Jay Pickett, 'General Hospital' star, dies filming movie in Idaho: 'Ride like the wind, partner'

Actor Jay Pickett died before filming a scene on his Western 'Treasure Valley' in Idaho. 'Ride like the wind, partner,' his co-star and friend wrote.

8/2/2021 4:36:00 AM

Jay Pickett, the ruggedly handsome actor who appeared in daytime dramas including 'General Hospital,' 'Day of Our Lives' and 'Port Charles,' died July 30 on an Idaho movie set filming 'Treasure Valley.' He was 60.

Actor Jay Pickett died before filming a scene on his Western 'Treasure Valley' in Idaho. 'Ride like the wind, partner,' his co-star and friend wrote.

Jay Pickett, the ruggedly handsome actor who appeared in daytime dramas including"General Hospital,""Days of Our Lives" and"Port Charles,"diedJuly 30 on an Idaho movie set filming"Treasure Valley." He was 60. 

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According to friend and fellow "Treasure Valley" actor, Jim Heffel, Pickett died while on a horse waiting to film a scene in the modern Western."Yesterday I lost a good friend and the world lost a great person. Jay Pickett decided to ride off into the Heavens,"

Heffel wrote in a July 30 Facebook post announcing Pickett's death. "Jay died sitting on a horse ready to rope a steer in the movie Treasure Valley in Idaho. The way of a true cowboy."Pickett wrote the screenplay and starred in"Treasure Valley," producing the film with Heffel and Tuscon Vernon Walker.  headtopics.com

"He will be truly missed," Heffel wrote. "Ride like the wind partner." Fellow"Treasure Valley" actor and director Travis Mills wroteon the film's official Facebook page about Pickett's passing, saying,"he died suddenly while we were on location preparing to film a scene."

"There is no official explanation for the cause of his death but it appears to have been a heart attack," Mills wrote."Everyone present tried as hard as they could to keep him alive. Our hearts are broken and we grieve for his family who are so devastated by this shocking tragedy."

Mills paid tribute to Pickett and remembered him as"an incredible man. He was kind, sweet, and generous.""It is difficult to find the words right now to say more. His closest friends have said that he was very happy making 'Treasure Valley' and my hope is that he truly was," Mills wrote."He was doing what he loved: acting, riding horses, making movies. And he was magnificent."

Born in Spokane, Washington on Feb. 10, 1961, Pickett grew up in Caldwell, Idaho. He started his daytime drama career as Dr. Chip Lakin in"Days of Our Lives," starring for two years starting in 1991.For five years, 1997-2002, and 762 episodes total, Pickett starred as Frank Scanlon on"Port Charles." headtopics.com

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His"Port Charles" co-star Marie Wilson sharedan Instagram post of a throwback magazine interview she conducted with Pickett describing their characters' onscreen engagement."This is one of the most difficult posts I’ve done," Wilson wrote."My heart is broken to hear that this incredible person has passed. Words cannot describe how much you touched my life…. your friendship, advice, and support made me feel so grateful and lucky."

Wilson recalled a fond memory from her first day on the"Port Charles" set with Pickett, adding that "the fun adventures continued from there. So happy to have shared all those moments with you."A post shared by Marie Wilson (@mariewilsonofficial)

Pickett starred as Detective David Harper in"General Hospital" from 2006-2008.Kin Shriner, who starred on “General Hospital” and spin-off"Port Charles," shared a black-and-white group photo featuring the late Pickett."The sudden passing of my pal Jay Pickett Is very sad," Shriner wrote

on Twitter.“He loved acting and Westerns, and when we got together we laughed a lot. R.I.P. Jay.” Read more: USA TODAY »

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I am truly sorry to hear of his passing.

‘General Hospital’ Actor Jay Pickett Dies While Shooting Movie SceneJay Pickett, known for his work in soap operas General Hospital and Port Charles, died of unknown causes on Friday at the age of 60. Pickett was on location in Idaho shooting the film Treasure Vall… Omg Damn :(

Jay Pickett, 'General Hospital' Actor, Dies While Shooting Movie SceneThe veteran soap opera star died during production on a film on Thursday, his co-stars wrote on social media. RIP😷😇Life is Short😷 Very sad. He was young. Seemed loved by many. Passed while doing what he loved RIP

Jay Pickett, 'Port Charles' and 'General Hospital' actor, dies at 60Jay Pickett, actor and producer, known for his roles on 'Port Charles' and 'General Hospital,' has died at age 60 on the set of his upcoming film, director says. 당신이 거듭난 후 죄로 돌아가면 당신은 예수 그리스도를 드러 내놓고 욕되게 하는 것입니다 TheLatterAnointing TheLatterAnointing 이 축복의 시간을 놓치지 마십시오! He who dances between two weddings ends up with no wedding. You cannot serve two masters. TheLatterAnointing

Jay Pickett, 'General Hospital' & 'Days of Our Lives' actor dies at 60Soap opera actor Jay Pickett has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 60 while on the set of his upcoming film, Treasure Valley.

Jay Pickett, ‘Port Charles’ and ‘General Hospital’ Actor, Dies at 60Jay Pickett, an actor and producer known for his roles on “Port Charles” and “General Hospital,” died Friday on the set of his upcoming film, “Treasure Valley.” … onlyherefor_sam That’s terrible 😞

Jay Pickett, Actor on ‘Port Charles,’ Dies on a Movie Set at 60He was portraying a cowboy in Idaho on a Western that he also wrote and was producing.