January Jones poses in pink bra with important breast cancer message: 'Don't procrastinate ladies!'

January Jones cupped her breasts in a pink bra to raise awareness for breast cancer.

10/18/2020 9:28:00 AM

January Jones Poses In Sexy Pink Bra With Important Breast Cancer Message (via Fox411)

January Jones cupped her breasts in a pink bra to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Her pink bra also happened to match her newly dyed hair.“October is Breast Cancer awareness month! please please don’t procrastinate getting your mammograms/ultrasounds ladies!” Jones, 42, captioned the photo.ZOE SALDANA POSES IN PINK UNDERWEAR IN HONOR OF BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH

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She added: “Sending love to all who have fought and are currently fighting, and to those in my family who are, I love you and am standing with you!”The actress then revealed she purchased the bra from KiT undergarments, which is giving proceeds made from sales to the Women’s Breast Cancer Research Fund.

January Jones posed in a pink bra for Breast Cance Awareness Month(Getty) Read more: TMZ »

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