Italy Is Just the Latest Country to Paint a Pretty Face on Fascism

9/29/2022 6:34:00 AM

Giorgia Meloni’s rise to power is part of a global trend of young female politicians gender washing the far-right.

OPINION | Giorgia Meloni’s rise also coincides with the emergence of far-right female politicians in America and Europe who are gaining political power and media attention despite doubling down on cruelty, nativism, and patriarchy.

Giorgia Meloni’s rise to power is part of a global trend of young female politicians gender washing the far-right.

Giorgia Meloni delivers a speech on September 23, 2022 at the Arenile di Bagnoli beachfront location in Naples, southern Italy, during a rally closing her party's campaign for the September 25 general election.Leader of Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni reacts at the party's election night headquarters in Rome Sept.Email From left, The League's Matteo Salvini, Forza Italia's Silvio Berlusconi, Brothers of Italy's Giorgia Meloni and Noi Con l'Italia's Maurizio Lupi attend the center-right coalition closing rally in Rome on Thursday.Warner Todd Huston 28 Sep 2022 Nebraska punter Brian Buschini raced to Twitter on Tuesday to apologize for a tweet praising Italian leader Giorgia Meloni, who will soon become the country’s first female prime minister.

ANDREAS SOLARO/Getty She’s also proof that women can spout hateful, far-right rhetoric just as well, if not better, than men.Everything is coming full circle in Western politics, as the authoritarian playbook of the 20th century is getting a glossy, feminine reboot in 2022.(REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane) "I want to take the time to apologize for a tweet I posted yesterday," his statement read.It’s worth noting that Meloni’s neo-fascist party was created as the heir to the Italian Social Movement (MSI), which was formed after the dissolution of the National Fascist Party.That's no small matter in a country that has had 69 governments since 1946.This was no accident.I unfortunately tweeted about this without knowing the background or history of this politician or the movement she is involved with.In her youth, Meloni was a youth activist for MSI.Giorgia Meloni, leader of the far-right and national-conservative party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), commented on the party’s victory at the Italian elections, held on 25 September 2022, at Parco Principi Hotel in Rome.

At the age of 19, she praised Mussolini as a “good politician, in that everything he did, he did for Italy.I apologize for posting without understanding the reality of what I was posting about.Meloni, 45, grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Rome that's better known for cultivating leftist activists than producing fiery hard-right politicians.” This apparently includes aligning his country with genocidal Nazis in World War II.However, that small mistake didn’t stop Meloni from borrowing his motto, “God, Fatherland, Family,” for her own party—nor did it stop her from parroting anti-semitic conspiracy theories about the “deep state” run by George Soros and Jewish “globalists,” or promoting her version of the white supremacist “replacement theory” by demonizing immigrants of color and Muslims for allegedly invading, replacing, and weakening Italian civilization.It was not exactly clear what he tweeted.“I think there is a deliberate plan to erase everything that identifies us: culture, Nation, family are under attack,” Meloni said.The party flag includes a tricolor flame that was a symbol of fascism in the early 20th century.She’s also spent a lot of energy attacking LGBTQ+ communities, marriage equality, and abortion rights.10, 2022 in Lincoln, Nebraska.In no way do I support fascism or racism in any form.

According to Meloni, these groups are existential threats to Italy that must be confronted, and one of her goals is to boost the birth rates to ensure her people’s demographic salvation.Giorgia Meloni argues on stage with an activist holding a peace flag during the election rally on September 02, 2022 in Cagliari, Italy.Because it defines us.Just this past week, the party suspended a member running for parliament after an Italian newspaper revealed he had posted comments supporting Adolf Hitler in the past.Emanuele Perrone/Getty Does that sound familiar? If you’ve been paying attention to Fox News or right-wing politicians lately, these talking points could come straight out of a Tucker Carlson monologue, or from a speech given by any number of MAGA politicians.Unsurprisingly, Meloni spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2022.Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves," she says in the speech.It’s no wonder that Meloni’s meteoric rise has been praised by her long-time ally Steve Bannon, Sen.Supporters of Giorgia Meloni and the Fratelli d'Italia political party at a campaign event in Turin on Sept.

Ted Cruz, and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban—whose ultra-nationalist, authoritarian regime serves as a blueprint for American conservatives.I can’t define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother.She’s singing their exact tune, but in Italian.Meloni’s rise also coincides with the emergence of far-right female politicians in America and Europe who are gaining political power and media attention despite doubling down on cruelty, nativism, and patriarchy.I must be Citizen X, Gender X, Parent 1, Parent 2.They all show her as she takes the stage in various Italian cities, to the adoring cheers of supporters holding Brothers of Italy flags.They are often a boon for right-wing movements that are, accurately, criticized for being aggressively anti-women, anti-feminist, and chauvinistic.Ruth Ben-Ghiat, an expert on authoritarianism, calls it “genderwashing,” and describes it as “ female politicians adopt[ing] a non-threatening image to blunt the force of their extremism.Because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators.

” Examples include Marine Le Pen of France, who has championed extremist anti-immigrant policies through her National Alliance Party.It's the message — 'we will stop them at any cost,'" says historian Lorenzo Castellani, a professor at Rome's LUISS University.Shrewdly, Le Pen distanced herself from her father’s overt anti-semitism and Holocaust denialism, but otherwise kept all the racism, and added some Islamophobia for good measure." Meloni has been described as being a"far-right" politician due to her affiliation with the Brothers of Italy party which is said to have neo-fascist roots.There’s also the extremist Israeli politician Ayelet Shaked, who became justice minister in 2015 and whose youth and pretty features often gloss over her.

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So does Ayelet Shaked of the extremist Jewish Home party, while supporting the murder of Palestinian and Muslim babies, but she's Jewish so never mind... look somewhere else goy! ' doubling down on cruelty, nativism, and patriarchy.' yikes! She reminds me of someone…can’t put my finger on it..🤔 Agree with the premise, but she is def not a pretty face... especially if you hear what she says when she speaks.

God, Country, and Family is the new cruelty 🙄

Support for Italy's Giorgia Meloni leads Nebraska punter to delete tweet, offer apologyNebraska punter Brian Buschini deleted a tweet and apologized after expressing support for newly elected Italy PM Giorgia Meloni on Tuesday. You just can't hide your love for fascists, can you. What a chud. Stand up for what you believe in man. Liberals support only leftist women. They hate conservative women.

What you need to know about Italy's new far-right leader Giorgia MeloniFar-right candidate Giorgia Meloni is poised to be Italy's next prime minister. Her Brothers of Italy party has roots in the neo-fascist movement that emerged after World War II.

Woke Mob Forces Nebraska Punter to Apologize for Tweet Praising Italy's Giorgia MeloniNebraska punter Brian Buschini raced to Twitter on Tuesday to apologize for a tweet praising Italian leader Giorgia Meloni. Only one opinion allowed. Stop that man. He has no right to an opinion Beta

Texas Republicans Heap Praise on Italy's Far-Right Giorgia MeloniItaly’s Giorgia Meloni spent much of her political life on the farthest fringe of the radical right. Although she now insists fascism is a thing of the past, in the early 1990s she joined the Youth Front of the Italian Social Movement, a party founded by a former chief of... Fascists supporting fascists Ted Cruz always looking to ride someone’s win, even if it stands for everything America doesn’t. What does far left look like to you DO? Is there even such a thing in your mind. You are reprehensible beyond belief. Integrity is as foreign to you as outer space.

The Left fear Italy's new prime minister, and that is why they vilify herIn reality, there is no 'far Right' in Meloni's candidacy, writes cwtremo. The term is loosely used to identify all threats to left-wing orthodoxy. With Meloni, there is only 'pro-common sense, ' which terrifies the Left more than anything. cwtremo She is literally a fascist. Fascist = far right we really need to spell this out for you?

“I’m a Woman, I’m a Mother, I’m Christian”: How Giorgia Meloni Took Control in the Italian Election.IChotiner interviews a_stille, the author of several books about Italian history and politics, about why the Italian center and left were unable to keep the far right out of power in the recent election. IChotiner a_stille IChotiner a_stille The fact is pretty simple: the left (Democratic Party) decided to govern with the ultra populist assistance movement 5 stars. Before the elections, the DP decided to join the far left party of Fratocoso and Green Party, excluding de facto the centre of ThirdPole. IChotiner a_stille pm boloney