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Southkorea, Japan

Japan says ending intelligence pact shows South Korea fails to appreciate North Korean threat

Japanese Minister of Defence Takeshi Iwaya said on Friday South Korea's dec...


Japan says ending intelligence pact shows South Korea fails to appreciate North Korea n threat

Japan ese Minister of Defence Takeshi Iwaya said on Friday South Korea 's dec...

“North Korea’s repeated missile tests threaten national security and cooperating between Japan and South Korea and with the U.S. is crucial,” Iwaya told reporters. “We strongly urge them to make a wise decision.”

The dispute has spilled over into trade, with Japan putting restrictions on exports of semiconductor materials to South Korea and removing it from a list of nations given preferential trading terms.

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South Korea says U.S., North Korea will restart dialogue 'soon'The United States and North Korea are expected to reopen denuclearization talks ... Trump's just gonna slob on Kim's knob like a corn on the cob I doubt it. Not with any good intention.

South Korea to scrap intelligence-sharing pact with Japan amid dispute over history South Korea said on Thursday it will scrap an intelligence-sharing pact with Jap... As the system gets more volatile, people rush to Bitcoin. It's outside the system. Whoever chose that Carpet needs to be sacked. Hideous Dirtykorea Dirtykorean

South Korea cancels Japan intelligence deal amid trade dispute South Korea will stop exchanging classified intelligence on North Korea with Japan amid a bitter trade dispute, Seoul said Thursday in a surprise announcement that is likely to set back U.S. efforts to bolster security cooperation with two of its allies.

South Korea cancels intelligence deal with Japan amid trade dispute South Korea said it would stop exchanging intelligence on North Korea with Japan amid a bitter trade dispute. Japan 's foreign minister Tokyo 'strongly' protested against the decision, calling it 'extremely regrettable'.

China treads a fine line as it seeks to mediate in Japan-South Korea trade disputeChina appears to be stepping up to mediate between Japan and South Korea as their trade battle intensifies — a move that could prompt the U.S. to get more involved in the region, one expert says.

South Korea Pulls Out of Information-Sharing Pact With JapanThe defense agreement allowed the countries to share intelligence on North Korea ’s military, and the decision is likely to worsen tensions between the neighbors. Ohhhhh Oh oh 'Sammy's so confused, he don't know whether to wind his watch or scratch his butt.' -SteelMagnolias Putin, via Trump: 'Mission accomplished!'

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