Jennifer Rubin: Dems must get Manchin to realize ‘this is not ‘50s version of GOP’

‘This is nihilism on steroids': Politics expert slams the GOP for refusing to raise the debt ceiling

9/23/2021 6:32:00 AM

‘This is nihilism on steroids': Politics expert slams the GOP for refusing to raise the debt ceiling

The GOP refusing to raise the debt ceiling is slammed by politics experts in conversation with Joy Reid. Opinion columnist Jennifer Rubin tells The ReidOut, ‘This is nihilism on steroids... They think this is all about owning the libs and crashing the country.’

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Calling Rubin a politics expert. Thanks for the laugh this morning. I needed that. Donald Trump gave MASSIVE tax breaks to the rich and then he added trillions upon trillions to the national debt, and THE GOP IS COMPLAINING NOW?!?!?!? reidreverseracistsyndrome The usual lies by the MSNBC pundits. The GOP does not refuse to raise the debt limit. They refuse to accept the tie the Democrats want to make to their huge wasteful spending plans that risk economic disaster.

Why is it that debt is only a crisis for the Republicans when the Democrats are in power? Debt ceiling is stupid.Congress can easily solve the debt by passing a budget that cuts everything and raise taxes and generate a surplus. It’s always used as a political tool to rein in spending, so it needs to go. It’s destructive and risk miscalculation plunging the economy.

This is Joy Reid! 👇

NYT reporter on GOP-led voter suppression effortsNew York Times domestic correspondent Nick Corasaniti breaks down the Republican-backed voter suppression laws being passed in states across the country and how Democrats are trying to combat them by introducing a new bill in Congress called the Freedom to Vote Act.

Opinion | The Stolen-Election Myth Has Become an Albatross for the GOP - POLITICOOpinion: Larry Elder's landslide defeat in California is the latest evidence that the stolen election myth is poison for Republicans, writes RichLowry RichLowry Anyone who believed he could win California obviously doesn't know California. RichLowry So not only is the myth devoid of all decency, it doesn't even work. RichLowry Or people don’t want another trump

Democrats dare GOP to vote against government funding billHouse Democrats are plowing ahead to vote on a bill Tuesday that will fund the government through Dec. 3, provide billions in emergency disaster relief and billions more to support Afghan evacuees—but it is expected to be blocked by Senate Republicans. We should first protect and support our people She is old

GOP Senate Candidate Won’t Back McConnell For Leader Amid Escalating War With TrumpA leading Republican Senate candidate in Missouri said he would not vote for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell if elected Mitch hasn't done a positive thing for anyone in his entire career. 对新冠病毒有效的药物 Effective medications against COVID-19 硫酸氢氯喹 Hydrochloroquine 伊维菌素 Ivermectin 青蒿素 Artemisinin 阿奇霉素 Azithromycin 地塞米松 Dexamethasone 请遵照医嘱 Please Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Louisiana GOP senator might vote for government spending package to get Ida relief fundsThe spending package includes funding to raise the government's debt limit, which the treasury secretary said is crucial to avoid a historic financial crisis.

House OKs debt and funding plan, inviting clash with GOPWASHINGTON (AP) — The House voted Tuesday night to fund the government into early December, suspend the federal debt limit and provide disaster and refugee aid, setting up a high-stakes showdown with Republicans who oppose the package despite the prospects of a looming fiscal crisis. So Fox News will say Republicans shut down the government. REPUBLICANS Good. Block it. House spending can not continue at this rate. If this was the average American. The US would already be in foreclosure. If it was a third world country, the IMF and corporations would have suspended the Constitution by now.