James Corden: Trump Landed In Most Humiliating Place On 'Fox & Friends'

'The Late Late Show' host zinged Trump after he asked the conservative chat program for a more permanent relationship.

9/16/2020 2:39:00 PM

'The Late Late Show' host zinged Trump after he asked the conservative chat program for a more permanent relationship.

'The Late Late Show' host zinged the president after he basically asked the conservative chat program for a more permanent relationship.

.)The host mocked the president for chatting 47 minutes on “F&F” ― one of his favorite programs ― then angling for a more permanent arrangement.Earlier on the morning cable show, Trumpsaid he had agreed to call in weekly. As the president began his goodbye, “F&F” regular Brian Kilmeade chimed in: “We’re gonna do it every week?”

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“Every Monday, I think they said,” Trump responded. “If we can’t do it on a Monday we’ll do it on a Tuesday like we did today.”But co-hostSteve Doocyquickly interrupted: “Uh Mr. President, thank you very much. You may want to do it every week but Fox has not committed to that. We’re gonna take it on a case-by-case basis and Joe Biden as well is always welcomed to join us for 47 minutes, like we just did with the president.”

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They don’t even want him on there weekly. 😹 James Corden was in Cats. That’s all you need to know. JohnnyDee62 Steve Docy did not interrupt Trump. There was a long pause before he said what he did. JohnnyDee62 Monday night he said 'Joe Biden and Donald Trump both sound like they are on acid.' WTF is wrong with this a55hole?

Humiliation is only synonymous to JoeBiden Game changer!Already forgot about the historic peace accords in the middle east!😅😇 He got Fox and Friend-zoned

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