Sharpiegate, Ivanka Trump, Hurricane Dorian, Alabama

Sharpiegate, Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump reignites #Sharpiegate after announcing she's heading to Alabama: 'Will you be surveying the hurricane damage?'

'Two natural disasters in one week? Give these poor people a break,' writer John Pavlovitz said.


Ivanka Trump reignites Sharpiegate after announcing she's heading to Alabama : 'Will you be surveying the hurricane damage?'

'Two natural disasters in one week? Give these poor people a break,' writer John Pavlovitz said.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Birmingham, Alabama, was quick to correct the U.S. leader's claim, asserting in a tweet that"Alabama will NOT see any impacts from Dorian" as"the system will remain too far east."

"Will you be surveying the hurricane damage there?" quipped former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi, a frequent Trump critic.

"Two natural disasters in one week?" writer John Pavlovitz jumped in."Give these poor people a break."

Hanging over the islands for days, Dorian left homes, schools, airports and roads crushed, displacing tens of thousands of people and leaving at least 43 dead, with government officials expecting the final death toll to be significantly higher.

Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have asked the Trump administration to waive U.S. visa requirements for Bahamian nationals who have been displaced by the Category 5 storm.

The first daughter is expected to tour the park before meeting with students participating in the technology park's apprenticeship program.

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Oh great!! Another London street rat by the name of Chantal Da Silva writing a piece about the President’s daughter. Keep your focus on London and it’s joke of a mayor. I think Donald had sexual relationship with his daughter..bitch ain't right ...and giving aid & prayer (AND PAPERTOWELS) to those that lost everything. InvankaTrump stay home.

Here's NOAA refuting all you Trump/Alabama/Dorian conspiracy theorists. DNCpeep That gross look on his face is 100% frat boy who's got a drunk chick at the bar, and he's gonna get some sniz tonight. TheFirstDaughter, think about it. This is a grown woman, with a child of her own, who wants to be referred to as The First Daughter. She is the result of an absent father who made it clear he would sthup her if he could. In government she is useless.

Waddayagonnadoo when you’re gone? Another reason to confirm she’s not only complicit but enabler and appreciative of his way to manipulate platforms for them to be on the spotlight.

Ivanka Trump Announces Trip To Alabama And Everyone Makes The Same Joke Ivanka Trump just announced a trip to Alabama Poor Alabama, Don’t they have enough to worry about recovering after Doran Distraction play Exciting news!

Just look at his face in this picture.... he is so creepy. My theory is that Trump is getting something from someone in Alabama and FEMA money is the payment for that. The look on his face is 100% White Van Guy Who Lost Puppy. Wtf why is she anywhere in DC, let alone traveling the world on our taxpayers dime? She has no qualifications except as a grifter's daughter.

That sure is tender moment between a lining couple. There will be someone into that on porn hub Sethrogen Loving couple! Darn autocorrect Typo. First sentence. Common. Notice Don's lecherous leer

Ivanka Trump Channels Shiv Roy From 'Succession' With a New Lob Haircut Ivanka Trump debuted a blonde lob as she arrived in Bogota, Colombia to promote the Trump administration's Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. Great stuff Ivanka.Ellemag needs some good taste at last.Take care Ivanka Trump and thanks Ellemag. Why are you writing about this trash? the most disrespectful thing a fictional character has ever been compared to. Shiv is brilliant. who tf wrote this article, Ivanka?

Is that the Alabama on the Atlantic coast or the one on the Gulf coast?jk The Trumps are SADISTIC & vindictive. How long can you buffoons get this sharpiegate/Alambama stuff wrong? We thought it was eric, but it is becoming more apparent that ivanka is the dumbest trump. Oh yes it is all such a hoot.

CNN host suggests people could believe Trump if he said 'two plus two is five' after #sharpiegate scandal'The less you believe real reporting, the more you might fall for his [Trump's] unreality,' Brian Stelter warned. Well yeah, but that is just because trump supporters are bad at math. They think Democrat’s are the ones that let the deficit run wild. Idiot. Just the stupid ones.

Ivanka Trump’s Green Dress Goes Viral Due to a Gust of Wind Ivanka Trump 's Green Dress Goes Viral Due to a Gust of Wind (via JustJared) JustJared IvankaTrump IvankaGreenDress JustJared Serena Joy Trump! JustJared she needs to get back in her lane. Seems she thinks she is Melania just cause Melania doesnt want the job of first lady.

A brief history of how Trump came up with the false claim that Hurricane Dorian could hit AlabamaPresident Trump falsely claimed that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian , and has been doubling down since. Here's the timeline of his mishap. give it up. you lost. Um, the early forecasts showed Alabama in the path. Trump's comments were obviously based on that. He didn't alter maps to create panic. At worst, he was a day behind on updated tracking forecasts and spoke based on his day old briefing. This article is corrupt. When you see that map, with a “balistic mindset”, the statement makes sense.

Democrats to Broaden Impeachment Inquiry Into Trump to Corruption AccusationsLawmakers plan to examine claims that the president dangled pardons to aides and that his resorts illegally profited from government business. Let's do the math the President inherited a deficit from a liberal administration, struggled to keep unemployment low, fought to keep the interests rates low and even renegotiated a new trade deal and all this while being harassed & disrespected constantly by the left lol Failed to act when they should have acted Too little too late?

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