James Carville: Significant chance that Trump doesn't run

“I think there’s a significant chance [President Trump] doesn’t run. I mean this thing is going so poorly, he’s so far back. To me it doesn’t make much sense for him to run,” Democratic strategist James Carville says.

7/2/2020 10:31:00 PM

“I think there’s a significant chance [President Trump] doesn’t run. I mean this thing is going so poorly, he’s so far back. To me it doesn’t make much sense for him to run,” Democratic strategist James Carville says.

Democratic strategist James Carville and conservative commentator Bill Kristol discuss the state of the Trump campaign going into November, and they also game out possible scenarios Trump could attempt to compromise the 2020 elections.

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Then obviously you don't know Trump. As long as he can use other people's money, and can create great discord, he will never quit. Noone thought he would win 2016, and he stayed in. What makes you think bad publicity would make him quit now. America makes him great again! He will still seek re-election but lose in an epic manner as predicted

Trump won't quit, even though the Republicans are beginning to wish he would. Is GOP considering the 25th Amendment? What are you smoking? Seriously you’re running this absolute nonsense story again. Jesus Christ this might be a new record for msnbc It’s absolutely insane you don’t think trump is going to run wtf that’s actually insane.

When denial is in play, a person simply refuses to recognize the truth, no matter how apparent. Stop watching the polls, watch the people. Trumps base is coming out of the woodwork and polls can not capture that. Never forget 2016! This would not surprise me one bit. He could not tolerate being a loser. He’ll blame the American people, the press, Hillary, the press again, etc. Well, he is a loser, so he might as well drop out now.

why are you giving this gasbag baby president something to run on? Can't you just hear this man child say 'oh gosh, okay. I'll run because you talked me into it. See how popular I am? They talked me into running for a 2nd term.' Whoa's me. they talked me into it. Someone dragged a $100 bill through a retirement community and well look at that, “opinions”.

Don’t trust the polls! He’s to arrogant not to run. I would rather see him lose than drop out. Also, if he does drop out and the Republicans put up a normal candidate, they just might win. Be careful what you wish for. Just cuz u keep posting this doesn't mean it's going to happen. Fricken Idiots! Biden claims he was briefed on security every morning, yet Biden denied he wasn’t briefed on FISA warrants.

Love Carville!! Same guy who predicted Hillary wins in landslide. Fuch off I am sooooo damn glad James is back!😁🌊👍 If Trump does not run, he gets picked up by the Southern District of N.Y. as a felon: he will run to keep himself out of JAIL: D - lusional D - moncrats 🙄 Totally impossible! All.polls a few months ago showed that all democratic candidates could beat Trump in the upcoming election, but we all know that is not true. Polling makes assumptions that have always favored the Left. Remember FL’s governors race, Bushe’s election and recently Trump’s.

Baloney. Trumps ego drives everything he does. There’s no way he’ll let somebody carry the baton toward the finish, even though he might be limping, barely breathing and unsure where the finish line is. It’s going to be a spectacle. That’s a ridiculous take. Do better. We aren't that lucky. Yeah, this narrative isn't working out for you.

Wah wah wah Democrats bums good at crying First he was going to lose and refuse to leave the White House and now he isnt even going to run? It sure seems like you just talk to hear yourself talking. And the Democrats wonder why their party is imploding. Hilarious KimKimbowman Not a chance in hell he steps down, his ego is too YUGE.

He never wanted to be PresidentTrump . Trump ran as a joke. Unfortunately he destroyed our democracy POTUS MMFlint robreiner StephenKing I can only hope !!! It’s a valid pilot iCal theory. We’ve never seen a president with such an ego. I see his numbers hitting 35 in an aggregate of polls, & facing a 40 electoral loss he’ll jump ship. He can then instigate his minority from the sidelines. He can be on Fox 24/7 saying he didn’t lose

Don’t forget realDonaldTrump looks forward to cheating. Between crap like this and every 5 minutes showing polls where Biden is leading he will surely lose. Just sending the message to people “he’s got this no need to vote”. Stop acting like hes won. Pretend hes 10 pts down. Get off CNN. The poll numbers reflect 2016! Landslide 2020 TRUMP!

I'm not sure the risk of him dropping out is worth it to us Dems. You put someone better in his place, than all the R's choosing Biden, will vote for someone else. We can't afford to not take back the Senate and retire Mitch. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Does he look like he is not going run! your nuts! Lol what a horrible take. JamesCarville is a clown if he seriously believes realDonaldTrump isn’t going to run for re-election. Why even bring him back on TV, if I was this bad at my job I’d be fired.

Yeah right. If you think so President Trump neverhas backed down from a fight and he won’t start now. Move on to the next fake news announcement! How utterly ridiculous Jesus I wish y’all would stop with this crap. Getting cocky will only get us 4 more years! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Delusional Kanye!? Since when does trump do anything that makes sense?

I'm pretty sure Carville was just sharing his wet dreams. I say 'wet' because you know he woke up covered in sweat from the nightmare the Dems have found themselves in. Review:Democrat James Carville was Bill Clinton's Hit Man hired to Destroy the Personal and Professional Lives of Women Bill Clinton Sexually Assaulted and Raped. Carville is a Loathsome, Lowlife Degenerate who should be given ZERO Credibility especially his lies about Trump.

Wishful thinking Sad looking physically beat!! Boo boo and Yogi Skeleton man who enabled the abusive Clinton’s says what? Wishing Joe Biden a merry Christmas Nah. James, you had a good run, now go away. Carville could not be more wrong Sounds like 2016 “ he’s gonna lose so hard to Hillary” fuck the stupid silent majority

Trump - pre Covid19 2.2 - 4.2% GDP 7.3mm new jobs plus mfg. 10mm off welfare 50 year low unemployment Record blk/brwn employed 72% new jobs to women Record breaking stocks Rebuilt economy 193 Judge appointments Oil independence NATO nations paying Rebuilt Military Trump 2020 It's a disease. Lol 🤣🤣🤣 This network is 'f'ing amazing.....not one article about the killings in Chicago! Nothing on the violence in this country! Please do your job!!!

Oh no!!! What are the white racist christians gonna do : ( I'm a Democrat and if that is not the dumbest thing I've heard. If JoeBiden doesn't get his head on straight. We might be talking in 4 years about. drumpf going after a third term because he has the scotus amend. Cover stories that are actually in this realm.

From your mouth the God’s ears Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks MSDNC. I needed that. James, I love ya and all, but there ain’t no way that ego maniac won’t run. He won’t be able to admit he won’t win, so... Billy and Jimmy Carvel, the ice cream guy still think they are relevant! I thought one had passed and the other melted away! They look like “ghosts from Christmas past”! They both should put on masks and go play with Joey (oops) in his basement!

Stop posting this rediculous article. Over and over and over like just stop with the brainwashing and nonsense. Msnbc is literally a joke. Just go away Fake news. How is spewing this BS different from foreign interference You think like that because it’s what makes sense. Please note the twittering twit we’re talking about here.

That are all political activists for democrats spreading false news and injecting intimidating idiotic thoughts. The only way trump avoids prison is to resign soon & have Pence pardon him prior to leaving office. November is coming soon. have another drag... Brilliant. This is how you bate Trump and get under his skin in a big way. Forceing Trump to need to need to refute this assertion is a fantastic humiliation for his campaign.

The Dems STILL don't have a viable candidate! All the people see is incompetence and crime! Where the hell did Tulsi go? Is this elderly abuse to allow Joe to continue on? Who is pushing this poor man to do this? He's running. AND cheating at it. The poor man has lost his mind How many days do you play this stupid tweet

TRUMP 2020!!! To save America!!!!! James what doesn’t make much sense is that the media actually rolls you out to comment. Elder abuse. That would be the democrats’ worst nightmare though. Oscar Wilde noted 'only a fool doesn't judge by appearances'. Look at these two has-beens who've enriched themselves from society they've contributed nothing positive to. Whatever Donald J. Trump may have been or done, what he is now is a very great man & a great President.

This will be just another example of when MSM and associated pundits are horribly wrong. Wishful thinking - in July of 1988, Dukakis was 17 points ahead of Bush - it’s not over yet. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 DebMorrow8 Please put this skeleton back in the closet I’m so tired of this big mouth buffoon

that means people still don't understand trump. don't underestimate the power of his lies, cheats and his mo: whatever means to win elvislver56 Still he’s so egotistical and thinks he’s a genius so he will run. But one can hope... Do these losers ever get tired of being wrong? Ya I’d be banking on that too if I was a democrat who knew the polls were fictional garbage.

gee, looks like he's running, every 'speech' is a campaign rally. Trump will not quit even with Epstein‘s mistress/madame arrested, Barr will surely squash that. The only way to get rid of Trump is in November when the people vote him out. COVID-19 can’t seem to get him despite all the people around him catching it.

Trump's Covid Plan Let the virus run like wildfire through the population, killing millions;. hopefully mostly Blacks and Latinos. He will take credit for saving millions more & restarting the economy he destroyed. Then label all Democrats as traitors. All to be re-elected. Carville's is a outdated adviser who got everything wrong 2016

He'll run & he may even win. Dont for one minute apply any norm to this man that youve applied to any other political figure we've had. I sooooo hope you’re right!! Make it stop! wray_cassandra i think there's a significant chance that carville's been inhaling too many Louisiana swamp fumes and is delusional

I don't see a scenario under which Trump will not run. That would be admitting defeat, and everything in him will fight against that. He will run. If he loses, he will unleash chaos. The chances are higher Biden doesn't run due to his age and his poor health... Except that a narcissistic sociopath never quits a competition.

Awww but why ? If its going so bad why do y'all care if he's's running or not?. ..oh I know cause y'all running out of option to keep the racial division up using BLM police are taking back control people are seeing what y'all doing and now y'all scared ...well y'all should be The wife will divorce him as soon as he is out of the White House 😂😂😂

Guys let follow each other handle.... promise to follow back asap😘 Hope and pray. Oh, he'll run. Unfortunately. Fingers crossed 🤞 Carville sucks Y’all gonna walk this shit back? 😂😂😂 so far off base with this. However, people said the same thing about the 2008 Detroit Lions, and we all know how that turned out.

That massive ego will not give up unless he has a fall guy to take the blame. If he gets beat at the polls, everyone in his orbit except himself will be blamed. Looks like the arrogant fake conservative Bill Kristol has been stealing meals away from poor James Carville. JenGranholm Hes to stupid to know better

Idiot! The foolish ones like you said worse in 2016. Both these two losers that were so spot on in 2016 now have a clue? He can save face and blame the Dems. I see where JamesCarville is coming from. He’s speaking in hyperbole. Like, for a proud guy who’s afraid of loosing and so far back in the polls, almost in every category and the battleground states he needs to get re-elected. This is going to be insurmountable.

dream on He’s like a tick on a dog- he won’t quit... I think he’ll run. His ego won’t let him quit. He’ll say the Democrats cheated. Especially if russia can’t actually put the “ fix” in for him. Seen this several times. MSDNC desperate for attention. 1Krohmer13 What a poor attempt to sound smart..The president is going to win in November..

I'll love that! Wow! Trump just gave the speech of a lifetime! You people are on another planet! Just wow! As great as that sounds I think it's a fantasy. We can't let our guard down. We'have to get out the vote. VOTE Just hoping.. 😂🤣😂 Carville is an absolute has been He’ll run...it’s an eternity till the election, anything could happen.

I think he said the same thing in 2016. It makes sense to VOTE VOTE VOTE No one actually likes Biden, they just hate trump Media should be defunded for hating America all employees move to another country movement were callgball advertisers and supporters to pull all adds 100 Years from Now Narcissistic behavior will not allow him to drop out. In his own world, he truly believes he is right and he is still winning. Poll results are wrong if they are not in his favor. I know. I've lived with a narcissist for too long.

that analysis may be correct if the sitting President is a rational person that however is not the case I don't believe he would ever do that, but I do appreciate Carville shit talking lol We can only hope! His ego will make him run. A more stupid comment may have never been made on National TV! Some people out stay their efficacy.

I don't think you understand narcissists if you don't think Trump will run. I suppose at the Republican national convention they could nominate somebody other than Trump to represent their party but there's no way Trump is going to give up that position voluntarily. Your playing with my emotions 🥴 He may not be so far back in terms what he was able to get out of this ride in monetary kickbacks & relationships, while the rest puts pressure on doing more4sponsors & managing appearances of conflicts like a good president

Lol they wish Trump wasn’t running Bring on the debates He has to run or he gets indicted. The Statute of limitations runs out After a desperatly needed second term. 45 will cheat ❌ I'm voting for 🗳JOE! 🇺🇸 He can't quit.. he will go to jail .. him and his buddy over here Has he read the article? It has me unnerved and scared to death that we will never be rid of this disease called Trump.

Trump will run again and win again. I will not vote for a pro-abortion Preseident like Biden. If he were a normal person he would recognize his failures and step down now for the good of the country, but he is not a normal person by any stretch. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Hahaha 😂 pass whatever he’s smoking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Haha, like anyone takes you or JamesCarville seriously lininohio He won’t quit. The sick and evil grifting thieves in the GOP, the Russian oligarchs, and his rotten family would never let him quit. I, and many others would like to know how a President of our country can run a Presidency for his or her own strategic advantage, manipulate our Justice System, be Racist, ignore and deny potential threats both to our country and ourselves, let a Virus run wildly amuck, blameless

Trump: Prison Reform Restored Funding for Black Colleges -FUTURE ACT cut by Obama Opportunity Zones Restored Military Low Unemployment Lowered Taxes Manuf. Jobs Back Trade Deal w Mex./Can. & Japan Hostages back frm Iran/N. Korea Stopped N. Koreas Missile Tests Could there be 2 bigger idiots than JamesCarville and BillKristol? Oh wait I forgot JoeNBC and dingbat morningmika. Nevermind....potus is the BestPresidentEVER

He will run and win against all odds...again. Carville may be one of the dumbest strategists democrats have. Exept for his 'it's the economy stupid' he's useless. Coming from a has been and a loser. You pick Trump will not do that, right now he has no understanding on what’s going on. I think he already cracked

If it doesn’t make sense, if it’s absolutely stupid, well, that’s in Tantrump’s wheelhouse. Fake news Socialist propaganda!!!😝 That statement shows you how deeply disconnected people in the leftist bubble are. Again after what happened in 2016 they still don’t get it? Are they stubborn, stupid or do they just think we’re stupid. Probably all of the above.

These guys are just 2 shitty actors. James Carville is as deluded as the rest of democrats and clearly has the mentality of a box of rocks! You people have now become a cartoon strip 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Remember this big lead? I guy who runs surveillance for the liberal media, check it oh the FBI don't do politicans,just law abiding citizens,get ready for communism,they put America in a virus prison, traitor's and idolaters, judgement day,is upon you,the axe is already at the root of the trees

Ego. It’s all. About him! I a least think he will not debate which will hurt him even further! What if the Democrats secretly want trump to win so they can continue their agenda of destruction 😱. It makes sense that biden is their nominee when you think of it. They can cause all the chaos they want and just blame trump until they have stripped you of all your rights

If he drops out he faces indictments and investigation unfettered by the power of the presidency. No - he will use every last trick plus a bunch of crazy shit to this election and the harm he will cause to this Nation might be permanent. You all know that. LMFAO ..you idiots went from being a joke to a laughing stock..

We are not talking about a healthy normal person with a soul or conscience so yes as long as he has one person stroking his ego he will continue to run. His narcissistic personality disorder won't let him drop out. He HAS to believe he is the best, smartest, most liked, etc. He WILL find an excuse (election fraud) to why he lost & he will cling to that & build TrumpTV, his Twitter & his whole brand around it; the new Qanon.

Trump’s pride and the dedication of his supporters will never allow him to drop out. Especially, since his partner in crime is now president for life in Russia. More wishful thinking for the democrats I agree. I’m not even going to vote. Biden has it locked up already. It would be a complete waste of my time to vote . Only a handful of racist will vote for trump .

He is ruining the chance of any Republican to win because he will never ever step down . He thinks hes the perfect chosen one KEEP DREAMING!!!!! FAKE POLLS WILL NOT MATTER AFTER ELECTION DAY!!!! JUST LIKE 2016!! Liberal blowhard dinosaur 🦕 Carville the clown. “Strategist” 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Agree... all that's left to decide is what excuse to use

Wow, when MSDNC turns out this crap makes you wonder if they believe their polls or not. 🙂 He doesn't have the sense to quit even though I believe he is a coward. He will go in blind as a bat and get typhooned ( For the lack of a better word) Lol imagine believing anything says Is a joke 😆😆😆 Nice try

😆😆😆😆 Nice try James. That’s the only chance Creepy Uncle Lip Kissing Joe has. If DT doesn’t run. The day Biden Wins, Jimmy Buffett will announce ' the South is seceding again. I will set up my Presidency at Ft Bragg. I Claim ALL Southern Military Bases From Quantico to Area 51 in Roswell. I Hereby Pardon my Vice President Trump for All Crimes & Misdemeanors. “

Wishful thinking. I also wish he wasn't running. Leave the country. Things are looking bad for the old dude! James might just be right. Creepy guy has been pushed out front put him at head of the ticket Barbie as VP. Keeps his ass out of prision & he doesn't actually Lose the election he is so infinantile. He can't handle loss

Couldn't get that lucky God willing! And he is at heart a coward Donald Trump narcissistic tendencies won’t allow him to quit especially since he’s asking foreign dignitaries to help him cheat. Fake news I agree. Some say his ego won't let him quit, but I say his ego won't let him lose. If he realizes he'll lose, he'll quit and blame the Dems, press, rigged election...etc or say it's his health. That way he doesn't have to lose.

😆🤣😂😆🤣😜🤪 Carvel YOU clearly don't know Trump!🤣😆😂😆🤪🤣😜🤣🤣🤪🤮 Why would we want him not to run? Repugs are going to run some one. What's to gain by it not being tRump? Carville is the same POS who said Trump could NOT lose. That would be wishful thinking. He’s not that kind of person, who would step down.

Who would run instead, Maniacal Mike ? We live in hope. Maybe even accept plea bargain to let him walk. For all our sakes. Hey Donald... Say good night DICK ! If he was a healthy human being perhaps, but his pathological delusions will most likely convince him that he's actually going to win again, and that the 'silent majority' really loves him and is going to make him win.

At his level of narcissistic behavior, he would burn his whole world down rather than quit. Oh JamesCarville, you magnificent tease ... and this is how we lose. Fantasizing that we won't need to fight for it. I don't believe he will quit. Two big mouth liberals Trump doesn’t make much sense. Therefore, he’ll run

Carville just says anything that comes into his stupid head... I agree, he can walk and finish this race. His opponent hasn't accomplished anything in 50 years as a career politician. No way. His ego is fucking massive. Hilarious. Gun purchases off the charts, cities burning for a month and you think the silent majority is voting Biden. We see the strings of your handlers.

President Trump’s not finished running, until he’s run this country into the mud he’s spawned from. Once the book about his life has been fully digested—A peak into the lurid past, and his depraved family relationships—-how they shaped him into the unfortunate soul he’s become. Remember when the same charlatans said in 2015 that Trump is not serious about being president and just wanted to launch his own TV channel? 😆 I hope Carville doesn’t get a heart attack and die when Trump wins.

Even if this is just a thought, I wonder what those looser Republicans running in November thinks right now What in the world EVER gave James Carville the idea that Trump will to back down from a fight? Somebody get this shithead pundit off the air, please!!! Cf FabSintes , jeromegodefroy , GerardAraud , sellin: la question n'est plus Trump peut -t-il gagner mais va t-il être en capacité de se présenter.

Trump has screwed up our economy, widespread pandemic and not protecting us, lying, cheating, & works for Putin and not Americans plus a divider and racists. Needs to be voted out!! And that, right there is the problem. When you begin to think Trump is going to be the loser, boom💥 - he hits the dems with an unholy n devastating uppercut; then walks away with the 'Presidential' prize. Happened 5yrs ago. Maintain this stance at your peril

Bill Kristol is a 'conservative commentator' the same way the Borgias were 'Catholic.' for those w/ common sense and who value checks and balances and the rule of law, it's been a never-ending series of letdowns with how Trump continuously gets let off the hook. trump might not run is more false hope. believe it when we see it. until then, resist the mother fucker.

Y’all will say just about anything. 😂🤣😂🤣 Let the Nazi run . We need to see the vile deplorable lose so bad he would never ever show his Orange face in public. donald doesn't do things with the thought of whether or not it makes sense to do it. I think he'll quit as soon as the supreme court releases his taxes

I think he’s right. I probably won’t even vote anymore. What’s the point? Biden’s poll numbers are too strong. probably the dumbest take on anything I've ever read. That’s what I told him. He won’t listen because he is a knucklehead. This is going to be his only opportunity after that it’s prison. 🤡🤡 James Carville is a total moron and he's getting as senile as Joe Biden. They will probably not even be around on Election Day because they will forget. And after Trump wins they will act like they knew it all along

I DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING CARVILLE SAYS!!! I sure hope so Carville's an Idiot.. wishful thinking at best... out loud... Trump will burn it down before giving it up. ... and the DNC's given him the best argument.. election fraud. “Seems I heard these words before!” Ah, like the spring of 2016. He knows once he’s out he’s going to be indicted but more terrifying to a person with NPD is being exposed for the fraud that they are.

I want Biden to win but I'd be very careful about getting overconfident. We still have a lot of time until the election and a lot can happen. Democrap strategists He has to run to be reelected, he has to be reelected to stay out of prison. And that is the only reason he is running. Why should America elect a man just to keep him out of prison?

I tend to agree with Carville. An incumbent like Trump doesn’t gain people back once lost. He lost people because he so poorly managed this crisis, the wall, China etc. He’s been impeached, and his rallies aren’t interesting. He hasn’t accomplished healthcare which matters a lot Lmao. You aren't that clueless James. But nice try. Lol

I wouldn't put much stock in this. Didn’t he say that last time? Nah...his ego would not allow it. We can only hope! Like we'd be so lucky 😧 James Carville’s ugly garlic knob of a head is one of Dennis Miller’s all time best lines... I don’t care how he goes down in flames. Just that he does. Yawn. He is now running to avoid prosecution. So long as he's in office he is shielded. That's it. It's all the matters to him, so he will tear the whole world down rather than leave office. So enough fantasies of his resigning or not running

Him and biden are basically the same. Most the Republicans are just to stupid to know biden is one of them but has a D next to his name. Once again the only winner is the rich. He can't even walk Is that Bill Kristol or Richard Dreyfuss? How did that magical lead work out for y'all last time? No way. 1) he's got too much of an ego, 2) he won't get the rest of his bonus if he drops out/resigns TraitorTrump PutinsGOP PutinOwnsTrump ComradeTrump

These Republicans are so far up Trump, you think they are going to try to run someone else instead? Yeah right. His ego isn’t going to let that happen Of course he's going to run. As soon as he leaves office, he's going to face charges from the SDNY. Two morons trying to be relevant. Silly hacks. JamesCarville

This has the be the dumbest take I’ve seen in years. Are “the walls closing in” yet? Trump not running is better for America. BC we would not have the risk of right wing nuts doing something stupid if he loses. lol, Carville stop embarrassing the Marine Corps. Why you want us to believe you have a dog in this fight? Someone paying you? boot

At this point Carville is just trolling trump and his campaign Clinton 98.1% Trump 1.9% How'd that work out? Keep pushing that narrative, Mr. Carville. bullsh*t! we need to vote as though Biden is down 30 points. don't let anyone think otherwise The chance is 100% if we hand him over to Iran. Trump's ego isn't going to let him quit

bookmarked for later I hope he does so he can take that beating and face global embarrassment! What would be better? STOP. Vietnam war dodger crook, Crafty, cunning and yet a Clueless Covfefe who needs a miracle to win and miracles are hard to come by: Joe Biden holds a whopping 12% lead Shed red Go blue Anyway, 124 more days 2 go B4 the fat lady sings on November the 4th.

Yeah that big fat ego isn't quitting at any point. Get this guy off tv You are both sacks Mr. Carville, don't spread complacency. I will never forget 2016 poll numbers. Clinton up 12% 11 days before the election. Trump is too much of a narcissist to step down. Why Should He Run He Was Never Republican President Mark Patrick Seymour Ever

And this has-been’s opinion matters because...? JamesCarville love hearing you talk! Go in TV more. Share your thoughts. Help run Biden’s campaign. We need all hands on deck to beat this F-ucker! Okiesweetie708 I, agree, but he’s such an egomaniac. He’s behind in fundraising (the numbers that count), he’s asking Democrats for contributions 🤷‍♀️, and selling Neo Naziesaque memorabilia. He’s hanging on by a thread.

I want him to run. I want him and republicans who supported him to be defeated. Republicans should not get the chance to run someone else this close to election. Don't give him any ideas. My psychic—not a 800 California psychics number — but a woman I met through WOR-AM radio 20 years ago, said to me (and with a $100 per 15 minute reading...I didn’t ask about) that Trump will win the election in November. HELP!!!

In your dreams 🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂 look 2 morons Sense and trump do not belong in the same sentence. Get real, he's running and may even win, so plz just VOTE! We can't live though another 4 years of madness. James you're dreaming. The only question is whether law enforcement will have to remove Putin's Puppet from the White House after he loses in November.

I'm not getting my hopes up. Nobody thought he'd win in 2016, either. He’ll quit if he thinks he’s losing. Remember the Peter Principle? WE CAN PRAY IT'S SO....BUT HE'S SO NARCISSISTIC I'M NOT SO SURE HE BELIEVES HE COULD LOSE..... He is to mean not to run They said that 4 years ago, Trump still thinks he can win. And he’s right, many undercover racist will vote for him

SFutorian Ive thought all along that as things go awry Chump will walk away. He’s a coward. TrumpIsACoward Apparently you don't know who your candidate is it's Joe Biden not Bernie Sanders it's just a matter of time before He Flops He's already in the race. Any reason anyone is listening to Carville?

He will fiddle his way to defeat. Your lips to God's ears. This is great news. No need to risk getting Corona by going out and voting. He did say, way back when, that he would only run if he knew he would win. Right now, the cards are stacked against him. The, on the other, he will do anything and everything to win - lie, cheat, pillage, steal...

Look at these two unhealthy people - seriously, look how unhealthy each looks - and we are supposed to listen and confirm them? Trailer park trash. That’s what they said about Hilary. Lol I’m a minority and an American independant I’m voting trump 2020 You know he never took no Science class. Or Government or Civics either, right?

James,you said the same thing before the last Presidential Election.Your reading the old script. Fire your writer ! Fire your writer! He handed you the wrong papers! Lol, Carville's a lunatic who's really going to lose it when Trump beats Biden like a drum Lol ok idiots 0.0 chance just wishful thinking evil like the trump crime family doesn’t go away easily. This is far far from over

Don’t forget republicans cheating with gerrymandering voter suppression and propaganda trump and republicans need to be VoteOutTheGOPCowards These two... so done You guys all said this before...and look what happen... people don't listen to these guys.... vote blue..no mater who... Teflon Don..dont trust him

By the way. I searched on 'hasbeen' and pictures of Bill Krystal, James Carville, and Hillary Clinton came in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to a guy names Joe Biden. Most things that Trump does don't make sense. Why is running for re-election any different? TrumpOut2020 Probably why the megalomaniac is setting fire to everything before he leaves.

You wish 😂 hahaha!!!. Keep dreaming!...TRUMP2020 That's some punditry and spin right there. It's always interesting to watch the Washington establishment pontificate. 'Often wrong, but never in doubt.' Constipatation, remember that name. This pathetic gibberish from the Left just shows how desperate they are. This is a lame attempt to disenchant his base....it won't work. Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Going with that again, or is this from 2016 That is hilarious. The fear is so obvious. Also, their Madame will sing like a canary. They look like they're in dire need of Adrenochrome. You guys really think this is a cool thing to tweet don’t you? Carville doesn’t know shit! LMBO!!! Democrats are going to lose with Dementia Joe.

Trump has already won. Election will be declared invalid, go to SCOTUS and they will side with Trump. Your fools if you dont see this coming. We can only hope. Applying 'makes sense' to Trump does not compute That could be very dangerous. If ORANGE45 was to not run again. We could end up with a educated intelligent republican w half a heart that could really challenge OLDJOE.

Watch out the economy is turning around all this SPECULATION is now under the eyes of the people

Trump calls 'Black Lives Matter' mural outside Trump Tower a 'symbol of hate' - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Breaking: $NAK Something a klansman would say Based

Trump Calls Planned Black Lives Matter Sign By Trump Tower A ‘Symbol Of Hate’Trump claimed that painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Fifth Avenue would denigrate the street, which is home to his flagship building, Trump Tower. Nazi cunt 3 inch?

Harsh book about Trump family by president's niece, Mary Trump, can be published, judge rulesMary Trump’s explosive book about her uncle, "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man," is set to hit shelves on July 28. Get lost !!! Fake news liberal media !! She is irrelevant!!! Trump has our vote . No one will buy her crappy book!!! Leave him alone, foolish families I don’t care if his momma had two babies with his daddy’s uncle as long as he fights for law and order and our economy, borders, judges, and foreign negotiations.

Harsh book about Trump family by president's niece, Mary Trump, can be published, judge rulesA New York state appellate judge says a book by President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, which paints a harsh portrait of her uncle and the family’s history can be published. This should be interesting! She might 'suicide' like his best mate Epstein..Only 1 reason he is trying so hard to block it... He’s just lost the Election!!!! Best news so far this week, hope the Supreme Court allows the release of his financials, that will make it a great week. He must be ready to explode,or be certified, or both. His people will turn on him, should stand down forthwith.

The Anti-Trump Movement Will Outlast TrumpA combination of pandemic-driven fear for the future, rage over racial inequality or backlash to racial unrest and Trump’s scab-picking style of politics has amplified radical voices across the spectrum A house for Biden shall one day stand. Well according to realDonaldTrump seems like we're all saved :) Watch him still win in November because you know, America...

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