Jeannie Mai Talks About Her New Clothing Collection & How Pregnancy Has Impacted Her Style - E! Online

Jeannie Mai Talks About Her New Clothing Collection & How Pregnancy Has Impacted Her Style

10/26/2021 7:40:00 AM

Jeannie Mai Talks About Her New Clothing Collection & How Pregnancy Has Impacted Her Style

The Real host just launched the Jeannie Mai x INC collection with options for standard, petite, and plus sizes.

E! News, Jeannie said, "Some of the inspiration just comes from loving fashion so much that I needed more in my closet. More reasons to feel confident, more reasons to go out, more motivation to look different as I emerge from my home.""And the second reason is I really don't like what I shopped online. I can't tell you how much I returned during quarantine because things did not look like the picture or the material didn't last through one wash or it didn't fit my body the way it fit the model. And I'm sick and tired of online getting away with pictures that aren't really what the garment will look like in real life," a

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veryrelatable sentiment Jeannie shared.The Realhost said, "What excited me most is really creating things that I would want to buy myself," and now we can all buy the clothes too.Gabrielle Union Relaunches Her Fashion Line With All Items Under $150

E!: It sounds like quality was a focal point for you while working on this collection. Tell us more about that.JM: Quality and not having to spend a whole paycheck to get it. People think to get good quality you need to pay an expensive price tag and that's not true. If you find designers who spend time making garments that they too would want to wear themselves, that they would put on their kids, that they would put on their moms, that's where you find quality. And that's what I've tried to do in this collection.

E!: Working within the limits of making something affordable, was it difficult to create that same quality? Read more: E! News »

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