J&J recipients should 'feel good' about booster recommendation: Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on ABC's 'This Week' Sunday.

10/18/2021 7:52:00 AM

Dr. Fauci tells MarthaRaddatz that FDA advisers are still on track to make a recommendation about COVID-19 vaccinations for 5 to 11-year-olds by early November.

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on ABC's 'This Week' Sunday.

Martha Raddatz interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci on “This Week.”Bloomberg via Getty Images, FILERecipients of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine should not be concerned about the shot's lower efficacy now that boosters have been recommended, White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci told ABC “This Week” co-anchor Martha Raddatz.

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"I think that they should feel good about it because what the advisers to the FDA felt is that given the data that they saw, very likely this should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with," he said Sunday.The FDA vaccine advisory panel unanimously recommended booster shots for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine Friday. The panel recommended all J&J recipients 18 years and older to get an additional jab as early as two months after the first dose -- key differences from their recommendations for the Moderna and Pfizer boosters which were only for Americans 65 and older or in higher risk groups.

MORE: Independent FDA panel votes to authorize booster shots for Johnson & Johnson vaccineThe decision came days after early data released from a National Institutes of Health study found that boosting with a different shot than one's original vaccine appears to be safe and effective. The data, which is not yet peer reviewed, also found that for J&J recipients, antibody levels were higher if they received a Moderna or Pfizer booster rather than a J&J booster. headtopics.com

Raddatz pressed Fauci on whether mixing and matching vaccine boosters for J&J recipients would be a better idea.“But, Dr. Fauci, the panel was also looking at new data that suggest J&J recipients may be better off getting a booster shot from the more effective Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Is that a better solution?" Raddatz asked.

“That is true, the data you refer to, that if you boost people who have originally received J&J with either Moderna or Pfizer, the level of antibodies that you induce in them is much higher than if you boost them with the original J&J,” Fauci said.

MORE:US regulators weigh whether people can mix COVID booster shotsHe went on, “However, you’re talking about laboratory data, which very often are reflective of what you would see clinically. But the data of boosting the J&J first dose with a J&J second dose is based on clinical data. So what’s going to happen is that the FDA is going to look at all those data, look at the comparison and make a determination of what they will authorize.”

Fauci added that the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will give people the flexibility to mix and match vaccine boosters based on their individual health situations.Now that the FDA has recommended J&J boosters for a wider group of Americans, the question turns to when Moderna and Pfizer boosters will be expanded to the general public. headtopics.com

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Fauci said that will depend on the data being collected by the CDC and the findings coming in from Israel, which is about a month ahead of the U.S. in its vaccine rollout.As for vaccines for children ages 5-11, Fauci said the FDA is on track to approve the Pfizer vaccine in early November.

With kids eager to go trick-or-treating and the holidays right around the corner, Raddatz also asked Fauci about his guidance for celebrating the upcoming holidays. Read more: ABC News »

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Fauci: J&J vaccine 'should have been a two-dose vaccine'Fauci said FDA panel's recommendation shows J&J vaccine 'should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with' 7 terms served ☝🏼 Fauci说,FDA小组的建议显示强生疫苗“从一开始就应该是两剂疫苗” Thanks for telling people now. But shouldn't there have been a more objective presentation earlier of Janssen's efficacy of 66.1% instead of promoting its higher US only efficacy, as Fauci did, or its higher efficacies against severe disease or hospitalization, as Fauci also did.

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Fauci: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Probably Should Have Been 2 ShotsA federal health panel has recommended that J&J recipients receive a booster shot. MessageOnRapture 죄를 사랑할 수록 하나님의 진노안에 들어가는 것입니다 회개와 거룩함 사역회 BUSAN MessageOnRapture 회개해야 합니다 환난을 피하기 위함입니다 믿응에덕을 덕에지식 지식에절제 절제에인내 인내에 경건을 경건에형제에우애 우애에 사랑 하나님의 사랑을 해야합니다 MessageOnRapture

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Fauci Says People Should Feel Free To ‘Enjoy The Holidays’ With Family This Year — Especially If They’re All VaccinatedThe public health expert had previously come under fire for suggesting it was “too soon to tell” whether families could gather, comments which he later said were misinterpreted. I do feel free to enjoy my holidays. I'm just not sure what Fauci has to do with it. Are we supposed to seek his permission? 🇺🇸 Americans Vaccinated AGAINST COVID19 🗓️ October 17, 2021 ⏲️ 11:49 AM EST ➡️ U.S. Population = 333,453,090 🥇 218,562,924 Americans have at least ONE Vaccine Dose ⬆️ 65.8% 🥇 188,902,483 Americans are FULLY Vaccinated ⬆️ 56.9% 🖥️ | CDCgov Who cares what he says anymore.. Slow the spread…yeah right…

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