Jason Alexander Compares Trump's Dance Moves to Those of Elaine Benes

'Julia was working hard to be that awful,' the actor joked.

10/18/2020 9:38:00 PM

After a video of Trump dancing went viral, 'Seinfeld' actor Jason Alexander said the moves reminded him of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' infamous dance: 'Julia was working hard to be that awful. I feel like these are his best moves'

'Julia was working hard to be that awful,' the actor joked.

"Julia was working hard to be that awful," the actor joked.After President Donald Trump was filmed dancing around at a rally on Saturday,Seinfeldactor Jason Alexander could not help but poke fun at Trump's awkward, jolting dance moves. He also noted the moves reminded him of someone.

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A video of Trump's dancing moves went viral and was quickly mocked on social media; numerous users drew the comparison to Elaine Benes' moves. Alexander was among them."The President is apparently a fan of @OfficialJLD ‘s famous I can’t dance for shit moves. Julia was working hard to be that awful. I feel like these are his best moves," the George Costanza actor

. He was commenting on the video shared by former Secretary of State John Kerry."And you people called ME Lurch?!?" Kerry wrote Sunday.Trump was alsoonce again onSaturday Night Live, as the show mocked the recent dueling town halls he and former Vice President Joe Biden held.

"Are you ready for softball questions for folks who are already voting for you?" Mikey Day asked, playing George Stephanopoulos in the spoof of Biden’s town hall. That was interrupted with Trump’s concurrent broadcast. Alec Baldwin returned to play Trump, and Kate McKinnon played"surprise badass" Savannah Guthrie.

The bit switched between the Biden and Trump broadcasts as though viewers were flipping back and forth. Biden's included spoofs of Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross, while McKinnon’s Guthrie asked about Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis."My doctors say my lung is beautiful," Baldwin’s Trump said.

Watch Trump and Elaine dance, below. Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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OfficialJLD He can't, it's actually funny to watch him...but he can run this country and I don't care about anything else 4 MORE YEARS! Awesome and michael richards said the n-word a bunch of times Anything to dump on Trump, right? I guess the joke is on the Hollywood elites since most of America find realDonaldTrump dancing quite endearing. Never mind that Joe would break a hip if he could even muster enough energy to try. FakeNews HollywoodExposed

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