Jane Fonda tackles ageism and swears off plastic surgery

'I can’t pretend that I’m not vain, but there isn’t going to be any more plastic surgery — I’m not going to cut myself up anymore.'


'I can’t pretend that I’m not vain, but there isn’t going to be any more plastic surgery — I’m not going to cut myself up anymore.'

The actress talks about how Greta Thunberg and other activists inspired her to get involved and her decision to move to Washington, D.C. for the next few months.

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Oh I thought she looked that good because of the L’Oréal products she uses? five universal struggles all women face: 'I’m not good enough; I have to please, starting with daddy; I’m not pretty enough; I’m not thin enough; I’m not smart enough. So true. Age gracefully..... Oh , please if you live communist too much, go back to live in ha noi, don’t just show up with lacking Botox face to scare people

Helen504 In the 4th quarter U finally come clean that being skinny & beauty at 82 were obtained in unhealthy ways while the rest of us thought you were the epitome of healthy habits & we were failures. Beauty/thinness = how women compete to one up others. Men do it with $. Both R stupid. Good! You are beautiful Jane.... just the way you are. It comes from inside anyway, not outside. All the plastic surgery in the world cannot make Melanie beautiful because her soul is black.

Good to know thanks for the warning She’s such a beautiful lady! I can’t believe she’s 82. Yeah she can stop now. You can only wish your wife looked that good at age 80. A smart beautiful woman. She was right about Vietnam- so suck it- Jane we don’t like you! What you did to our soldiers in Hannoy will never be forgotten

Jane Fonda is Done With Plastic SurgeryJane Fonda is done with plastic surgery. The 82 year old activist and actress has rarely hesitated to talk about her experiences going under the knife in the past (except for that one time when she potentially almost fought Megyn Kelly for asking her about it) but in a recent interview with Elle Canada, Fonda announced she was finished.\n

It didn’t do any good anyway Who here cares? I bet they'd give her a big discount for plastic surgery in Vietnam. realDonaldTrump TAXES FOR GOLF: Trump&first lady travel to West Palm Beach, Florida. Trump has spent 1/3 of his presidency at Trump-owned/Trump-branded property, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of $ has played over 240 rounds of golf, costing taxpayers around $3 million

Don’t care. You’re not a good person Janefonda Thanks so much Hanoi Jane. You’re always so relatable, relevant and uniting. Can only get it so many times Example poor Michael Jackson! We love you Jane. Looking good!. Who cares about this traitor? How about posting real news!

Jane Fonda Says She's Done With Plastic SurgeryJane Fonda is opening up her ongoing battle with self acceptance.

Janefonda She still looks likeshit anyway.. Now that my facial skin is glued to my skull I’m gonna stop Bunch O' hypocrites... You'll bad mouth Hanoi Jane, but still vote for a draft dodging bone spur liar and coawrd. 5 deferments, spanning 1964-1968, 2-S, 1968 4-F (not qualified for military service) 4 for college 1 for heel bone spurs. While we served.

Better late than never ! Who cares what about the other face Whatever... Seriously she is one of the most beautiful people on the planet. Now she is more so. I’ve admired her since high school. Such a role model for women. Thank you Jane. She looks awful. What a waste of money. Plastic people with plastic brains!!🙄🙄🙄

Jane Fonda Isn't Going to Have More Plastic Surgery: 'I'm Not Going to Cut Myself Up Anymore''I have to work every day to be self-accepting; it doesn’t come easy to me,' the actress says Can she ? Isn’t her skin too thin at her age ? Hasn’t she gotten rid of all the excess ? Isn’t going under at 80 life threatening ? It’s not that she isn’t going to it’s Th at she can’t !

Who w fu..k cares ! How cares what Hanoi Jane says I hope she sticks to her guns this time. She still looks great. She looks so good. Who tf cares The mirror lied😢 So many times people comment about how good women celebrities look. No one talks about the expense, the pain, the time. Young women in their 20s start Botox & fillers costing hundreds, then thousands of $$$. Personal choice to stay young looking. The cost prohibitive for many.

Its about time. She’s 82. Ageism? I am 75 What the F... is ageism? Janey is gettin old. Period. Old Like old Bernie. Old After how many surgeries? Lmfao

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She is pretty and very classy lady Really this made the news.....pitiful Well... that’s a relief 😅 Isn’t she about 90 years old? Based on what I saw at the Oscars, she's about a dozen surgeries too late. tightface Saids Hanoi Jane ......the traitor .....I only wish ? fonda you were so vain! Very early realization ma’am 😂

Y'all reading this blk ppl Lmaoooooooo- I once met a 93 or 97 yr. Old blk woman and when I said 'grandma' look every bit of 80....I MEAN EVERY BIT OF 80- FACE WAS REGAL, SOFT SILVER HAIR, POWDERED BLUE EYES W/ ALMOND COMPLEXION, TALL (5'9) & SLENDER- JUST BEAUTIFUL Aging with grace ...and Frankie lol

Opulence and Frugality Inform the Look of the Latest Take on Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’Jane Austen’s “Emma.” is a world of elegance and refinement; its story centers on class distinction and the power of vanity, and how those cause tension between friends and lovers. The challenge fo… What does opulence mean?

Hanoi Jane just go away already!!

When it hasn’t worked to date it’s hard to see any more would do the trick. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Bit late at 80+ Wish we could say the same about trump. She’ll always be a traitor Nobody gives a damn about Hanoi Jane Vanity is one thing. There is no cure for stupid! Me too, 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 FCK JANE FONDA 🖕🖕 Fonda looks like a freak of nature...!

Rosario Dawson Actually Had 'No Idea' Petra And JR Would Fall In Love When She Started On 'Jane The Virgin''I had no idea where the character was gonna end up going.'

Who gives a shit At age 80? How brave 🙄 'That is good!' Well you look plastic already so there’s that. Talk to God Sure. ...could We? I’m sure the north Vietnamese are very concerned.

would someone please tell Hanoi Jane to just dry up and go away. I guess mugshots are not the glamour shots Hanoi Jane was looking for.... You can only stretch leather so far. hanijane Now that her nipple piercings are earrings and her vagina is her mouth not much further to pull 😳 Really, who cares? It's her business what she does with her body. Why can't people understand this? Want liberty? Say you support liberty and the freedom of the individual to pursue happiness, then let them define themselves. Why are so many unable to let others be who they are?

Breaking News: Hollywood celebrity decides against Plastic Surgery. Skin has been stretched to the limit. At 80 finally. We dont care She probably doesn’t have any more skin that can stretch. So brave ...or something.. the virtue signalling never ends. She's 80 how much more cutting can she do

Who cares Would do Well, duh. just let nature take its course like most of us do Why can't these Rich Hollywood folks, just grow old gracefully, they all look horrible with the Botox, face lifts, lip injections etc, take care of yourselves. How much PS has she had? That’s a great decision. F**K her Who cares?

😂 too late 😝 you already botched yourself So many people have and plastic surgery...the things is when it’s great you can’t tell. Too late Don’t pretend you’re not lame We love you just the way you are! Yeah she makes the statement after her face is done Give me a break Bitter old Liberal with nothing left to cut: 'I am done with plastic surgery. I am so woke and wonderful.'

Chop away but please go away Never forget what happened to our POWs.

I want the name of her plastic surgeon. He’s good. I love Hollywood - they will lecture you on eating natural, vegan, organic, un-raped cow milk- but will put Botox , silicone, plastics, whatever is in Filler, and cut fat and wrinkles off. Claim they look heathy bc of “yoga” Does it matter? She’s 100 😂

Holy shit! Hanoi Jane At 81? I imagine a dr told her no more. Joan Rivers should have stopped too. 82 and looks amazing. She doesn’t need any more surgery Jane posed for pictures sitting atop a VC anti aircraft gun during the Vietnam war, selling our soldiers. She's been fake for 50 years. Didn't she say that in the early 90's too?

List of sex symbols category sexuality and society)⛹️ What about camera filters Jane? Be really real. I can hardly recognize her. I wish people would stop modifying their bodies for beauty and start trying just to become healthy. What a statement! The courage! The incredible depth of commitment; such an example to follow! And she gave up real diamonds also.

Congratulations to Jane Fonda! She spent more time in Vietnam than a sitting US Senator.... 😎 A bold stance! Janefonda again fighting for a better world More woke white woman privilege She's been saying that for 40 years. Meanwhile plastic surgery has become more common than plastic bags. The person sitting next to you on the subway all worried about the rent... has had plastic surgery.

Nobody cares.

Really Jane? What more do you need give the money to charity. Are you telling me it wasn’t 100% natural?!! 🤪🤪 After how many surgeries Okay Too bad they never closed up that giant cut under her nose. sad Good I liked her father. Like hanging up new curtains in a haunted house. Well she looks amazing now, no need to go a step too far.

Too late. Looks plastic.

I bet she could get a wicked discount over in Vietnam

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