It’s Time to Get Rid of the IT Department

It made sense in a bygone era, when technology was separate from the business. Now it just hurts both.

11/28/2021 9:30:00 AM

The IT department shouldn’t be an island. Setting it up as one is exactly what will prevent companies from being innovative.

It made sense in a bygone era, when technology was separate from the business. Now it just hurts both.

No man is an island. And the IT department shouldn’t be one, either.Despite their mission, which often talks about driving corporatewide innovation and digital transformation, chief information officers, as heads of these departments, are frequently reduced to running a metaphorical island. Just look at any organization’s structure, and you are very likely to see a rectangular box labeled IT, with its own management hierarchy and budget.

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Sounds like someone tried to used an unapproved piece of software, got caught and decided to write an article to trash the IT department LMAO thanks Well how about you sack your IT department and tells us how it went, after you begged them all to come back just so you had a system to tell us how it went. It's laughable that non-IT people are allowed to talk about It 😂

Hiding IT behind a locked door in another building hurts productivity. The solution is to embed small IT service teams with the business unit. Making them ‘walk-in’ accessible, they’re approachable & personally known: improves quality, turnaround, & satisfaction. This author sounds like he got denied installing some freeware from 2005.

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This article is a waste of time. 😂 good luck with that. You hire unskilled labor you get unskilled results. This sounds like a hackers wet dream.

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