Ivanka Trump lauds Saudi, UAE on women's rights reforms

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Ivanka Trump lauded a handful of Mideast countries, including close U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, for embarking on “significant reforms” to advance women's rights.

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Ivanka Trump lauded a handful of Mideast countries, including close U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates , for embarking on “significant reforms” to advance women's rights .

Ivanka Trump has praised Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and a handful of other Mideast countries for embarking on “significant reforms” to advance women's rights at a gathering of women entrepreneurs and regional leaders in Dubai

By February 16, 2020, 4:18 PM 5 min read Ivanka Trump, the daughter and senior adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, delivers a keynote address at Global Women's Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili) Ivanka Trump, the daughter and senior adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, delivers a keynote address at Global Women's Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili) The Associated Press DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Ivanka Trump lauded Sunday a handful of Mideast countries, including close U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, for embarking on “significant reforms” to advance women's rights, while speaking at a gathering of women entrepreneurs and regional leaders in Dubai. The daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump was delivering the keynote address at the two-day Global Women’s Forum held in an opulent resort overlooking the city's Persian Gulf coastline. “We know that when women are free to succeed, families thrive, communities flourish and nations are stronger,” Trump said. Her comments throughout the speech drew applause, particularly when she praised Saudi Arabia. Despite reforms there, women’s rights activists and other campaigners are imprisoned and facing trial on vague charges related to national security. The theme of the forum in Dubai was “The Power of Influence.” It was an apt theme for Trump, whose loyalty and support for her father's presidency saw her and her husband, Jared Kushner, take up formal roles in the White House as his advisers. The 38-year-old mother of three has positioned herself as an Oval Office confidante while spearheading initiatives that broadly back women's empowerment. Her husband has become a top adviser on U.S. Mideast policy. Once the owner of an eponymous fashion line, Ivanka Trump has wielded her proximity to the president to promote policies affecting women and deliver speeches around the world about women's economic empowerment. She meets with world leaders as a key White House official. Some of her efforts even have some bipartisan support in Washington, standing in sharp contrast to the level of controversy and political division surrounding her father's presidency. In her keynote speech at the women's forum in Dubai on Sunday, Trump touted what she said was the progress of women in the United States. “Today, American women are leading in every aspect of society. Last year, there were more women than men in the United States workforce, with women securing over 70% of new jobs,” she said in her address. Trump made no mention, however, of legislative obstacles in the U.S. around paid family leave, which she and the U.S president support. Currently, just a few U.S. states offer paid leave. During her speech in Dubai, Trump congratulated Saudi Arabia for recent changes in the law that allow women to travel abroad and obtain a passport without the permission of a male relative. In 2018, a ban on women driving cars was lifted. The changes are part of a wide-ranging push to transform the Saudi economy, attract greater foreign investment and ease international criticism. Trump pointed to changes in other Mideast countries, as well. She said Bahrain had introduced legislation against discrimination in the workplace; Jordan had eliminated legal restrictions on women's ability to work at night; Morocco had expanded women's land rights; and Tunisia had introduced laws to combat domestic violence. She said, though, more work needed to be done. She noted that across the region, women on average still have only half the legal rights of men. The audience for her speech in the UAE included Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, World Bank President David Malpass and International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva. The Dubai ruler is wildly popular at home and is seen as a modernizing force. He has, however, faced some criticism abroad concerning women's rights following reports that one of his daughters tried to flee the country and was forcibly returned. In previous years, Jordanian Princess Haya, with whom Sheikh Mohammed has two children, would have attended a forum of this kind by his side, but she too has reportedly fled the country and is seeking custody of their children in a British court. The UAE and Saudi Arabia have worked to cultivate close ties with the Trump administration and were early supporters of the Women's Empowerment Fund, a World Bank initiative to help female entrepreneurs that Ivanka Trump strongly backs. During the first trip abroad of her father's presidency to Saudi Arabia, the two Gulf countries pledged $100 million to the fund. In her speech at Sunday's forum, Trump commended Emirati leaders for “removing barriers to women joining the workforce and developing a national strategy that recognizes that women are central to sustainable growth.” She noted that although 70% of Emirati university graduates are women, only 10% of the UAE's total national income is derived from women. “We know that this going to grow and flourish in the years ahead,” she said. During her two-day visit to the UAE, Trump met with women entrepreneurs and discussed a U.S. government project she's leading that's aimed at helping women in developing countries. The Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative was launched last year with backing by her father. On Saturday, she toured Abu Dhabi's grand mosque, visited Abu Dhabi's branch of the Louvre Museum, and met privately with the country's day-to-day ruler, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. ——— Read more: ABC News

IvankaTrump is no better than daddy/hubby. ivanka needs to live in the poor parts of America, then she's see how women of all color suffer with poverty.... but she's break a nail and it would be over!!! about time She won’t be able to get this accomplished as they are a lot different over there About their women

Well if IvankaTrump thinks Saudi Arabia & Middle East countries aren’t so “reformed”, & “for women’s rights,” maybe she should go live there. She can wear a burka, marry a man she has no say over through an arranged marriage, be forced to bare his kids, walking 4 paces behind... How hypocritical it is for Ivanka Trump to be promoting “women’s rights” when her father has admitted treating women the way he has.

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 If the Trump playing princess thinks SA and UAE have made 'significant reforms' re women's rights, she's more than welcome to move there and live under that system. As bad as lauding praise on Avennati? Having the bum on your network shows? Your biass is showing ABC. I dont care what women do there Maddow thinks she is a women We have people that dont know to stand or sit when they pee

Can someone explain these ridiculous outfits that the princess wears

Ivanka Trump lauds Saudi, UAE on women's rights reforms Ivanka Trump lauded Sunday a handful of Mideast countries, including close U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates , for embarking on “significant reforms” to advance women&39;s rights, while speaking at a gathering of women entrepreneurs and regional leaders in Dubai. The daughter of daddy’s lil grifter She’s a liar and has no business talking about anything except her own children IvankaTrump

Zero respect for her! Clueless and complicit. Yeah, I hear tell they're going to let female WWE wrasters wrestle with full body suits. She's wasting tax payer money going arounf getting media attention and her fashion show . her stepmother loves her fashion shows also on the tax payer tab ! Saudi Arabia: where women activists are being tortured for advocating basic human rights.

Pullease, butt kiss Barbie! He let them freaking drive and nothing else! Go home and make out with your dad

Ivanka Trump in Abu Dhabi ahead of women's conference Ivanka Trump arrived in the United Arab Emirates where she met with women entrepreneurs and was to meet Abu Dhabi's crown prince. What qualifications does she have to be in government?

This is like the 30th time you have posted this! What’s the matter? No one is paying any attention to it? Great initiatives! We need more of such forums to widen our knowledge of one another’s cultural and traditional values. Mutual respect is a base for global peace and harmony. All the very best IvankaTrump

yeah the saudis have progressed on women's rights, now they're allowed to show ankles and attend gay and heretic beheadings Ivanka you have no idea. And once again, her qualification for her job is that someone has video of her Dad getting peed on by hookers. Uhm, just not feeling it. Asking again please stop covering Irrelevantarbie.

Trump taught his kids to make money and communicate with others, while others teach their kids that everyone wins even when they don't, and then cry when they don't get their way and throw a fit. The difference between work smart not hard to, cry enough and maybe you'll get it Bone head Ivanka must gloss over the bonesaw murder of Khashoggi the bone spurs don’t fall from the trunk of the rotting tree

I'm old enough to remember this👇 Or maybe plastic barbie IvankaTrump is not realDonaldTrump's🤔

Ivanka Trump's New Hair Color Is A Shocking 2000s Throwback Ivanka Trump attended showed up to an event in Washington this week with a bold new hair color featuring chunky highlights. Why are you still writing puff pieces on our authoritarian government? Just no.... Detest normalizing this rancid, complicit piece of shit but do appreciate this: 'In 2018, her stepmother, First Lady Melania Trump, went dramatically lighter the same week the President was directly connected to a federal crime.'

You let women drive ! Good for you! Now buy more military weapons . IvankaTrump She is so full of shit. Ivanka hedges her bets. As realDonaldTrump's presidency teeters on the brink the first daughter has signed an exclusive deal with the other big man on campus. God Why is there so much hate towards Ivanka for fighting for women’s rights? Do these people hate Trump that much that they can’t acknowledge a good thing? Wake up people—your hatred has blinded you to the truth.

The ABC journalist who wrote this article must be excited about it! It's o.k. to murder a journalist as long as you profess to reform women's rights! Why does she represent us in the world? WTF!! .IvankaTrump has zero experience/qualifications to be there. No history of consulting with previous govts on foreign or domestic policy and never revered for her expertise. They coddle her to curry favor with daddy. And she's in WH because......

Trump claims ‘legal right’ to intervene in Justice Department casesPresident Trump publicly clashed with his own attorney general, saying he has a “legal right” to intervene in Justice Department cases a day after Barr had complained Trump's tweets made his job 'impossible.' Sounds pretty boring and not political. Must be legal if the narcissistic pathological liar says so. The bureaucrats serve the president... sad fact.

Good lord have Mercy Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha IvankaTrump doesn’t know shit about women’s rights because she’s lived a 1% life shielding her from and hardship. Go away! You don’t speak for us! How about REPORTING about her SWEATSHOPS Anything Ivanka says about Saudi Arabia is tainted with ethical conflicts IMHO

Grifter kissing the hand of murderers. Remember She created 17 million job s Through modernized education cooperation and trade relations.😇

Trump administration's reason for killing Soleimani 'directly contradicts' imminent threat claim, top Democrat saysThe report outlining the administration's legal justifications for killing the Iranian general does not cite an 'imminent attack,' which Trump and some of his top officials claimed was the reason. Welcome to 2 months ago QassemSoleimani was assassinated as he would oppose DealOfTheCentury and apartheid israel was terrified of this. No matter, Palestine 🇵🇸 people will start intifada which will defeat zionist vultures. BDS Was Osama an imminent threat

😂 ABC doesn't report on what Saudi Arabia is doing to the poor people of Yemen *Starving them to death* so you're just as misinformed and negligent as she is. Oh look MELANIATRUMP It’s the real First Lady IvankaTrump 🤣🤣🤣 Isn't this the same thing the Clinton foundation did? Crack pot Having Ivanka trump talk about women’s rights at a MidEast Forum where its members discriminate against women is just a form of ass kissing for trump. Sending this bozo on a government plane to make a speech is a waste of taxpayer money.

Release the Kraken. Yeh Na Samantha Bee was correct. Feckless.

Trump seems poised to pardon convicted associate Roger Stone'Do you think that Roger Stone is going to spend a day in jail between the Justice Dept.'s actions and the [prospect] of a presidential pardon? If I had a farm I would not bet it on the idea that Stone would actually spend a night in jail.' - Susan Page He certainly doesn’t deserve to, he was caught in the crosshairs of a political rivalry , his crimes are not worthy of the sentence. Trump pardoning Stone will implicate his guilt

'TOTAL GARBAGE' FROM 'MS. PRETENSE' WHO IS ONLY BOLSTERING HER OWN POCKETBOOKS... &, OF COURSE THOSE OF THE TRUMP FAMILY TOO. Vote. Fucking vote. Get this waste of breath OUT. Her and her husband have their noses up the Saudis ass alot.... IvankaTrump Oh has Saudi Arabia let the women working for freedom and driving privileges out of jail yet? What exactly would thos significant reforms be? Another dishonest, amoral, pandering trump.

Is there anyone whould like to be My friends? Add me. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🙄🙄 Grosssss You should be ashamed of not calling out the duplicity of this outing by Ivanka Trump. Stop legitimizing her.

Her trip, at taxpayer expense, was to line her greedy pockets. Why aren’t you doing your job & reporting on the exorbitant cost to taxpayers & the serious ethical violations? First Daughter is not a thing. Report her illegal acts! She must need a few patents approved in Saudi Arabia & UAE. WTF does Little Miss Donald Mini-Me Junior know about women's rights or oppression outside her golden bubble? Nothing she hasn't paid someone to teach her. Take your IMPEACHED Daddy & get out of THE PEOPLE'S Governmnt

So many bitter jealous feminists commenting here. Ivanka is smart, beautiful and works harder than any of you people. Thank you IvankaTrump for all that you do for women around the world. ❤️🇺🇸 Fish face doesn’t have 🇺🇸 security clearance.👎🏼 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Disgusting. Zero shame. Making a mockery of oppressed women. She’s a damn fool.

Why do we give this spoiled entitled pos any attention? IvankaTrump No one wants to hear from her, she does not represent the everyday woman. They’re both such progressive places. She would know! 🖕🏽

Delusional. Right after the bastards bone saw a few more 🤮 Narcissistic sociopath runs in the family.... Senior White House Adviser Ivanka Trump, the daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump, arrived in the United Arab Emirates. The U.S. president's daughter is in the UAE ahead of the Global Women's Forum, where she will give a keynote address. (AP)

Well, yeah, only yesterday women in Saudia Arabia could drive to sit in the women's section of a restaurant. Ever been to a restaurant with a women's entrance in Saudi Arabia? I have. Sorry, Ivanka, you need to get out more to where real people live. IvankaTrump little Barbie holds personal business at SaudiArabia as well as POTUS 45 emoluments act is not important in government, bullying is ok with Americans within and outside the White House,abusive presidential power

This is sick. is she on the same drugs as daddy? Saudi Arabia why we still support that country? September 11 terrorist attack this is the country where the high hackers came from.

Whatever! This is a lie. “Significant reforms” like advancing to the 1800s and letting women drive cars The Saudis advancing women’s rights ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 That's a big deal that a women get accepted by Islam countries 🤣 Kiss my ars.. I see her as the first Female President of America...& not too long from now....she has been introduced at Davos etc...all part of her growing into the job...

Saudi Arabia, really Now do Afghanistan IvankaTrump Good luck with that...

Good job, Mideast, for embarking on not treating women as property or slaves. WTF? She's a disgusting woman and has done nothing to advance women's rights. The gifters Not including reporters. Just another case of LieToJustify. 🤔🤣😂🙃 She's such a good person and role model... Lies run in the trump cult. they are doing great

She used to run sweatshops 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Great Job 👍 Just a reminder.... you father is a conman. Are you effing kidding me with this crap? No word on the women imprisoned and tortured in Saudi Arabia for the audacity to drive? You mean like not being able to go anywhere without a male relative chaperone. Even shopping for groceries. Not able to get into a taxi without a male relative chaperone. And so on. You know nothing you vapid piece of self inspired shallow empty insult to women everywhere.

Somebody please tell that vacuous woman to have a seat! Ivanka sells shoes and handbags made in China at slave wages so she doesn’t give a isht about women in the Arab world. Does she think her speech will change centuries of male mistreatment of women? Anchor baby says what

Clueless. She should lead by example and move there. The same countries the Trump crime family gets money from in a consistent basis. But y’all wanna talk about Hunter Biden? GTFOH Because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is sucha bastion of civil rights for women. I hear they're even letting them drive now without the supervision of a man.

“They are great because almost half of their population will soon have basic human rights...sort of”. PhotoOpBarbie Ivanka2024 Meanwhile, her husband realDonaldTrump, is a serial sexual predator.

She has her head up her butt! OMG Oh geez, how she has deluded herself—like father, like brothers... How much💰 is Princess Ivanka making off of these countries? She's a disgrace Oh right. The Saudis take 13 year old brides. This is bullshit. Anchor Baby Barbie working on a new line of designer Burkas. Yes. Now they only beat women with a cable in the mall if they get caught uncovered from head to foot.

Why are you making this news

She look like a toy! Empty vessel. They are NOT OUR ALLIES! Your headline is misleading. Also, Eyevanka didn’t do shit except walk around in a long shiny dress doing video and photo ops. Why is she in government? JFC Barf..... Why is she even talking? Jamal Khashoggi Why is Trump afraid of Bloomberg? What happen

Liars Sparkle pony trying to make nice to the people that own her, her husband and daddy. TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpCrimeFamily

Did someone tell NepotismBarbie about burkas yet? Please stop giving irellevantbarbie media coverage. That is all. She probably thinks Lincoln, Nebraska is in the Arabian Desert! How much cash did she score! No one care what ivanka wants. Men need sandwiches Significant reforms for WOMEN? Is this serious? Did she really go do this? About women? WTF

Hopefully she becomes the first woman president, if only for the entertainment in the complete psychotic meltdown of the left. 😂 IvankaTrump is as vapid as she is plastic. Yep. Human rights. Women’s rights. Over there. Hmm 🤨 they are praising that women could smoke for the first time or something on saudi or whatever. Smoking is bad for health. Just saying la

The only woman she’s advancing is herself. Why even cover this nonsense? Why give her a platform? Try telling that to BoneSaw, he still have woman locked away getting rape Beware the thief who smiles. That is a double joke. Did she run into any bone saws? JusticeForJamal NepotismBarbie unwantedivanka What the hell is she trying to portray with all the golden dresses in Saudi Arabia?

Pay go up in the sweat shops? She is so full of crap! IvankaTrump realDonaldTrump SenateGOP GOPDictatorParty2020 GOPLies trumpnepotism TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison GOPDictatorParty2020

no less of a 'ho than Melania 😒😒 Saudi Arabia killed an American journalist. It seems Ivanka and the Trump family don’t care. Princess ivanka should go for a stroll as a single, middle aged woman in Saudi Arabia. As she walked around with her hair covered. She’s ridiculous What about the women who work in IvankaTrump’s sweatshops? 🤔

Blah blah blah Hear it from Ivanka is much better This is ridiculous. What is she even doing? What is her position? What knowledge of foreign affairs does she bring to be speaking on this? Are we paying for this broad to go to foreign conferences and do photoshoots?

I am here to tell you that I am the smartest woman in America and your Saudi girls will be pleased to hear it, Ivanka read from the prompter For example, Jamal Khashoggi was a man, so it's not just women being killed. Please stop normalizing her. Human RIghts Watch hrw has a lot to say about Saudi Arabia. Guessing Ivapid has ignored most of it.

She clearly reads the same books as her husband 😐 Looks after the woman’s right here first..... The speech you make when you’re speaking to the family financial lenders!

Even the ones they are torturing and throwing in prison? Try doing some to stop your Daddy abusive behavior toward women! More pattens for self enrichment..? Gag me with a spoon! It’s a family business And yet they locking women and men immigrants up but she wanna talk about rights 🤔 she just as dumb as her pops.🙄🙄🙄

GIVE ME A BREAK! WOMEN’S RIGHTS? YET, HER DADDY GRABBED WOMEN BY THE P••SY? FOLLOWING THE MONEY Hot mess Cathy, I think we are on the same page.....🙂 🤮🤮🤮🤮

I think she needs to stay there. Our world would be better without her. Imagine if Michelle Obama or one of Obama’s daughters went to the Middle East & wore a loose hijab. Obama and his family would’ve been called terrorists for years to come. Talk about double standards. What is her role in our government? What is her position? Why would anyone listen to her?

And...what ofSaudi attack on Twin Towers...Murder of Journalist? Hmmmm Why? we have more issues in America THE GANGSTER ENVOY !!!! See words, say words, make daddy happy! The best thing Ivanka can do to advance women's rights is move out of the WH. Liar. Complicit. Maybe the sheikh should let his own daughter out of jail.

Saudi? The same Saudi Arabia that brutally murdered a US journalist? Is she really this dense? Or is she on the take from the Saudi’s? More wasted taxpayer money Ivanka makes me ill, everytime I see her she does not belong there, people that take money from charity I have no use for! Middle-East Diplomat Barbie comes with heels and canary yellow ensemble, on-sale this week at Walmart

I don’t care, do you? Hard pass on the unqualified daughter of an unqualified president talking about anything. Imagine all those new drivers licenses! What an ugly dress.

Empty barrel making noise. IvankaTrump DO YOU KNOW THEY CONSIDER WOMEN BENEATH THEM? DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THISE COUNTRIES AND HOW LITTLE RIGHTS THE WOMEN HAVE? SO WHAT YIU TELL THEM DOESNT MATTER HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kremlin Barbie is a grifter. 爸爸总统,女儿、女婿都是幕僚。美粉好像都不关心了。 How much did she receive for that speech. I bet it rivaled the payment for any speech worldwide and all time. Maybe a much needed loan for any myriad of businesses that need finances.

The stupidity of this woman is truly mind boggling. Awesome!Way to go Ivanka. Good job Ivanka ‼️🇺🇸 Ivanka is positioning herself to become the chosen heir to the Trump Kingdom, and in case Don Jr. thinks its him, forget it Ivanka has always been his favourite!

TRUMPS= BULLSHIT And what has IvankaTrump done to advance our rights at home? Does she support the Equal Rights Amendment? Does she support our right to choose birth control? Does she support equal pay? Tired of what she does in countries that don't matter to the US life. Bullshit.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ She should live there for awhile and report back.

Hmmm is disgraceful to glorify countries like Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates etc where no democratic elections has ever taken place and human rights abuses are a daily routine. Is a pity as the quest for money has blurred the minds of western politicians Lock her up! ROB News: 'Ivanka Trump pretended to be a feminist today, and in her capacity as president Trump's clueless daughter-wife lauded brutal autocracies that did nothing to advance the cause human rights.' There. I fixed it.

Nobody cares what this grifter has to say about anything. She is irrelevant! She means they let women breath on their own, nothing else. We’re talking about two countries that are only a stone’s throw from the year 571 AD.

Another corrupt Trump Yeah we all know Saudi Arabia is known for women's rights Ay yay yay Are you freaking kidding me? And why hasn’t the US ERA amendment been implemented yet? Who cares What a DF this woman is but she doesn’t live in the real world and never has-no clue. Unless significant is measurable by common standards why lie about the change. Change is inevitable.

'Saudi women may now have the right to drive — but the Saudi women who fought, protested, and campaigned for that right have been stripped of all of their rights. They are detained, behind bars, incommunicado; the victims of vicious torture and abuse.' Why are USA taxpayers for Ivanka to play princess? She's merely a Trump.

How is this news? Who cares! So..... what is her title again? And what is she responsible for doing? It almost seems she is doing what a first lady would do. How many times did she change clothes? FLOTUS realDonaldTrump gtconway3d How about reforming your in home bully/husband Donald? this is offensively un-american; no one elected her or her husband to speak for us

So Isn't this the kind of political correctness that had the democrats kicked out?🤔 Its Corporate Socialist Barbie

Ivanka reminds me of one of those weirdos in the Divergent movies. I’d hit. I love Trump, but Ivanka is just not likeable. I hope she never runs for office. She will get squashed with her constant pandering! Who elected Ivanka? Why can’t she just go back to making money off child labor in China? 🤮 👇👇👇😜😜😂😂😂

😂 ivanka and her laudiness. Ask the women in Saudi Arabia about their rights. Seriously? I’m sure there is a punch line here.

Well, they haven't assasinated any prominent women, recently. So there's that. UAE. Champion of women's rights. Where even a crown princess is tracked by commandos and abducted if she tries to escape. Doesn’t she sell shoes? What's she talking about hand bags or somethin Let's all ignore her. Saudi Arabia lauded for women's rights? What planet is she on?

Someday women in Saudi Arabia will be able to grift as successfully as women in the United States! The original “Pencil Neck” It would be nice if IvankaTrump could use her influence to get some women out of jail.

Ivanka is a national embarrassment. Woman here are not involved in that many schemes like her. Since she’s at BoneSaw’s Saudi did she bring up once about woman being rape behind the jail?

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