Japanese Video Game Music Gets Big Moment At Olympic Opening Ceremony

The Tokyo Olympics might just be getting started, but video game fans have already won gold.

7/23/2021 8:05:00 PM

The Tokyo Olympics might just be getting started, but video game fans have already won gold.

The Tokyo Olympics might just be getting started, but video game fans have already won gold.

While the list didn’t feature widely recognized tunes from cultural juggernauts like Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda, the music helped give a sense of atmosphere to the ceremony, which was held in almost an empty stadium due to coronavirus restrictions.

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Olympians waved mostly for the cameras in the made-for-TV ceremony, which only had about 1,000 people in attendance at the 68,000-capacity stadium ― VIPs like Japanese Emperor Naruhito, first lady Jill Biden, members of the International Olympic Committee and journalists.

In another nod to Japanese pop culture, the placard for each country’s delegation was in the style of a speech bubble from manga, which is Japanese comics and graphic novels. The signs had the country’s name in English on one side and Japanese on another. headtopics.com

Natacha Pisarenko via APSnaefridur Sol Jorunnardottir and Anton Mckee, of Iceland, carry their country's flag during the opening ceremony.And in another tribute to Japanese pop culture, theGoogle Doodle, which is accessed by going to the google.com home page, also starts out with an anime-inspired theme, then moves to an incredibly elaborate ’80s-style arcade game.

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