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Jeff Daniels’ Wife Still Packs His Lunch: “Kathleen Takes Great Care of Me”

Jeff Daniels’ Wife Still Packs His Lunch: “Kathleen Takes Great Care of Me”

9/11/2021 10:24:00 AM

Jeff Daniels ’ Wife Still Packs His Lunch: “Kathleen Takes Great Care of Me”

The couple, who have been married for 42 years, have three children together.

Friday morning and revealed his wife, Kathleen Rosemary Treado, packs his lunch for him each morning. “She packed my lunch today in my little Detroit Tigers lunch box because I’m going to rehearsal later,” Daniels said when co-hostasked about the sweet gesture.

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His lunch consisted of a healthy salad, a plum, an orange and water. When co-hostRyan Seacrestcommented that the actor needed some heavier food, Daniels sweetly replied, “No, Kathleen takes great care of me.”The couple have been married since 1979 and have three children together. Although they are not technically high school sweethearts, as Daniels confirmed, they did meet when they were teenagers.

Daniels then told a funny story about his wife that connected toon Thursday. Peet’s arm was in a sling during the interview due to an injury playing pickleball. “Middle of July this summer, I’m shootingAmerican Rustand I get a phone call from my wife going, ‘pickleball,'” Daniels recalled.

He continued, “[In] 42 years, I have never heard her say that word, pickleball. She’s saying it like, ‘I’m playing pickleball and I’m getting lessons and I’m getting dink drills. We’re doing dink drills tomorrow at the pickleball place and I have a coach.'”

Ripa labeled pickleball as the latest social media trend, but it’s safe to say Daniels is not a fan of the sport. “To me, it’s like, ‘I’m drinking paint,'” he joked. “I played, and it’s like half-court basketball for elderly people.”Daniels currently stars in the crime drama

American Rust, which premieres Sept. 12 on Showtime. Watch a clip from the interview below.  Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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OH wow his wife is so pretty. OMG what feminists gonna say abt it 👀 I pack a lunch for my wife every day as well. I agree, it's an act of love, not duty. I’ve been married 37 years, and to this day remember my husband making me popcorn and occupying our two kids, both under the age of three, so I could watch a movie uninterrupted. It was In a Child’s Name. The smallest things matter.

But ... it's always fully catered. took note of Does he know about craft services? That amazing that cool she makes his lunch every day They still live here in Chelsea. Keeping it real. 🤘 I’m a fan of him, and a feminist, and read this promo article, which really don’t sound like how it may sound in headline? What’s the harm in loving spouses and showing affection.

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It's called loving your man. It has nothing to do with Feminism. Ovarian Cancer Month Sept Please Read My story: I was sitting in the quiet stillness of the doctors office under the bright fluorescent lights. All I heard were three life changing words. ”You have Cancer” ….story continues with the go fund me link.

LOVE THIS! Jeff_Daniels what is with men and their obsession with women packing their lunch PACK MY LUNCH

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