“It’s an extraordinarily alarming situation for ordinary Afghans”—the Taliban’s bid to take cities

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8/2/2021 5:27:00 PM

“People want to get to somewhere safe—and not much of Afghanistan is safe.” emcbride74 tells “The Intelligence” of the Taliban’s worrying bid for big cities

Also on the daily podcast: Singapore’s race relations go south and chewing gum loses its cool | Podcasts

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Afghan forces battle Taliban for control of southern cityTaliban fighters pushed deeper into the southern Afghan provincial capital of Lashkargahon Monday and closed in on government buildings, a senior official said, as the insurgents pressed a rapid advance.

Government forces combat Taliban incursions on key Afghan citiesFlights from Kandahar airport were cancelled when rockets hit the runway, an official said, as the Taliban pressed on with their sweeping offensive across the country. Investing today will save you the stress of financial crisis tomorrow.. Live the kind of life you want today by investing and trading Bitcoin option. Trade with a professional trader and start making good profits today. lisaCammpbell for transparency and trust.

Afghan forces battle to defend major cities from Taliban offensiveHeavy fighting continues in at least three provincial capitals, with government forces beating back fresh attacks to keep Helmand’s Lashkar Gah from falling to the insurgent group. A matter of time!

Biden administration to open door to more Afghans to relocate to U.S. over Taliban dangerThe Biden administration plans to allow more Afghans to relocate to the U.S. as refugees because of the growing threat of Taliban violence, the State Dept. says. In Atlanta there is a housing shortage. I don’t know about the rest of the country. Where are all the people going to hang out. My brother sleeps in his truck because his house burned. He has nowhere to go. Looks exactly like the defeat in Vietnam. Nation building never works. Ends In another defeat. I love everyone but that does not mean I can continue to support everybody.

U.S. Expands Refugee Aid Program for Afghans Following Rise in Taliban ViolenceThe U.S. will expand eligibility for Afghans seeking admission to the U.S. as refugees, the State Department said, citing increasing levels of Taliban violence amid the U.S. troop withdrawal. traitors ... Those that assisted in efforts should be granted immunity! So the U.S is going to remove from Afghanistan those people who are sympathetic to the U.S and leave the country to those who are not. From this policy, what does the U.S administration believe the outcome will be? Why not lure the Taliban into the open and crush?

More Afghans will be allowed to resettle in the U.S. as Taliban advances, violence spiralsThe Biden administration said Monday it will allow thousands of Afghans to resettle in the United States, citing the growing threat to civilians from a resurgent Taliban. What the fuck. Thats whats troubles Americans. This is full of horse junk But other reports said just few .. Stupidity at its finest. Someone better keep track of these people because they will be Taliban supporters among them.