only promotes the best liars and cheats! If Jim Jordan is the best Trump’s got he’s in trouble. Jordan is misguided. How can anyone in their right mind support a deranged con man? He has shown us his true colors and still many refuse to see him for what he really is.

Strange that as soon as this is announced, up springs an anonymous accuser like a whack a mole. Who would have seen that happening..... Now we have a clown in the circus. Gym Jordan is the champion of ignoring pedophilia crimes against his students, so I guess he will ignore tRUmp’s crimes too. Why are Republicans such miscreants?

I suggest Jim Jordan remove himself from the spotlight sooner then later. I hope to see him in an orange jumpsuit soon. Aiding and accessory to sexual molestation and harrassment at OSU. Deborahohio He won’t ask any questions ! All that nut will do is go on and on about how unfair this is to the criminal in office . Sucks that we are going to have to listen to his BS !

Well he is good at ignoring evidence that is right in front of his eyes GymJordan More Loud BS! Gym ought to concentrate on the school wrestlers he failed. Ah yes, the perfect Rep stooge - accused of turning a blind eye to sexual assault. So very Trumpian. Jimmy needs to watch his back, he is no angel. He had a lot of unresolved issues.

Maybe he could have wrestle mania ! Kissing trumps butt must have worked. Immediately making it less intelligent Really? Jim_Jordan? Does he think they'll be holding the hearings in a shower? He should resign! JimJordanKnew hack pervert Hopefully, his sexual perversions will catch up with him! Good Lord, he's the best they've got?🤣🤣🤣

Funny since he enabled a serial pedophile. Franken resigned for PRETENDING to feel a grown women's breasts over her clothes This guy is a yappy lilclown His credibility sucks!! Gonna be a struggle for the poor guy, what with no intelligence to bring to the group 🤷‍♀️ Where can Gym Jordan fit into anything having to do with intelligence?

POS If he disrupts the proceedings, Schiff should throw him out. Publicly, then recommend a Censure to Speaker Pelosi. Let this continue until no Republican is left. Either we are a country of rules or bullies. impeachment GymJordan does have a record of ignoring criminal behavior, who he’s a perfect GOP shill for the job

If there is something that JJ knows is a ‘wack-off” job; he has his wrestling background as his qualifications. What happens in the shower, stays in the shower. Jim Jordan has fail the Children of America on many occasions- I see today a lawsuits filed said Jim Jordan was told of his fellow coach was harm kids and Jim did nothing but hide

I think Spongebob Square pants would be more helpful to Trump than this idiot... 'Yeah, yeah, we know' !!! I thought like graham wanting to switch this was something that couldn’t happen overnight When a twice accused enabler of sexual assault is the best advocate for your cause... You might not be fit to run the country.

GymJordan is letting down the citizens of the USA just like he let down the young men on his college wrestling team who were sexually molested under his watch. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has no decency. Wow, Rs really bringing the all-star team. Jim_Jordan knew!!! 🤼‍♂️ GymKnew Dirty Gym Jordan welcome to the clown

is it a sham or is it legitimate GOP? can’t have it both ways. Jordan is unable to recognize wrong as it hovers all around him. Perhaps a learned defense mechanism? So he joins a committee with the expressed goal of undermining the process? Seems fair. Unfortunately, what I have seen of him in various hearings, he will act like a clown at a circus.

Gym is in trouble. Jim Jordan, a Disgrace to athletes and athletic programs everywhere Is this the same jordon dude that had something about sex in showers ? JUNGLE JIM JORDAN....NO MORALS NO CREDIBILITY NO INTEGRITY. THE OSU WRESTLERS FOREVER!!!!! Also, isn’t JimJorden89 going to be in court defending himself in the wrestling case?

“I’ll get to the BOTTOM of this!” Keep the accusations about the sexual misconduct coming. He knew what was going on with those young men and he CHOSE to look the other way. Disgusting. JimJordanKnew JimJordanResign He’s disgusting and a perver VoteEarlyNow Gym's the best they got? Hilfuckinglarious.

Must be wrestlers there He should be resigning. GymJordan I will not vote for you. You have to be stupid to not see he's breaking the law on the constitution. Really, Kaliningrad Kevin GOPLeader McCarthy? You appoint Jim_Jordan who is involved in a Teen Molestation Scandal? Says everything about you. HouseIntel SenatorBurr HouseGOP

Isn’t that an oxymoron? Trump sycophant. so he can get more TV time I guess. Gym Jordan and intelligence do not go together. Trump lover! Oh, so THAT'S why they're releasing another bullshit story about his supposed cover-ups. Fusion GPS/Perkins Coie working on overdrive. Maybe he's gonna cover for Trump and his buddy Epstien.

Ok so now he made it to the intelligence committee, wish he was intelligent though. As long as there is no one molesting your men he might do okay. Jim_Jordan seems to struggle with that. A blind spot for protecting the right people! Right Gym? Judge: Bailiff, call the first witness. Gym J : Objection your Honor! Also Gym J : What's a Bailiff?

JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew JimJordanKnew Good call, Republican leaders. Gym is complicit in a series of sex crimes against young men at Ohio State. At the very least, he knew about the crimes and DID NOTHING. And he’s going to be part of the committee. Sick.

Gym J joining the intelligence committee!!! Isn't that a contradiction Just asking, thoughts? So, the Republicans don't deny Trump is guilty, they are just trying to muddy the water, causing confusion! Damn shame If Gym Jordan is the best they could do then it show the GOP is an absolutely lost cause Ask Jordan why he protects pedophiles.

Um, don't you need more than a screaming, tantrum throwing demeanor? You know, like intelligence? Why is sex abuser GymJordan still in Congress? ResignGymJordan Isn't Jim famous for ignoring witness statements? Ha ha ha ha...'bolster Trump's defense'...HA HA HA HA!!! JIM...crawl back UNDER that rock...from which you appeared...take SCALISE with you...!!

Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc This guy scares the crap out of Dems so much there's a slur campaign going on right now hahaha In related news the average IQ of the House Intelligence Committee has decreased by 40 points 😅😅😅😅. Gym Jordan better start planning for his own defense. Complicit. Corrupt. GOP TRAITORS

So the House has opened hearings into sexual abuse of gymnasts. In other news, a 2nd person has spoken out about OSU wrestling and who (Jordan) knew what when. A shot across the bow of the good ship Jordan? Could be that should he get too loud, those hearings might be expanded. Oh NO! Rotten fruits don't belong in the basket.

More athletes and referees should come forward with their accounts of him ignoring the assaults on young men when he was an assistant coach. This demented man should be forced to resign as others have before him. This ought to be something. He can not ever ever ask questions that matter. Wrestling coach witnessing sex abuse goes “intelligent”!

You mean the gutless wrestling coach This fellows is spaced out most of the time you know. Pedophile alert Just imagine thinking that relying on an idiot like Jim Jordan to defend you is your best course of action. In no way alters the facts corroborated by multiple sources. Let’s just hope he’s not asked to call out any wrongdoing while there.

“Bolster” might not be the right word for what Jordan’s performances accomplish. They are all pretending they are members of the Corleone family. They are both embarrassing and throwing away their jobs. Well if Jim is the best they have, I’m not worried. The cloud of doubts to truth about the Ohio state wrestlers will follow him everywhere.

What BS. It’s to bring fairness to Shifty Shit’s freak show. StopTheCoup YOU are propaganda media with zero integrity or creditability EnemyOfThePeople I think Jimmy may have some other issues to tend to soon.

Trump ally Jim Jordan gets a seat on House Intel Committee for public impeachment hearingsOhio Rep. Jim Jordan, a fervent defender of President Trump, will be placed on the House Intelligence Committee as the impeachment inquiry against the president enters its public phase. 'yea, yea, we know' Gym 'pedophile lover' Jordan? That Gym? Wtf... Republicans should be able to do better than him. Funny how 'new' allegations came out about him right as this was happening...

The GOP weighs adding vocal Trump supporter Rep. Jim Jordan to its impeachment inquiry teamRep. Devin Nunes hasn't led witness questioning in the impeachment probe so far. He might get some help from Rep. Jim Jordan for the public hearings. Needs more Guiliani for comic effect. Really? That’s all they’ve got BE AFRAID AMERICA!!! Two very sinister people that plan to aggressively manipulate you with denial and deflection in their Trump worship role. Trump has placed them in this role to come after you with their messaging.

Second man accuses Rep. Jim Jordan of ignoring OSU abuseA professional referee says that disgraced doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a wrestling match at Ohio State University, and he reported the encounter directly to Rep. Jim Jordan, who was then the assistant coach. and this is somehow a surprise. the man knew all of it. Gym is coving Trump’s crime like when OSU abuses happening. History repeats itself KailiJoy Gym’s greatest skill is ignoring misconduct

Jim Cramer issues buy call on Lyft, remains 'pessimistic' on UberLyft 'management's promise to deliver positive EBITDA by the end of 2021 now sounds credible,' the 'Mad Money' host says. SHORT LYFT BOYS!!! Psh... it’s still just a taxi company Only down about 50% since his initial buy call 💩

Jordan Peele, Universal’s Donna Langley Weigh In on Marvel DebateThe back-and-forth about the artistic value of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — which even prompted a response from Walt Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger — has dominated the internet for the better part of a month. All that’s really necessary to know, is that Marvel gave a stiff like Chris Evans, a career. Marty made 2 very cogent points: 1) cinema & global audiovisual entertainment are not interchangeable, 2) studios are extremely risk avert, the risk being the artist him/herself. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are cinema. They may not satisfy everyone, but that doesn't negate the emotional themes and impact that it has on fans like me. They're not 'theme park' films as Scorsese calls them. That's a bullshit lable. End of discussion.

Disney’s Strong Quarter, Billionaire Battle & Jim Cramer’s Salute to Veterans by Squawk on the Streetjimcramer SquawkStreet Oh boy I live 15 minutes from there and play golf there. Hope I don't run into him.