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Jane Goodall, Animal Behavior

Jane Goodall Keeps Going, With a Lot of Hope (and a Bit of Whiskey)

During her girlhood, Tarzan was her role model. When she realized how chimpanzee habitats were being destroyed, she turned into a crusader. At 85, she’s still preaching.


Corner Office: “One million species are in danger of extinction,” said Jane Goodall . “So what I say to the business community is: Just think logically. This planet has finite natural resources.”

During her girlhood, Tarzan was her role model. When she realized how chimpanzee habitats were being destroyed, she turned into a crusader. At 85, she’s still preaching.

That’s what Ms. Goodall does these days. She talks. To anyone who will listen. To children, chief executives and politicians. Her message is always the same: The forests are disappearing. The animals are going quiet. We’re running out of time.

and its affiliates. The nonprofit organization raises money for conservation efforts across Africa, and works with local communities to promote economic self-sufficiency and improve public health. It’s proven to be an effective model for preserving chimpanzee habitats, yet Ms. Goodall is worried it’s not working fast enough.

My father was an engineer. As soon as World War II was declared, he joined up and went to build Bailey bridges in Burma. My mum looked after us. For some reason, Pa wanted me and my sister to grow up learning French. So he hired a house in Le Touquet. We’d been there about three months and war broke out. So that was the end of learning French. I think we got the last civilian boat out.

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I remember seeing the pictures from the Holocaust, and that completely changed my whole understanding of humans. It was shocking, shocking. I remember climbing my favorite tree in the garden, a beech, and looking at these pictures and thinking, How could anybody do this?

I don’t know that I thought of it quite like that. There was no thought of becoming a scientist, because girls weren’t scientists like that in those days. And actually, there weren’t really any men going out there, living in the wild. So my model was Tarzan. I saved up my pennies, and spent hours and hours in this little secondhand book shop, and had just enough to buy this little book, and that was when my dream began. I will grow up, go to Africa, live with wild animals and write books about them.

When you finally got into the field, how did you approach the work?

Did working with chimps teach you anything about humans?

No, I was very shy. It happened because I helped organize this conference in 1986. The purpose was to find out if chimp behavior might differ in different environments, or is it so innately chimp that you find it everywhere.

circuses. The human population was growing, moving deeper into the forest with their diseases, to which chimps are susceptible, but haven’t built up resistance.

When we went to find out about the chimps’ problems in Gombe, Tanzania, we also learned about the suffering of the people — poverty, lack of health care and education. They needed to find ways that they could make a living without cutting down the last trees in their desperate effort to either grow food or make charcoal.

, and we quickly saw the effect on the women. We then got money for scholarships to keep girls in school, during and after puberty. We started restoring fertility to the overused farmland, bringing in better health education and family planning information.

One million species are in danger of extinction. So what I say to the business community is: Just think logically. This planet has finite natural resources. And in some places, we’ve used them up faster than Mother Nature can replenish them. How can it make sense if we carry on in the way we are now, with business as usual, to have unlimited economic development on a planet with finite natural resources, and a growing population?

Read more: The New York Times

A brilliant scientist and compelling storyteller. I so enjoy her inspiring recount of childhood interests that inspired a career that transitioned into activism that's still changing the world. 'UN Messenger of Peace' is a title well earned & most befitting. Awesome women with a little bit of johnnie walker on the side

Amazing woman! JaneGoodallInst People like JG are an inspiration for the youth of the world JaneGoodallInst A true and magnificent warrior 💛💪🏻🖤🐒 She is a hero. Been saying similar things. Animals are cool! Too cool to be extinct. A las empresas no les importa. Sólo ven dinero crecer. God bless you Jane but unfortunately we still have an infinite resource of human greed and stupidity.

thinkalot Business community? If one business doesn’t offer what clientele want, then they go elsewhere and .. do what? Buy what they want. People must change belief they must have lives harming young people, removing countless forms of life FOREVER and causing ExtinctionCrisis

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CleanAirMoms Genuine heroine speaks the truth. If only the business community would listen. I adore this woman and have since I first heard of her work with the chimps so very many years ago. She lives her beliefs and relentlessly works to get the rest of us to stop and think and do better for ourselves and our planet.

CleanAirMoms So sad to see Jane Goodall, a great lover of Nature, project human ineptness and fear onto Nature. Earth’s CO2 cycles are brilliant and She sustains mankind abundantly and wholeheartedly. To try to save the planet based on fear is an illusion. To honor Nature is the truth. A beautiful message from a beautiful woman. (Sorry if that sounds sexist.)

thank you JaneGoodallInst ! The so-called decision makers, who should hear it, do not listen or ignore it and look away.😠🇪🇺🇩🇪 an important part of the novel in which a script can produce wonderful document When I was an undergrad at the University of Toledo studying biology she was my hero. She still is!

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