Jim Hopper in Stranger Things Season 3 Is Officially My Summer 2019 Style Muse

The minute this editor saw @davidkharbour in Hawaiian shirt on @Stranger_Things, she knew she needed one 🏝


The minute this editor saw davidkharbour in Hawaiian shirt on Stranger_Things, she knew she needed one 🏝

Many found Jim Hopper's Hawaiian shirt on Stranger Things hilarious. This editor, on the other hand, found style inspo.

My interest in Hawaiian shirts actually started a year ago, when Hawaii/California-based Instagram fashion blogger Halley Elefante — known on IG as

— posted a photo of herself wearing one from & Other Stories. I waited for that shirt to go on sale all Summer long (it didn't) until I forgot about it (I guess I didn't, either). Fast forward to this Summer, and right after seeing Harbour's magnificent pastel number on

, I went to my first music festival in London after moving to the UK two months ago. I spotted quite a few cool festival-goers wearing Hawaiian shirts and immediately knew I finally needed one of my own.

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