Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Party Like It's 2002 at Her 52nd Birthday Party - E! Online

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Party Like It's 2002 at Her 52nd Birthday Party

7/25/2021 7:46:00 PM

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Party Like It's 2002 at Her 52nd Birthday Party

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have truly come full circle. Find out details about her 52nd birthday party in St Tropez, France.

with a steamy photo of her and the actor kissing on a yacht.Jennifer also shared pics and a video of herself modeling a red-printed bikini. "52!" she said, before twirling around in the short clip.The two technically made their Instagram debut as a couple last week when J.Lo's BFF

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shared a picof them at her recent 51st birthday party.Jennifer and Ben are "fully committed to each other," although they've both agreed they aren't in a rush to get married again,a source told E! Newslast week. Read more: E! News »

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Hsej Leave these people alone! They are entitled to privacy. This so boring is annoying now, count down to break down 🤤😴🙄 Congratulations JLo you guys were actually good together last time. No worries there, I reconnected with my now bf after 6 years of being apart. The last time I seen him was back in 2013. Timing wasn't right for us either until 2019. Get it girl! Don't let anyone say otherwise!

Everyone looks so happy in this picture! NOT! Who gives a flying f**k That GoneGirl 👀 They change partners like folk change....... Good grief. Is she ever just single? That revolving door is looking a bit trashy. Go away. Ben ain't even looking at Jello, LOL He's looking at the hot server at the bar 😂

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I think Arod has a problem with his personality that's why he doesn't comment anything about their breakup, I remember a a certain news that their are American baseball players that are gays,and Arod was one of the candidate of that gossip Usually opposites attract this might work I hope it does for both of them! ❤️

'Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrated her birthday with their most high-profile public appearance as Bennifer 2.0, and yes, that included a 'Jenny From The Block' singalong' JLo StreamJennyFromTheBlock 💛 StreamJLOThisIsMeThen 🤎 He is definitely into her … I hope it last they r adorable together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ JLo

And who bloody cares! diddy probably waiting his turn 🤷🏾‍♂️ She's been through endless relationships,it's questionable🤔 Black Good for them....BEST OF LUCK BEN & JEN❤❤❤ lmaooo her homegirl lookin at the camera like …y’all see this shit 😒😒😒

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Disgusting why do we care so much about this couple? who in fact do nothing then trying to get themselves into the public eye by promoting them for nothing. .better ask them what have they done socially to help others but themselves? She thrives on attention! They are very opposite. It's not going to last!

Like all drunks, he’ll ruin it. I DGAF パーティーで誰もマスクしてないみたいだけど大丈夫なの? That other lady😂🤦‍♀️ Just to digress for a moment..... they should Married long time ago was wonder why they end with someone else at the end and now coming back together again hopefully they get married Why do I think Ben Affleck looks at JLO and tells himself that he should be thankful for this second chance to be with her?

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And there you go...She has him drinking again. 🍷🍺 Then Jen G will have to clean up the mess because she has a heart. And JLo will be onto the next guy by then. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . It's so sad she can't stand on her own two feet. It's not like she's a broke single Mom. Why is she so hungry for live that she has to be with a man at all times. So so sad. She needs help. I hope she will find it.

She will be with anybody for headlines. THOTS DO THAT 💖🎁🎂🎉🎈🎈👏👏👏👏👏👏 I am happy for them. They never got over each other after they broke up. Now they have a second chance. So everyone can quit losing their minds and hating on them. BenAffleck JLo So she doesn’t include her children with her birthday? Wow.

FlackonPrime The way he looks at her! Pure adoration! Just hope he's staying committed to sobriety because people care

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Gobble gobble... Honestly, this is making my PR sense tingle. I just keep thinking this is fake, the pictures look ✨too✨ put together and so does the PDA. 🤔🤔🤔 People can live as they want to. I’m glad she’s happy, I just wish she had given Alex more consideration no matter what he did in the past. Never let someone else’s actions change you. It seems mean to me. But I’m sensitive 😂

When the door finally slams shut on this mother of all rebounds, it’s going to be brutally painful. You heard it here first! Who’s taking bets on how long this will last? Wow I want a man to look at me like that 😍 Jenny has been around the block...🤭 JLo's eyes - on the sparkles. Weird, bitchy looking woman's eyes - on the camera. Ben's eyes - on the Goddess.


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Is he healthy? Wow he looks so unhappy here. Looks like being with JLo again is causing him to contemplate all the shit he did since he was last with her No one needs or wants Gigli 2. I hope he’s having water. No o e needs Gigli 2. People are EXTRA judgmental.... Hope they are happy. Have a great day yall!😁

Jennifer has two is Jennifer Lopez and the other is Jenny From the block! She needs therapy! Going from one man to the other is crazy! Nobody wants to admit it! 😍 Are we really doing this again? Now their together BenAffleck will be trending everyday now 🙄

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She is trying to hard. She wants to hurt Rodriguez. Poor Ben is being used. But in a sexy way. LOL Back to an ex who dumped you and has bad reputation (of love). What a good life lesson that she passed down to her kids. I hope they stay together they look so good together Hey let love live!!! Booed up The way he looks at her 😍😍😍😍😍

mariskaestel She just annoys me anymore. She definitely is not Jenny from the block. 😅 Just pick a man already. Wow he looks thrilled don't he? So sick of hearing about her drama filled life. Why doesn't she hang out with her kids! Listen, these are two grown ups having some really good ‘catch up’ sex… I’m truly happy for them. But, do we need to read about it everywhere….

He's miserable. He's just waiting for the right time to tell her the big mistake he made. JLo is clearly not a keeper, or she gets bored easily and needs to move on? Well in this case move backwards. She waited over a decade for her man. Good for her. The way he looks at her I believe this is the first time she has ever gone back to an X !

What year is this? I hope he’s not drinking again. Must mean a movie and/or album is getting ready to drop soon So cute. 😍 He's been in love with her forever!! ❤️❤️❤️ I hope they last forever.

Casal do pop! He looks as though he’s about to take a bite out of her. She loves the dopamine of a new relationship. Maybe because she’s now 52 she will settle down. Who knows. Who's that other lady there. Looks like she can't wait for the show to be over. He loves that woman something crazy. Arod? I just want to know why are the names combined? People are doing this constantly these days.!! Cannot stand it take the time and say both names. Damn like how old are you

Who is the pig? Thank you!!BenAffleck what's happening in this photo

The way he's looking at her. I need that. Luod Was there even a healing process from Arod? I would be so annoyed. You could see it in her face. Let them be. Oh brother. This s all fake. Whatever A rod did. This s clean up. I just feel for the kids. Adults can’t cheat without it affecting their kids. Pray for all the kids!

He’s a PIG 🐷 Bennifer 2021 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I have my pink Juicy Couture sweatsuit hanging in the closet and ready to join this 2002 revival Bennifer2021 😍 Well that’s cringe 😬 Good enuf 4 intimacy but not good enuf 2 b the mother of Affleck's kids. looktimeline. She got her boost fr. P Diddy. When Affleck has a relapse-will she drop her work 2 go help him?

I truly love this reunion….I’m shipping Bennifer 2.0 big time! ❤️ Ben looking like he ready and waiting to fuck after the festivities lol I love that after all this time apart they still came back together ❤️ obviously meant to be 🥰🙏🏻 ❤❤❤