Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney Photographed Outside the Marriage Bureau, but the Nuptial Mysteries Remain

Mysteries beget mysteries


Mysteries beget mysteries

Photographer Mark Salinger accompanied them, among others.

. “We wanted to marry each other. We wanted to commit fully.... He’s my best friend.” The secret’s already out: they’re in love, and they’re going to get married. That’s one mystery down. As the great American poet also said, “I hear you call my name, and it feels like home.” Maybe it’s just nice that someone has someone else with whom to face all of life‘s mysteries.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney Fuel Wedding Rumors With NYC Marriage Bureau VisitIt's happening!!

In Indonesia, lawmakers consider banning sex outside of marriageThe proposed statutes are 'disastrous not only for women and religious and gender minorities, but for all Indonesians,' said Human Rights Watch. AndrewScheer supports that! What does it really solve to cane people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior? Doesn't seem like much of a deterrent to me. Nice country. Can’t wait to vacation there.

Indonesia’s President Halts Bill That Would Ban Sex Outside MarriageIndonesia's president has halted the passage of sweeping legislation that would have criminalized sex between unmarried people, saying it needs 'further study,' after an outpouring of opposition from rights activists, women's groups and legal experts “Study”... 🤔 Marriage is for suckers FridayFeeling

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