January 13, 2021 House impeachment vote news

The House voted Wednesday to impeach President Trump for his role in inciting the deadly Capitol attack. The vote comes as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office on Jan. 20. Follow here for the latest.

1/16/2021 5:18:00 PM

After President Trump was impeached a second time, CNN’s smerconish outlines what might happen next. “The best course of action is that the process be followed. We can't cure disease by pretending it doesn't exist,” he says.

The House voted Wednesday to impeach President Trump for his role in inciting the deadly Capitol attack. The vote comes as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office on Jan. 20. Follow here for the latest.

New US intelligence bulletin suggests Capitol attack likely to motivate domestic extremistsFrom CNN’s Josh Campbell and Whitney WildUS intelligence officials have warned that last Wednesday’s attack on the US Capitol by supporters of President Trump will likely motivate additional follow-up attacks by extremists throughout 2021, according to an intelligence bulletin dated Wednesday and obtained by CNN.

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Warning that the people who attacked the Capitol largely viewed their efforts as a success, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence said the attack “very likely will serve as a significant driver of violence” for a diverse set of domestic extremists, according to the bulletin.

The bulletin added followsreporting this weekthat extremists were emboldened by the attack and that “chatter is off the charts right now," the bulletin said.“The violent breach of the US Capitol Building is very likely part of an ongoing trend in which [extremists] exploit lawful protests, rallies, and demonstrations, and other gatherings to carry out ideologically-motivated violence and criminal activity,” the intelligence bulletin warned. headtopics.com

More details:The range of potential future targets of attack was varied, with intelligence officials warning in the bulletin that extremists could zero in on government officials and institutions, as well as racial and religious minorities, journalists, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The bulletin also indicated that the Jan. 6 attack may have served as a venue for extremists of differing ideological motivations to foster connections.In addition to the perceived success of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, intelligence officials warned that the response by law enforcement could also motivate extremists to respond with violence, including at the upcoming Jan. 20 inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

“Since the [Capitol attack], violent online rhetoric regarding the [inauguration] has increased, with some calling for unspecified ‘justice’” for a rioter shot by police inside the Capitol, the bulletin said. Read more: CNN »

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smerconish smerconish I think you helped keep trump in office. You always had an excuse for him. Shame smerconish No impeachment. smerconish What will cnn talk about for the next 4 years - I suspect the same things they have been talking about last 4 years smerconish The GOP now has the opportunity to end the trump grip, but do they have the courage. The snake’s head has been injured, very injured but now is the time to sever it from the body and free themselves. If not the GOP will quickly lose the financial support that keeps them alive.

smerconish Trump and the violent supports must be prosecuted! Can you image not prosecuting the Nazi and let them go free? smerconish I hoped you would have asked your guest about left wing groups who represent a threat as well. Loved the legal segment. smerconish smerconish CNN is the disease. smerconish Impeached twice, is Trump entitled to the services former presidents are awarded?

smerconish WELL TO DISGRACE TRUMP USA HAS DIGRACED ITSELF SHAME TO USA smerconish Props, Proofs, and Punishment. How do you know that 'he' doesn't like it? smerconish Really enjoyed your segment on whether it was constitutional to convict POTUS after his term ends. Civil, respectful, insightful debate has been sorely missed.

smerconish When we start deciding right from wrong based on whether it will be successful instead of its intrinsic adherence to rule and law, our society is in trouble. smerconish nothing will happen - corporations are doing what your laws and government cannot do - makes for a very weak democracy - and your democracy was not saved it is collapsing - stop pretending if you want to heal

smerconish Impeach him and take him out of further consideration...people say 'well he still has all this money and he will be player...' If he's out of the game, he won't spend a dime of his money to help others. If you believe otherwise, you haven't figured this man out yet. smerconish If impeachment can not happen, based on the constitution, then he should formally be charged and convicted in the courts for the crimes and potentially jailed, correct since you can’t charge a “sitting President”?

smerconish I think you’re right this time Michael, however it should be done much more quickly than last one. I just keep thinking how different allll this would be if Barack had done this terrible thing. smerconish Answer to ya survey - YES smerconish We should pay attention to Health as a whole AND stop fearmongering.

smerconish first time he wasn't and now the perspective is unclear smerconish Everything you say is a lie smerconish What will happen next? Melania divorces from Trump and Creepy Don goes to a NURSING home in Florida 🏡. smerconish 😒😒😏😚 smerconish This is dumb, divisive & unconstitutional but go for it. Maybe impeach George Washington for owning slaves next?

smerconish 4 days left and still media n the elect gang looks shit scared. 🤣🤣🤣 smerconish The burden is now on the Republicans in the Senate to do what’s right by the country. One good thing that’ll come outta impeaching Trump in the Senate is that Republicans won’t ever have to worry about Trump running for office again.

smerconish A Senate trial may be pointless but accountability is crucial. Skip the trial and just go right to the vote to bar him from holding office and, if possible, his perks of being a former Pres. The remaining lawsuits against him may do more than the Senate could do now. smerconish Hatred and extremism can spread as fast as a pandemic. MLK, Jr: 'Somebody must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate and the chain of evil in the universe. And you do that by love.” Compassion and honesty are the social/political vaccine.

smerconish SenateGOP if you want your party back you will need to flush Trump and his brand. He needs to be made a poison pill, the mere suggestion of support must be a career killer. impeachment will be just the start! smerconish Amy K is such a class act!! smerconish His views are in the best interest of the American people.

smerconish smerconish oh a real. He’s being a serious problem smerconish smerconish History will remember all those traitors who spit on our Constitution by trying to over turn a fair election.