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Japan PM Kishida making arrangements to attend COP26 climate summit -Yomiuri

Japan PM Kishida making arrangements to attend COP26 climate summit -Yomiuri

10/23/2021 6:15:00 AM

Japan PM Kishida making arrangements to attend COP26 climate summit -Yomiuri

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is making arrangements to try and attend the U.N. climate conference set to start on Oct. 31 in Glasgow, the daily Yomiuri reported on Saturday.

Kishida would fly to Glasgow immediately after the vote counting starts, but he may cancel his trip depending on the results of the election, the report said.Polls show that the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is likely to lose seats but maintain a majority as the ruling coalition with their partner, the Komeito party.

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Kishida had previously said that he would like to attend the summit remotely.Reporting by Sakura Murakami; Editing by Himani SarkarOur Standards:More from ReutersSign up for our newsletterSubscribe for our daily curated newsletter to receive the latest exclusive Reuters coverage delivered to your inbox.

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EXCLUSIVE Indian PM Modi will attend Glasgow climate conference - ministerIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow, the country's environment minister said on Thursday, in a boost for global efforts for steeper emission cuts to fight global warming. There is alot of work for India to take Action today...from All the smog in their cities and they need to stop using plastics that are for only one time use and then the World becomes a very large Trash bin. ..

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Ahead of COP26, Saudi Arabia Resists Calls to Cut Oil InvestmentSaudi Arabia, along with key oil-producing allies, is arguing that any calls for lower investment in new oil and natural gas development endorsed at a U.N. climate summit could lead to higher prices and widen the gap between rich and poor countries That's the boy so-called prince thinking...remember, he threaten the world if it tries to bring him to justice? It is in their economic right not to cut emissions urgently. But is our right too as global citizens to force them to make a step by step commitment to cut it. wow

Biden sees American credibility on the line as he races to lock down climate action ahead of GlasgowPresident Joe Biden wanted the stakes to be perfectly clear when he sat down with nine liberal Democrats in the Oval Office Tuesday to discuss ongoing legislative negotiations. It's really happening 😏🤔🤔🤔 Somebody just called the POTUS a punk. How can he lock down global warming when he represent a nation that is mother of all evils since 1660 made entire earth & 70% inhabitants to dei of starvation calamity destructions wars choas every where for shake of 30% enjoy luxurious extravaganza life.

Biden Wants to Show World He’s Serious About Cutting Emissions Despite U.S. Congress PushbackThe White House is hoping to show world leaders at the Glasgow climate summit that the U.S. can meet its goals to dramatically reduce emissions despite legislative setbacks Like a kid in high school reassuring his teacher that he’s making progress on his report when he hasn’t even started Hello Iam saleem from syria I have two kids I live with my family in a camp near turkish border We need help to get some basic needs Can you help us or know anyone can help SaveBangladeshiHindus

The climate issue newsletterWho is responsible for fixing climate change? Our climate newsletter answers these questions, and more. Sign up here: good luck All those are living and humans. Everyone currently behaves that they are facing hardship due to others actions.