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Personal Celebrations & Life Events, Us Story

James Middleton and Alizée Thevenet's intimate wedding album revealed - WORLD EXCLUSIVE

James Middleton and Alizée Thevenet's intimate wedding album revealed - WORLD EXCLUSIVE

9/19/2021 7:08:00 PM

James Middleton and Alizée Thevenet's intimate wedding album revealed - WORLD EXCLUSIVE

James Middleton and Alizée Thevenet's intimate wedding album revealed - WORLD EXCLUSIVE

MORE: 15 sweet photos of Michael Middleton with Kate, Pippa and JamesIn a world exclusive, HELLO! is thrilled to present the official images of the happy couple's big day, which took place surrounded by friends and family in Bormes-les-Mimosas, famous for being one of the most beautiful villages in the Côte d'Azur, on Saturday 11 September.

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The couple's dogs Ella and Mabel were flower girls, and the day was celebrated in style by their nearest and dearest, including James's sister the Duchess of Cambridge, together with the Duke and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Also present was his sister Pippa and her husband James Matthews, and their young children Arthur and Grace – and of course his parents Michael and Carole Middleton.

RELATED: Sarah Ferguson and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi react to James Middleton's wedding joyREAD: James Middleton hailed by fans as he shares 'much needed' adviceOne person sadly missing from proceedings was Alizée's father, who passed away a few months ago, but who had publicly given his blessing to his son-in-law, saying at the start of their relationship:"James and the Middleton family are very charming. We have a lot of admiration for the whole Middleton family – James, his sisters and his parents."

The couple headed to their beachside reception in a vintage 2CVFollowing a ceremony at the town hall, the newlyweds headed to their beachside reception­ –held at Cafe Leoube, a restaurant at the edge of the Léoube Estate serving seasonal Mediterranean dishes – in a vintage 2CV driven by James.

"The flower girls Ella and Mabel were given the job of welcoming each guest as they arrived," he says of his dogs, who wore white ribbons around their necks for the occasion.This week's issue is on sale from Monday 20th September."We couldn't be happier," says James, 34. who had been forced to twice postpone their wedding, originally planned for May 2020.

"It was wonderful to finally celebrate with family and friends despite the challenges of a global pandemic but we were relaxed and knew the day would eventually come."HELLO! is making a donation to James's charity Pets As Therapy in exchange for these exclusive photographs. Visit For the full wedding album and interview, pick up a copy of this week's issue of HELLO!, on sale from Monday 20th September.

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I'm so happy 😊😊😊😊❤️❤️ Glad to see James get his happy ever after, really like him, he’s genuine. Beautiful bride How cute is this, their dogs Ella and Mabel were flower girls.🥺😍 How nice that the couple choose Pet As Therapy to benefit from this instead of pocket the money themselves like some celebs do. Kudos to them.

duchess_salty How refreshing - they are making a donation to the therapy dog charity in exchange for the exclusive photos. Beautiful picture! Classy couple and family. I love a Pets charity is getting a donation in exchange for these lovely pictures. 🐶 ♥️ Amazon 👍👏👏👏👏 James aka 'jimmyallenby' Middleton: *** Diana didnt keep HER knees together WITHOUT the excuse of having to make her living DID SHE. Check out for more. CaroleMiddleton surrogacy KateMiddleton

What the fake royal uncle James wrote about the late Diana: *** Diana was a spoiled, entitled, b r a t. She looked like a handsome young man and its no wonder she was a ga y icon with many impersonators. JamesMiddleton AlizeeThevenet 3fakeheirs What the fake royal uncle James wrote about the late Diana: ***who the hell would want to copy Diana? The biggest loser ever in the Royal family! Dumped and dead at 36. *** Pity Diana didnt keep her legs together and didnt smash up several marriages herself.

What fake royal uncle James wrote about the late Diana: ***Diana showed him no such thing. Charles had been a loving older brother to his younger siblings and he was a loving father. Diana was a first class b all snatching bi ti ch. What the fake royal uncle wrote about the late Diana: ***idyou. Diana was far WORSE than her sons wife is. Diana lied, cheated, manipulated, betrayed and she was a dangerous and destructive woman. You are American. You dont have a CLUE what she was REALLY like.

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KaylaAdams___ Looks like a relaxed, charming wedding of a relaxed and charming couple. SabirahLohn I think they are such a lovely couple and am so pleased they had a wonderfully private wedding. Huge plaudits for giving money for the pictures to charity, very much in keeping with their ethos I feel.

🗑️ KaylaAdams___ Love how they donate the money to his charity pets some thing I forget the name Si glad to see all the money will be given to charities. 👏👏👏 Sukiweeks Wonderful to see that they declined payment and a donation was made in their name, wishing them a lifetime of good health and happiness.🇿🇦🌻🇿🇦

Ahhh.... so exciting!!!🎉🎉🎉 Sukiweeks Wonderful, I’m so happy for them ❤️ Album? There's literally just the one photo 'HELLO! is making a donation to James's charity Pets As Therapy in exchange for these exclusive photographs. Visit ' - well done James, controlling privacy as a private citizen, understanding there is interest in the event and using it to gain £for charity

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