Jennifer Lopez Hot Shots

Jennifer Lopez Hot Shots

11/27/2020 4:50:00 AM

Jennifer Lopez continues to age like a fine wine and looking amazing at all hours of the day.

Jennifer Lopez Hot Shots

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'Aging Like Fine Wine'. I agree! Her secret is keeping life stress free and being able to manage little things from becoming bigger things. nah i don't wanna see her hot shots . even if she is aging well i still kno what her age is and i'll feel weird looking at it .. If I had her money....only because she's rich. What, you can't eat better, work your ass off and get enough sleep unless you have eight figures in the bank? There are plenty of fat rich people, believe that.

That's what happens when you rich as F*** Sure! Chief Keef sister Husband *New* Music Video Up and coming Black owned clothing brand straight out of NEW YORK CITY... BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE GOING ON USE CODE: BUM212 10% off. Don't give a shit! Anyone can be fine wine with that much plastic surgery She’s she have a crust yet ?

Surgery and procedures. Not aging like a fine wine. Horrible comparison. JLO is Hot🔥🔥 If I had her money so would I. I don't know why when women get older they have to start showing new pictures I guess the show the world that they still got it but if you're not insecure you don't have to do all that and you got children but I noticed that Madonna can't do that no more 🤣

She looks good Some ugly ass haters on this thread! Beautiful ❤️ Plastic surgery facial masks skin peeling and botox injections can do wonders when you are rich and famous baby. Are we ignoring all the plastic surgery? Whatever She’s really hot!!! Yeah but her thirst to stay relevant will be her downfall just like Madonna 🤷‍♀️

Well if I had J-Lo bucks I’d be looking hot too. fine wine🍷ages.😂it gets OLD..😜 I guess y’all never seen her without make-up and extensions? 🙄 Good job A-Rod It feels weird that i wanna cum inside a woman who doesn't menstruate anymore. So discombobulated. The music is so bad you have to take off clothes to sell the album ?

Who's watch this loophole actors or something like music 🎶 Doesn't really matter much on how she ages when through out the years she's still the biggest C**T in the world While Arod continues to get jobs for MLB despite being a lying roid head who couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a handful of rice in October.

I age like fine milk Having work done works wonders She looks BETTER now than she ever did! Lol Love that. Saying .... Your as fine as wine Keep exercising, tone that ass, so you can show it off Sad how insecure she is. Up and coming Black owned clothing brand straight out of NEW YORK CITY... BLACK FRIDAY SALE GOING ON USE CODE: BUM212 10% off.

She's a witch 🤤 watched her in shall we dance, richard gere, she was fantastic. THIS. IS. ALL. SHE. DOES. Literally, taking care of her body and looking good is all she does, all day long. 🤮 No it’s not. She’s medically made. GTFOH JLO is Hot🔥🔥🔥 How many babies did it take Ummmm she looks rather angry she looks her age facially. she has that hard aged look. Hot as hell but still her age. Kate beckinsale is only few years behind but looks half her age.

Watching the show right now 👍😂🔥 😜YOU SHOULD PROMOTE MY SONG 👁 Try hard mouth breather. Like okay....damn Did J-lo tweet this we know