January 6 committee subpoenas Giuliani and 3 others

JUST IN: The House January 6 select committee has issued subpoenas for Rudy Giuliani, attorneys Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell and former Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn

January 6 Committee Subpoenas Giuliani And 3 Others - Cnnpolitics

1/19/2022 1:34:00 AM

JUST IN: The House January 6 select committee has issued subpoenas for Rudy Giuliani, attorneys Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell and former Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn

The House select committee investigating the January 6 riot issued a subpoena Tuesday for Rudy Giuliani, a central figure in former President Donald Trump's failed bid to overturn the 2020 election on the basis of unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud.

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biden - pelosi why is she not arrested In the name of equality, let democrat women sign up for the Ukraine army - now is the time to walk the walk feminist! Steel votes during election & now change laws to steal more votes with fake right to vote law-Good Americans stop them from destroying all that was built in USA, its culture, its integrity & it democracy - these democrats are so corrupt. the must do more corruption to cover up

Please read my content, It's help you to lose your weight quickly. Nothings ever going to happen to these people. That’s pretty clear by now… Hunters lap seems to be overlooked why? Activist media corrupt to the core! The failure of the Biden presidency is proof that Biden did not win the election Trump won! I will say that any day.

Cnn no Brasil está com uma audiência ridícula. Estão lacrando e perdendo até pra rádio. Dems already have organized claim of 'rigged' elections in 2022. Does the DNC/media see how absurd this political theater of Dems manufacturing the same crisis they are accusing Republicans of?😂

Rudy Giuliani, three other Trump allies subpoenaed in January 6 riot probeFormer New York mayor Rudy Giuliani Giuliani led efforts for Trump after the 2020 election to challenge results that showed President Joe Biden had won. Lmao dig a deeper hole 🕳 … this is just getting better ! Rudy’s gotta be sweating shoe polish with this announcement

Great! More BS from the hyperpartisan House committee that never stopped with its Trump Derangement Syndrome. One year later & they are still acting like this was the darkest day in US history. Many more people died in the botched Afghan disaster, but they won't talk about that. Cops done nothing but scratch there's Arses for 12 months, how can you Declare violence Terror against Capital Hill and America and gets away with it, Not a cop insight, it's White Ferrells Hillbillies, Black people would of been Shot Dead, n the Main man, is running again, LOL.

One of the first fixes the J6 committee will have to legislate is automatic incarceration for defying the subpoena power. The cell phone providers will comply though and now Rudy can go on TV to incriminate everyone again. for whom the bell tolls... We're getting closer 45!!! Lock Each and Everyone of them up

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Rudy Giuliani among Trump allies subpoenaed by Jan. 6 panel | AP NewsThe House committee investigating the Capitol insurrection subpoenas Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Boris Epshteyn, some of Donald Trump's closest advisers. The four publically defended the president and his baseless voter fraud claims. Baseless?! Y'all are going to feel pretty stupid when Sidney Powell brings the proof with her. Too little too late bring trump in already *Baseless*

Makes me very happy that those who instigated and egged on the insurrection are finally being investigated. In 2016, a media watchdog org criticized CNN & Fox for failing to disclose Epshteyn's 'financial ties to former Soviet Union' re: consulting via Strategy Int. for 'entities doing business in Eastern Europe' & moderating a Russian-sponsored investment conference in Moscow. 🤨

Bla bla bla He has an advisor named Boris? How have we not heard this sooner? Well I’m sure they’ll all refuse to show up but I’m hoping the committee will have zero issue throwing criminal contempt in the mix! Subpoenas, Schsubpoenas, what's the point, if no-one turns up? Giuliani TrumpCrimeFamily All this for nothing to happen. It’s just the truth. If they show up they will use 5th and that’s where it ends. Dead in the water. I don’t agree with the Jan 6 violence, but we all know no one in power will be held accountable just the supporters will face prison

gtconway3d oh my

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gtconway3d Do hope he is interviewed with his hair dye dripping down his face- his second most famous public presentation. gtconway3d =͟͟͞͞⏱ The clock is ticking… And what happens when they ignore the subpoenas , will the committee grow a set or will they do nothing , the committee better realize that if the pubs gain in the midterms the committee will be disbanded and Jan 6 will have never happened .

About time 1/6 committee is putting the pedal to the medal… AAAM LOVING ITTT 👏👏👏👏👏👏 RepKinzinger Liz_Cheney They will blow those off. Law and order for thee but not for me!!

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(CNN) In addition to Giuliani, the committee issued subpoenas to two other attorneys who pushed various election fraud conspiracies on Trump's behalf: Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell. Former Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn, who was among those working with Giuliani at the post-election Willard Hotel"command center," was also subpoenaed Tuesday."The four individuals we've subpoenaed today advanced unsupported theories about election fraud, pushed efforts to overturn the election results, or were in direct contact with the former President about attempts to stop the counting of electoral votes," Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, who chairs the committee, said in a statement Tuesday.The subpoenas mark a significant escalation in the sweeping probe as the committee is now seeking to compel cooperation from those at the heart of Trump's push to overturn the election -- including Giuliani, who once served as his personal attorney -- and voter fraud investigations predicated on voter fraud conspiracies.Read MoreInvestigators have been asking witnesses about Giuliani and Powell during previous closed-door interviews but now want to hear directly from the former Trump attorneys.In its letter to Giuliani, the committee cites witness testimony and public reporting that he urged Trump to seize voting machines even after DHS told him it did not have lawful authority to do so.CNN has previously reported that in December 2020, Giuliani asked former DHS official Ken Cuccinelli whether the department could seize voting machines in certain states to be reexamined for evidence of widespread voter fraud.Cuccinelli, who CNN previously reported has spoken to the committee, said in October that he told Giuliani the department had no legal authority to seize voting machines or interfere with state-run elections. Cuccinelli also said that"no one at any level pushed us to do anything outside of our existing mission sets."According to a source familiar with his testimony, former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik was asked last week about Giuliani and he had defended the former New York mayor as legitimately believing there was at least"probable cause" of voter fraud that should be investigated and not a"big lie."Kerik worked alongside Giuliani in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election to find any evidence of voter fraud that would swing it for Trump. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election.As for Giuliani effort to seize voting machines -- Kerik told the committee this is something they had looked at, had conversation with DHS and concluded they couldn't do it.Lawmakers were also asking about Powell and how she was separated from the Trump legal team.This story has been updated with additional developments Tuesday.CNN's Paula Reid contributed to this report.