James Corden faces backlash for 'culturally offensive' segment mocking Asian foods

James Corden faces backlash for 'culturally offensive' segment mocking Asian foods

6/11/2021 1:51:00 AM

James Corden faces backlash for 'culturally offensive' segment mocking Asian foods

Corden has long played the 'Spill Your Guts' game with guests in which they can choose to either answer an uncomfortable question or eat a 'gross' food.

TODAY reached out to both CBS and Corden's representatives but did not hear back.As of Thursday afternoon, Saira had more than 10,000 signatures of support. She said she hopes the petition will inspire change."I've been getting comments asking if it's really racist for them to be putting these foods out, because to, you know, an average person who isn't familiar with these foods, it does come off as unappealing," she said."And I do think that it is racist because these foods are, they've existed in Asian cultures for thousands of years. And for someone on … the show to deliberately pick these foods, they're very aware of the cultural … someone has to be aware of the cultural background."

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Saira added that the foods of BIPOC cultures are often appropriated, which made the segment sting more."I think in this segment, our foods are used for profit, because it's obviously making them money," she explained."And I think that's not right … to make like a mayo and chicken sandwich could be gross to someone else. But that isn't rooted in a BIPOC culture, where BIPOC cultures are constantly for years profited and exploited."

May 3, 201602:41She added that it's especially harmful, since many of the celebrities Corden interviewed for the segment, including Kim Kardashian, Gordon Ramsay and Justin Bieber, have large fan bases of young people who could be influenced by the show. headtopics.com


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Come on people. Every culture has food that people find gross or disgusting. Cow tongue or brain. I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, but my grandpa ate it. Snails no way, oysters nope. I'm sure many Asians find some American food gross and disgusting. It isn't racist. He’s a comedian for crying out loud. Isn’t that what comedians do make fun of things to get a laugh? If he made fun of spaghetti and meatballs am I now supposed to get offended? I think most people wouldn’t even of known that was a filipino dish. 🤦‍♀️😳

Ridiculous! What’s delicious for one can be gross for another. Typical dinner conversation for families with kids! There is no “backlash.” It’s a few people who post on Twitter followed by mindless “yeah…me too” clones who just repeat what everyone else is saying because they don’t want to be left out. Stop giving these morons the attention they so richly don’t deserve.

Honestly, if he put “verivorst” , Estonian blood sausage on the program, I would find it funny. It is good, actually but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I put the name and ingredient together in my head. Maybe JamesCorden should just quit the latelateshow on CBS ASAP & have either llcoolj, carrieanninaba, TheGeorgeGray or DrewFromTV to replace him as host. Times Up, JKCorden.

Ok. It is a disgusting food by American standards. Has she watched FEAR FACTOR? It has been eaten on there too as a challenging food to digest. It isn't disrespect to the culture...it is just a gross food HERE. You should just focus on the food and quit making EVERYTHING racist!! He’s offensive What isn’t offensive to someone? This is so out of hand

Oh come on!!! Really, offended for that? dedicate your tweets to something much better than that!!! WasteOfTime

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Oh please And he’s the one that gets all bent out of shape when someone walks him for being fat? Oh look..... Asian hate from JKCorden , another late night comedian...why am i not surprised. But i guess if you are a BLM fan...hating Asians....what... is Natural 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Id guess probably about 80% of attacks against Asians come from Non-white ppl

How cutting people's tongues?! Every culture has food that others consider gross. I went to school in Singapore and attempted to eat those chicken feet and fish eye soup. My reaction 🤮 I live in the South were people eat chittlings and pig's feet. My reaction 🤮 But you all are not Asian… The Today show just reports on everyone that offends. It's getting old. Everyone needs to stop being offended by everything.

Oh ffs this shit is getting out of hand. People are offended way too easily. I don’t agree with the dissenter - It’s not offensive to a culture IMO 🙄james cordon bleu NOT!

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