Vol 56 Issue 12

Vol 56 Issue 12

Jigsaw Puzzle Missing Like 999 Pieces

Jigsaw Puzzle Missing Like 999 Pieces

3/26/2020 7:39:00 PM

Jigsaw Puzzle Missing Like 999 Pieces

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Italian company sees US citizenship applicants quadruple since 2016 - CNN Video

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and a turbulent few years in American politics, many US citizens are now seeking Italian citizenship in a bid for free healthcare, affordable university education, and a less frenetic lifestyle. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.

Mr. Lonely! They went that way 👈👈 . Wow, that's a lot of jigsaws Nobody has that many jigsaws Mail to me... Well, then at least then it’s fucking done. Well that will have to do.....Finished ! Dang! Just when you really want to do a puzzle! Still might spread corona

This Was Taylor Swift's Subtle Statement After the Kanye West Phone Call LeakedOne look through Taylor Swift's Tumblr likes reveals that Swift has liked some responses to the phone call.

Goop Launches an Activewear Line With Proenza SchoulerGoop launches a seven-piece activewear line with Proenza Schouler.

Dress Up for D-Nice’s Social Distancing Disco Party TonightShop these disco-inspired pieces for your at-home dance parties. djdnice Nailed it!

Does Tuesday's huge rebound mark the bottom for markets? Investors says one key piece is missingIn market terms, think of the coronavirus as a three-legged stool where if one of the legs isn't firmly attached, the whole thing will tip over. THIS IS NOT OVER. Bottom? No where near it Answer: No. These huge swings in the market just show how irrational the market is right now. It shouldn’t have dropped so much yesterday, and shouldn’t have gone up so much today. Investors have gone full on bi-polar.

Nordic Style Magazine on Instagram: “@betina_goldstein nail envy 💅🏼”11 Likes, 0 Comments - Nordic Style Magazine (nordicstylemag) on Instagram: “betina_goldstein nail envy 💅🏼”

26 Family-Friendly Products For Anyone Who Is Stuck At HomeA Baby Yoda puzzle, an indoor s'mores maker, and games on games on games — we've got you covered.