Jennifer Lawrence, other celebrities join nationwide Women’s March

This year marked the fifth annual Women's March.

10/4/2021 11:53:00 PM

Thousands took to the streets all across the country Saturday to send a message to the Supreme Court: don't overturn Roe v. Wade.

This year marked the fifth annual Women's March.

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I don’t believe that the people in the picture are liberal, therefore I cannot support this article. Liberals are supposed to be wearing masks at all times, and they’re close contact with each other indicates they are not afraid of Covid. They cannot be liberal. Now do an article about the pro-life rallies.

Could it be Planned Parenthood pays a majority of these people to protest? Where are all these 'my body my choice' when it comes to mandated vaccinations? Abortion is essential. Explain this. I want to go out, party, have sex, get pregnant, have abortion? Don't want to bother with birth control, have abortion? Isn't right time, have abortion? Not a convenient time, have abortion? Morning after pill cost too much, have abortion.

Republicans, I think you have stirred up a HORNET'S NEST and it may prove FATAL in 2022 Midterm elections. roevwade wow Others, who chose not to march for women's reporductive rights, stayed home and ingesting horse dewormer and untested other untested medicines. let's see who are pro baby deaths abortion is murder that's a fact

Jennifer Lawrence Shows Her Maternity Style Next to Amy Schumer at Abortion Rights MarchJennifer Lawrence Shows Her Maternity Style Next To Amy Schumer At Abortion Rights March she is not showing her maternity style. she is just a pregnant woman standing for women's rights.

Pregnant Jennifer Lawrence Joined Amy Schumer at the Women’s MarchAmy Schumer Posts a Cute Pic with Pregnant Jennifer Lawrence at the Women’s March

Jennifer Lawrence Showed Off Her Baby Bump at an Abortion Rights March with Amy Schumer'I don’t have a uterus and she is pregnant but we out here,' Amy wrote on IG. Cristiano Ronaldo lo pretendian abortar es 1 crimen promover este asesinato a un indefenso ser; Lo haran de todos modos, pero al aprobar este crimen aumentan victimas inocentes ESTA CLARO ¡¡¡

Pregnant Jennifer Lawrence poses for rare pic with Amy Schumer at Women's MarchThe 31-year-old actor is pregnant with her first child. bookcover Uniquebookcover printready colorfulbook coverdesign eyecatching logo brochure banner poster flyer businesscard stationary packaging product design etc Order NOW Or more Info or Inquiries you can visit my Profile: What are they marching for? Is she getting an abortion

Pregnant Jennifer Lawrence Joins Amy Schumer at Women's March - E! OnlineJennifer Lawrence, who is pregnant, and Amy Schumer, who recently had her uterus removed to treat a disease, united at one of the many Women's Marches to protest abortion restrictions. Sexist headline. You'd never say that about a male celebrity. ewwww I'm not completly pro or against abortion, but I despise the way activists want to make their points 'my body' 'women won't be free'? c'mon it's another being we're talking about here that hasn't ask to come into this world, I think 'women need to have a choice' sounds better IMO

Women's March Targets Abortion Access On Steps Of Supreme CourtAt an unrelated event, GOP Sen. Susan Collins said she's working to make Roe v. Wade 'the law of the land.' this is terrible news She is full of it Um, isn't it the law of the land right now?