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Jenelle Evans, Jenelle Evans Dog Nugget Husband

Jenelle Evans Made Up Story About Husband Shooting Her Dog: Police

Did David Eason really shoot and kill Jenelle Evans' dog? Police have now closed their investigation and say she made up the story for publicity.


Did David Eason really shoot and kill Jenelle Evans ' dog? Police have now closed their investigation and say she made up the story for publicity.

Police have now closed their investigation into the incident, which cost the reality star her role on Teen Mom 2 and spurred her and her husband to temporarily lose custody of their children.

"Jenelle's accounts were inconsistent with her original account of the events that occurred on April 29," the statement said. "Jenelle advised that she was inside with her children at the time of the alleged event. She advised that she never heard or saw anything to indicate that David shot her dog. Jenelle advised that she did not want the Columbus County Sheriff's Office or the District Attorney's Office to continue with the investigation. Jenelle advised that this was her decision that she made on her own free will. She advised that she was not coerced into making this decision."

Jenelle and David have not commented on the police statement.

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Jenelle Evans and her dog-murdering boyfriend just announced they have two new dogs. How is this possible? What is the County doing about this? Well, that plan worked well! Next time she goes off ranting about being victimized, most people will be just shake their head in disgust. Instead of being on social media every minute of the day, she better start looking for a job to support them.

justicefornugget Liar liar pants on fire So, where is the dog and how did he die? This all stinks of lies. Why anybody follows these people or why they continually stay in the news is baffling. They are like parasites. Bullshit please don’t believe this He killed that dog. She’s backtracking to keep him from going to jail n losing her kids.

She is such a vile human being. I hope this publicity shes looking for hurts her 'makeup line' AKA dollar store eye brow kit. Evans made up the story that her husband killed the dog. She's NOT right!😖😧🙄😮 Can we please ignore her from now one

An Arizona Teenager Is Killed in a Convenience Store. The Suspect Blames Rap Music.Michael Paul Adams, 27, fatally stabbed Elijah Al-Amin, 17, early Thursday morning, the police said. Mr. Adams said the rap music the teenager had been playing made him feel “unsafe.” “Economic anxiety” It's Jordan Davis all over again. Absolutely atrocious.

He definitely killed that dog & she'd rather lie and say it's for publicity so people will be annoyed & stop talking about it. If it was for publicity she's as sick as he is. Ok, but where’s the dog ? 🥺 Where is the dog and is she going to be charged with filing a false report? Or wasting resources? Liar liar, pants on fire

Positive or negative attention. That's so wrong!!! Where is the dog I would 100% believe she made it up for publicity. She's a deranged lunatic, however the poor dog is dead. Kaiser described the disturbing noises the dog made when David killed it, to some of his family members who testified. She and David are warped in the head.

Fucked up girl so..... where is the dog?

An Arizona Teenager Was Fatally Stabbed. The Suspect Blames Rap Music.Michael Paul Adams, 27, killed Elijah Al-Amin, 17, last week, the police said. Mr. Adams said the rap music the teenager had been playing made him feel “unsafe.” 😧 That poor kid. Died over music. That man is very messed up. 政府守信守法,依法行政是建立诚信社会的基石。云昆政府在泛亚事件中,视自己签发的14个红头文件于不顾,用非吸嫁祸22万出借人,逃避政府银行违法违规责任,道德沦丧,公信丧尽,中国梦成了泛交所受害百姓挥之不去的恶梦! There's a crisis of cowardice among white men.

Must be nice How low can you go?😡 He admitted to it! This is a load of crap! She’s saying this so there is no further investigation and I’m sure he gave her shit about it, See what happens when you involve the law now the kids are takin away and you lost your job. He’s a piece of work i tell ya! This is what happens when crave attention. You’ll do anything to get it.

smilecortney Unbelievable, what a sick and deranged individual. So, where is the dog? Then she should be arrested. Where is the dog? She’s so annoying Where is the dog? I miss the days when there was MUSIC on MTv!! Instead, we get reality shows with teenagers who ALREADY crave attention, makes them 'reality stars' and then act surprised when these same people do stupid things to get attention! She should've been kicked to the curb YEARS AGO!

Was it Ariana grande again? We are no longer America. 🤢🤢🤢 What the hell is wrong with these people?!?!

Well where in the hell is the dog? He obviouslyyyy killed the dog and now she’s just saying she made it up cause she lost her job and almost her kids Straight freaking disgusting! Can’t stand them! How is this even allowed? How is this guy still getting away with this crap. WTH is wrong with this world He killed the dog!’s obvious she’s trying to protect him. Just making herself look bad PBandJenelley_1

That's what she does she tells the real story then it gets out and then she pretends it didnt happen just like with the 911 call. Even after it was aired she pretended like it didnt happen shes fucking phyco You mean for attention Where’s Nugget?!? Are you kidding me!!!

Man goes on stabbing spree, strips off clothes in downtown Seattle attackPolice arrest naked man after he allegedly stabs 3 people in downtown Seattle, authorities say. Stabbed them with what? I'm just hoping it wasn't a concealed weapon.

It’s sad that you aren’t happy with the drama that comes with a reality tv show you have to make up more of it. What in the Duck Dynasty Honestly, this show should be cancelled. It breeds train wrecks (with a couple exceptions)!!! Most need to concentrate on being better parents to the children they conceived and birthed😡

And yet if it was for publicity, where is the dog? Such bs So she lied to her kids about it because how did he tell a counselor So sick Oh lord; this is crazy. She should be in big trouble for saying false stories. Smh!! Please tell me the children won’t be back with these 2 crazy people. Wow NC has the dumbest Law in the world🙄

I really bout had enough of her goofy ass that is... crazy. I bet the dog ran away to get away from crazy. Hope it's living happily somewhere far away from this idiot

Video of police officer mowing woman's lawn goes viral: 'She was raised right'“I’ve never had anybody really do anything like that for me, and just come in and take over,' the woman said.


White Man Calls Police On Black Man Waiting For Friend At San Francisco Apartment BuildingThe man, who is white, was filmed calling the police on Wesly Michel, a black software engineer who was waiting for his friend. Waiting while black. The black guy should've known better. 😏 Well I guess the ‘white man’s’ dream to be on Forbes came true You got to wonder whether these white wankers are just looking for their 15 minutes, even if they get called racists I guess it is better then anonymity.

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