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Jason Sudeikis Pokes Fun at How ‘Ted Lasso’ Became a Hit and Reflects on Way ‘SNL’ Changed His Life

Jason Sudeikis Pokes Fun at How ‘Ted Lasso’ Became a Hit and Reflects on Way ‘SNL’ Changed His Life

10/24/2021 7:37:00 AM

Jason Sudeikis Pokes Fun at How ‘Ted Lasso’ Became a Hit and Reflects on Way ‘SNL’ Changed His Life

Hosting the variety sketch series for the first time, the former castmember highlighted some of the 'comedy heroes' (Tina Fey) and veteran musicians (Elvis Costello) who have 'run around' through the halls of Studio 8H over the years.

Ted Lasso: “We somehow became a hit. It’s truly shocking to me because its built around two things Americans hate: soccer and kindness.”Later in his monologue, Sudeikis joked at what it’s like to visitSNLafter all this time. “It’s fun to come back and be the veteran; different folks asking me for advice, you know like ‘I love working here, but what should I do next’ or ‘How do I get Lorne to notice me?’ you know, stuff like that. And honestly, swear to god, I found myself just giving the same advice to every single person: win an Emmy. And if you can’t, win two. It sets you up for success.”

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Emphasizing how “historic” Studio 8H is, Sudeikis encouraged the in-person viewers to look around and take it all in. “This room, here. To be here. This place is historic. For a second, just look around, for real. Even all you amazing people who work in the crew, just look around for a second. Think about all the brilliance that’s happened here. All your favorite sketches: Wild and Crazy Guys, Gilly, Cowbell, Wayne’s World, all happened in right here, in here, where you are.”

Mentioning comedy greats including Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy and Chris Farley, Sudeikis declared: “All of our collective comedy heroes have run around through here.” Sudeikis then walked over to the music stage and highlighted some musicians who have played over the years: Elvis Costello, Kanye, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones. headtopics.com

Striking a serious note, Sudeikis said, “This place changed my life, twice. Once as a castmember and a writer here. But most importantly as a kid watching from home. And there’s a good chance that if you’re watching tonight, there’s probably something from this place probably changed your life too.”

He ended with: “If this is your first time watching the show, well I mean, this probably won’t change your life, but we got a great show for you tonight… “Singer Brandi Carlile was the musical guest for the Oct. 23 show. Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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Truth abounds with good comedy Jason Sudeikis is from the anti-Colbert Old School Comedy where the SNL cast DGAF about making fun of POTUS or anyone else. 📺 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑 snl That's pretty funny The difference between football and handegg SNL 🤣 fifooooo _22ro Baller move. Quoting yourself. Badass. That’s not poking fun at the show, it’s poking fun at Americans. And it was funny.

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