It's Not Just Your Imagination — Allergies Are Worse in 2021

Get those antihistamines READY.

6/19/2021 8:20:00 PM

Get those antihistamines READY.

The 2021 allergy season has been particularly bad due to climate change causing an increase in pollen. Here's how you can seek relief.

because water drops that hit the ground cause pollen to break up into even smaller particles, allowing it to disperse far quicker than before.Not only is the 2021 allergy season worse, but it's also lasting longer in certain parts of the country."Spring came early this year, and we are anticipating that summer will last longer," Dr. Mucci-Elliott said.

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Related:Here's Why You Should Sleep With an Air Purifier On, According to ExpertsHow Can I Get Relief From My Allergy Symptoms?While all of this is a major bummer, the good news is that most cases of seasonal allergiescan be treated effectively. Dr. Wada recommends that allergy sufferers consider opting for nasal sprays instead of antihistamine tablets, because the former tend to be more effective. However, Dr. Wada explained that it"may take several weeks to see their full effect." If these medications aren't enough, or if you're looking for a long-term solution, immunotherapy could also be an option. Immunotherapy works by helping your body build immunity to what you're allergic to. This is done by gradually introducing a small amount of an allergen via injections, tablets, or drops.

In addition to medical treatment, Dr. Mucci-Elliott recommends wearing a mask to provide relief by minimizing your exposure to pollen."Pollen particles are small and stay suspended in the air, therefore ideally you'd wear a mask that is good at filtering airborne particles," she explained."A surgical mask is fine. You don't need something as airtight as an N95."

However, if your allergies are"interfering with your quality of life, including your ability to participate in outdoor activities, sleep, or function at work," Dr. Wada recommends that you see a doctor. Dr. Mucci-Elliott agreed, urging allergy sufferers to keep a close eye on their symptoms."Worsening symptoms, breathing issues, fever, cough, or swollen lymph nodes suggest an infection and

," Dr. Mucci-Elliott said. If you find yourself falling into any of these categories, a doctor will be your best bet to come up with a comprehensive approach to treatment. Read more: POPSUGAR Fitness »

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