Jason Sudeikis pokes fun at Ellen DeGeneres in very funny 'SNL' sketch

Jason Sudeikis pokes fun at Ellen DeGeneres in very funny 'SNL' sketch

10/24/2021 10:00:00 PM

Jason Sudeikis pokes fun at Ellen DeGeneres in very funny 'SNL' sketch

The sketch took all of the makings of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' and adapted them with a 'hard masculine edge.'

. One look featured a button down layered underneath a sweater, another with a vest and coordinating suit jacket on top, and some a combination of both. Each look was paired with a pair of tapered khakis or her signature denim, all while sporting a blonde wig and exuding excitement to the audience for a show described as “all of the fun daytime energy of ‘Ellen’ with a hard masculine edge.”

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Sudeikis begins to do crowd work with the male fans in the audience, starting with DeGeneres’ signature high-fives before he chest-bumps a fan, bumps fists with another, and eventually punches one in the face, a moment that is met with cheers from surrounding audience members.

Jason Sudeikis portrays the male version of Ellen DeGeneres on "Saturday Night Live."SNL / NBC“‘Mellen’ is no holds barred, in-your-face entertainment,” the sketch explains. “Mellen’s a man’s man and you never know what Mellen might do next.”

The sketch riffs off of some of DeGeneres’ signature segments, including dancing though this time they're partaking in “awkward male dancing," as well as surprise pranks on guests that break personal boundaries, likebreaking into the women's restroom. Rather than having “cute and inspiring” children on the show, “Mellen” features mischievous children trying to go viral on TikTok instead.

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Hilarious!! So funny that was so funny!

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