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Jessica Chastian 2021 Style: Stunning Looks On and Off The Red Carpet

Let's take a look at Jessica Chastain and her style in 2021. See some of the stunning looks she wore this season on and off the red carpet.

9/27/2021 4:12:00 PM

See some of the stunning looks Jessica Chastain wore this season on and off the red carpet. jessicachastain fashion redcarpet celebrity

Let's take a look at Jessica Chastain and her style in 2021. See some of the stunning looks she wore this season on and off the red carpet.

Simona ShemerJessica Chastainhas excelled in a slew of acting roles – and her fashion sensibility is just as top-notch as her performances in The Help, The Zookeeper’s Wife and Interstellar. Lately, she’s made a number of appearances at film festivals, on talk shows, and on the red carpet for her latest movies  The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Secrets of a Marriage. Jessica Chastain has really had a chance to show off some stylish looks which include, but are not limited to, yellow pumps, a

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Zuhair Murad gold and diamond trimmed white dressand brightly-colored Moschino. Let’s take a look at some of the stunning looks Jessica Chastain wore this season on and off the red carpet.Jessica Chastain 2021 StyleJessica Chastian Goes ViralRecently, Chastain was in the news when a slow-motion picture of fellow actor Oscar Isaac kissing her on the inside of her arm at the Venice Film Festival went viral. And while yes, the moment was extremely sexy (Jessica was quick to point out later they are both just friends) I think I might have been the only one who noticed her stunning Atelier Versace gown with patterned sparkling embellishment. Nevertheless, the duo were the most talked-about pair at the film festival for a while.

“It was a joint fashion moment that captured the attention of the world,NDTV’s lifestyle website Swirlster said, and their “incredible chemistry played a part in it too.” (In case you were wondering, Oscar wore Prada.) Well, I’m not here to talk about incredible chemistry. I’m here to talk about fashion looks. And Jessica Chastain’s got ’em. This is the kind of versatile actress that could probably wear a potato sack and still look great. But knowing her, she’d probably cut it asymmetrically and paint it green. Just sayin’.

Jessica Chastain In Emerald GreenJessica has worn a number of emerald green dresses and gowns throughout her budding climb towards A-lister status and this one is no less stunning. It’s Old Hollywood with a modern (sexy) twist. She wore the breathtaking Valentino gown at the Chopard Trophy dinner during the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in early July.  The gown was simple and sexy, with the cutouts and the unique draping, but there’s still something that is very Old Hollywood about it. And that’s the thing about Ms. Chastain. She could wear either look (or both at the same time!) 

Was it really ten years ago that Jessica was at her first Cannes Film Festival for the film The Tree of Life? She’s been wowing us with her fashion ever since. Jessica Chastain In Elegant Red Carpet FashionOK, is it b*tchy of me to say that she looks like she’s wearing high-end lingerie embellished with jewel tones? I mean this in the best way possible. This dress is so sexy but it has a little of everything. Lace petals, polka dots, and an incredible silhouette. 

I still really love this look. This is sexy in a totally different way from the look above and yet so rich in its opulence. And she can carry them both off. I also absolutely love the smoky lines around her eyes. Jessica is wearing Givenchy Haute Couture at the Toronto Film Festival. 

Jessica Chastian Oversized Menswear JacketI’m a sucker for a fashionista that can pull off a matching pantsuit in a bright color. Bonus points for the rolled-up sleeves, the stylish (and sexy) patterned crop top underneath, and the business-like bag. It’s like she’s playing around with different styles in one look. Again, it’s what she does best. I don’t know if everyone is a fan of oversize everything, but I certainly am.

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Bold ColorblockingJessica showed up at the 2021 TIFF Tribute Awards Press Conference in this super colorful Moschino look. In case you were wondering, the TIFF Tribute Awards honor the film industry’s outstanding contributors and their achievements, recognizing leading industry members, acting talent, directorial expertise, new talent, and a below-the-line artist and creator.

Many media outlets reported that this was a new side to her style, but I don’t think that’s true at all. Let me say it again. If you’ve followed Jessica’s fashion evolution as I have, you will notice that her style is totally versatile. She can pull off a wide range of looks and you can tell that she loves to do it too. She wears a sexy black slit dress one minute and an elegant embellished mini dress the next. And then there’s the playful side, which we’ve seen a lot of this time around: the baby blue suit, the color block dresses, the yellow pumps. But again, it’s nothing new for her because she loves to play around with her fashion and she’s been doing it for years. 

I guess you could say this look is a little young and Zendaya also showed up in somethingrecently. Jessica can totally pull it off and she does. Jessica Chastain Playful StyleThis is an example of the playfulness and whimsy that is (sometimes) Jessica Chastain fashion (or was, even before the Moschino number). In July, just before she headed off to the Cannes Film Festival, Jessica wore this fun minidress with the Cupid print to the front row of the Dior Haute Couture show. While other stars,

like Cara Delevingne, chose to be a little more demure, Jessica chose to have fun. That fun is in every part of her look from her funky textured bag to her bangs (where did those come from?)  Which is your favorite Jessica Chastain look?

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