James Bond Actor Sean Connery dead at 90

James Bond Actor Sean Connery dead at 90

10/31/2020 4:20:00 PM

James Bond Actor Sean Connery dead at 90

Sean Connery, the first and widely-regarded best James Bond ever ... has died.

, the first and widely-regarded best James Bond ever ... has died.Connery became an enormous star in 1962 with the release of"Dr. No," but not without difficulty. James Bond creatorIan Flemingfelt he was unrefined and wanted someone suave like

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Cary Grant. Fleming relented and ultimately said it was a great choice.Sean starred in 7 Bond films between '62 and '83. Among the films --"From Russia with Love,""Goldfinger,""Thunderball,""You Only Live Twice,""Diamonds are Forever," and"Never Say Never Again."

Connery had a hard time shaking the Bond character, but was ultimately successful .... branching out and ultimately winning an Oscar playing an Irish cop in"The Untouchables." He also won 2 Bafta awards and 3 Golden Globes. He was knighted by the Queen in 2000.

When Sean was shooting"Never Say Never Again," he took martial arts classes and got into it with the instructor who then broke his wrist. Sean didn't get it treated for years ... not knowing it was really broken. The instructor --.Among Sean's other films ..."The Hunt for Red October,""Indiana Jones""The Last Crusade" and"The Rock."

Most fans give Sean the title of best 007 ever ... at least in the polls. And, speaking of polls, he also holds a Sexiest Man Alive crown. He also once finished third in the Mr. Universe contest back in 1953.Fun fact ... Sean wore a toupee in"Goldfinger" because his hair had started to thin.

Sean's survived by his second wife, Read more: TMZ »

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RIPSeanConnery JamesBond 🌹😇 🙏 العزا وين يا جماعة؟ طالبيننا فاتحة الجماعة ديل A LEGEND. He will be deeply missed. I loved him in a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. R.I.P. Who? RIP Sean Connery...2020 better not fuck with Betty White RIP player❤️ One of my favorite actors 🙏🏽 Sad News. Sean is definitely a Legend. We lost a lot of legends in 2020. Sean was great as “James Bond. His other great Roles in the “Untouchables and Finding Forrester was legendary. R.I.P. my Sincere Condolences. Thanks for the Great Memories.

Damn RIP RIP 😞 007, Indiana Jones , Hunter for Red October, The Rock, The Untouchables, what a career Aw..RIP to the fine actor. my son was named after him, I’m truly sad, RIP Damn I wake up to this? ....R.I.P my man 🤟🏼 Today would be a good day to watch some bond. The first and the best RIP Mr. Bond You are like my best example of 007 will be missed your voice and all may him rest in espionage heaven. And send me codes on how to because it not looking good old friend.

From Russia with love Rip sir Legend and icon GOAT Sean Connery ᴅᴀᴍɴ. ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ʏᴇᴀʀ ᴏғ ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ R.I.P Mr. Connery Wow.R.I.P. Lucky man to catch 90.He left exacly when the life starts to be boring. Further proof your ears never stop growing RIP Mr. Connery😪 Rest in Peace RIPSeanConnery 😢😢 Aww!! 😞 Ok. But who did he vote for?

SpiroAgnewGhost I HATE 2020! EITMonline 😔 Legend One of My Favorite Actors, Rest in Peace, This should be the lead headline this morning. Not Trump or Biden! Weird!!!!! I didn’t know he was even close to that old? RIP ❤️ mikecornelius19 Oh my God rip man Making the 007 the best Agent code ever. You will be missed Sean 🕯

🙏🏼😞🙏🏼 Weirdest Sean Connery sci-fi flick was 'Zardoz' which is so odd it is worth a watching. I WAS just watching him in Just Cause the other day. Sean Connery was the best James Bond in my opinion. Rest in peace, legend. RIP Captain Kirk :( May the force be with you! Rest in Perfect Peace James Bond🙏❤️

From Dr. No to Dr. No Longer With Us Farewell, 😢 Rest In Peace to the best 007 EVER! Sean Connery jamesbond RIPSeanConnery Huge loss

James Bond actor Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90Sir Sean Connery, the actor who defined James Bond, has died aged 90 Sean Connery best James Bond actor for sure. RIP! R.I.P So sad! He was such a good actor.

Sean Connery, iconic James Bond actor, dies at 90BREAKING: Sir Sean Connery, the Academy Award-winning actor famous for playing James Bond, has died, the franchise confirmed. He was 90 years old. RIP pakde R I P

Sean Connery, best known for his role as James Bond, dies at 90Connery is best remembered for his iconic role as 007 in the James Bond movies. Rest In Peace. 😢 Que descanse en paz este excelente actor. Mi película favorita del 007 es Goldfinger. En mi colección tengo un carrito escala 1/64 que lanza al pasajero. Sean Connery QDEP 😢

Sean Connery, Scottish actor who served tour of duty as James Bond, dies at 90Scottish actor played 007 in first six installments of Bond franchise, finally won an Oscar for 'The Untouchables.' 😢😢 He provided many happy hours of entertainment. RIP Sean Connery ,the best James Bond ever

Sean Connery, The First James Bond, Dies At 90From bricklayer to sex symbol, Connery was a self-made man. Aw, man.......... 😞😞😞 come on..... Rest in Peesh

Sean Connery, Scottish actor who served tour of duty as James Bond, dies at 90Scottish actor played 007 in first six installments of Bond franchise, finally won an Oscar for 'The Untouchables.' A great Oscar winning actor the inimitable Sir Sean Connery! R.I.P. Sir Sean Connery ! gatewaypundit Rip mr Sean Connery and thank you for all the great memories sir 🙏🙏🙏 KatyTurNBC Fuck 2020