Jennifer Lopez to Perform at Joe Biden's Presidential Inauguration - E! Online

Let’s get loud! E! News can exclusively Jennifer Lopez is set to perform at Joe Biden's presidential inauguration on Wednesday, Jan. 20.

1/14/2021 2:00:00 PM

Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez has joined the star-studded lineup set to perform at Joe Biden's presidential inauguration. Here for the full list:

Let’s get loud! E! News can exclusively Jennifer Lopez is set to perform at Joe Biden's presidential inauguration on Wednesday, Jan. 20.

Matt Baron/ShutterstockAmericans can rest assured there will also be an inauguration day parade, albeit a virtual one. Additionally, Biden and Harris intend to participate in the tradition of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier following their swearing in.

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Retired doctors and more syringes: Biden lays out plan to get America vaccinated

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden on Friday said he would order increased production of syringes and other supplies to ramp up vaccinations against COVID-19 and improve upon the Trump administration rollout that he called a 'dismal failure.'

Biden is not my President IMPEACHMENT DOCUMENTS FOR BIDEN ON 01/21/2021 Hahaha. Where Tell her to save the adreno ... she boutta shake sum A$$ Ick. Another Iconic JLo moment 💋 Que belleza tan natural ella... Dale un besito a Joe y esposa de nuestra parte...🥰 Star studded cause no one will watch otherwise.

I’m tired of her tbh. Why couldn’t they get someone who is charting right now Who cares! Its gonna be lit monstergriff Thank you for giving me a list of people I will never support again from here on out. JoeBiden = Hollywood’s President he’s not the working blue collar class President notmypedophile

Wow just wow 🙃 Don't like her 🤮🤮🤮🗑 Hope she does better than New Years !! For those who might not know, she steal people’s hard work, their music, their performance, their vocals and their career... Iconic jlo is everywhere ladygaga & jlo WILL BE CHANGING THAT TUNE REAL QUICK ONCE BIDEN'S ADMINISTRATION ENACTS A WEALTH TAX & THEIR ASSETS ARE TAXED UP THE WAZOO!! USA SUCKS!! THE GOV'T IS JUST A LEGALIZED MAFIA THAT DOES JACK SH!T. CONGRATS Russia FOR HACKING INTO THE US!

Wonder which Grammy winning song she'll perform for us 🤔 Reallywho cares! I don't know that I would call either of them STARS. They are entertainers. That is their job. Nothing more. Where are they on standing up for children and young adults being sex trafficked right now. It is National Awareness month.

Jlo for an Inarguration? Who set that up and thought it was a good idea? 👎🏽 ewww who cares IMPEACH BIDEN JAN 21 Sedation. The most overhyped overrrrated woman in hollywood, she can’t even sing well👎 I'm tired of Jlo book some other artists! who even performed at donald’s inauguration? Kid Rock? Enough of JLo!! Sick to death of her. Minimal talent with great management!!

We can stop at New Year’s Eve lol Gorgeous Can’t they find something more classic in the form of someone like Barbara Streisand? WGAF Why? Why not? We are ready ! Way 2 go !!!!! Lol 🙄 JoeBiden but I thought there’s a plandemic? I’m confused! No, please Nice Sorry , but i think , is not Jennyfer Lopez ...? damn , shes changed ..

Used to respect her and Demi. Pandemic 3.0