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Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk Recipe on Food52

A one-pot technique for the most tender roast chicken, with the most strangely appealing sauce.

1/25/2021 5:30:00 AM

A one-pot technique for the most tender roast chicken, with the most strangely appealing sauce.

A one-pot technique for the most tender roast chicken, with the most strangely appealing sauce. The lactic acid in milk makes meat especially tender and turns into an amazingly flavorful sauce. Some of you will want the sauce to be smooth and refined. You can blend it, but frankly, scraping it all up to do so is a chore. Or, according to Cook's Illustrated, you can add a few tablespoons of fat to keep the sauce from curdling: 'The fat molecules ... surround the casein clusters, preventing them from bonding,' they say. But the added fat is unnecessary, plus the curds are the best part, and the split sauce is actually the point. Adapted slightly from Happy Days with the Naked Chef (Hachette Books, 2002).

June 9, 2020Prior to watching the video of Jamie Oliver and the Italian chef making this dish together, I had a lot of the same questions about the details too. Watch the video and all of your concerns and questions, i.e. ‘why toss the butter?’ will be answered. I followed the info in the video and this has been the most intensely flavorful Chicken recipe I’ve ever eaten. Incredibly different from the printed recipe. Btw, the butter becomes burnt at the bottom and needs to be tossed a couple of times to get the yummy browned skin in order to roast in the oven with all those delicious flavors. Garlic skins keep the garlic mild and sweet, the ‘curds’ become a wonderful ricotta-like cheese. This is truly deliciously genius.

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 August 3, 2020Thanks so much for that suggestion. I just watched the video ('s very instructive. Too hot to bake 1 1/2 hours in the summer but I'm definitely making this on a cool fall or winter day. Can't wait.

 merleMay 1, 2019Made this for dinner tonight. It was the easiest recipe I've ever done with chicken and it turned out perfect! My sage hasn't come in fully this season, so I augmented what my garden produced with thyme and marjoram with two top snips of savory. I served the chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli; whisked the sauce and poured it over the mashed potatoes to serve a perfect side. The chicken was moist, tender and perfect. I will be repeating this recipe1. Thanks, Jaimie!

 ShortribMay 19, 2018Sauce was fragrant and, yes, strangely appealing. Chicken itself was a bit dry and not very flavorful. Going back to Richard Olney's chicken (also curd-ish), and jamie's chicken with basil and tomatoes. But I love this site and all the inspiration!

 Laurence V.January 9, 2018I'm presently starting this good looking recipe, and will come back with my guests comments later! but I just wanted to give my French part: garlic baked with skins on is a very French treat,called"ail en chemise", literally garlic with its shirt on, and offers the best way to taste garlic, it is said that cooked this way it does not give the regular after taste and smelly breath..

 Mary D.December 27, 2017Garlic, with the skins on? Can you eat those or should you discard? Do the skins lend any unique flavor? So curious! Kristen M.December 30, 2017 Read more: Food52 »

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