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It's Time, Unemployment

It's Time to Quit Your Job

It's Time to Quit Your Job

10/13/2021 4:25:00 PM

It's Time to Quit Your Job

About 4.3 million people in the U.S. quit their jobs just during the month of August

people (nearly 3 percent) in the United States quit their jobs, setting a new record for the number of people quitting within one month. (The previous record was set in April of this year.) Turns out after living through 18 months of a global pandemic where over 700,000 people have died, many are less willing to endure subpar working conditions for low pay. Personally, I’ve gladly embraced my role as the little devil sitting on my friends’ shoulders who regularly reminds them that it’s okay to quit their shitty jobs.

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AdvertisementThe recent increase in the number of people quitting their jobs is part of the reason there are so many job openings right now. At the end of August, there were10.4 million job openingsin the U.S.—not quite as high as the record-breaking 11.1 million job openings in July, but still higher than the number of unemployed workers. Despite initial assumptions that this workforce exodus was concentrated among higher-income workers, data suggests that people are quitting across a variety of industries. Of the workers who quit their jobs in August, about 892,000 worked in restaurants, bars, and hotels, 721,000 worked in retail, 706,000 worked in professional business services, and 534,000 worked in healthcare and social assistance.

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'No Time to Die' wastes no time topping US box office'No Time to Die,' the latest installment in the James Bond movie franchise, shot straight to number one in North America's box office on its opening weekend, netting $55.5 million, according to industry watcher Exhibitor Relations.

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Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux on the Style and Sentimentality of ‘No Time to Die’The stars of the new Bond film tell ‘Vogue’ about redefining the Bond girl and how Phoebe Waller-Bridge added her “magic dust” to the screenplay. And so ends the bond era. 'Ale tym razem jest też większe poczucie serca (i rzeczywiście humor, dzięki wkładowi Phoebe Waller-Bridge w scenariusz) w romansie Bonda ze Swannem, nadając filmowi dodatkowy akcent czegoś sentymentalnego ... . Jest wrażliwa, ale jest też silna z powodu tej kruchości '. 💞 ... 💞

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‘No Time to Die’ Box Office: 5 Takeaways From Daniel Craig’s Final Bond FilmThough Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond won’t be one for box office record books, “No Time to Die” easily took the top spot in North America. Directed by Cary Joji … You forgot the most important takeaways: 1. Advertising a movie as 'made for the Me Too generation' is awful marketing. 2. Shitting all over a beloved franchise and wondering why the fans aren't enjoying it is also an awful decision. It bombed at the box office cuz Craig is boring. All of these takeaways for NoTimeToDie were know months ago nothing has changed over the last few months what didn't help it was being sandwiched between Venom 2 and Halloween Kills, Bond films while huge internationally and the UK play like Mission Impossible films in US

'No Time to Die' snares $56 million in domestic box office debut, tops $300 million globallyThe latest James Bond film “No Time to Die” scored an estimated $56 million during its domestic opening weekend — but it wasn't the record setter that many had hoped for. JBoorstin reports.