It's a little late for Team Trump to complain about intel leaks

.@MaddowBlog: It's a little late for Team Trump to complain about intel leaks

7/1/2020 12:02:00 PM

.MaddowBlog: It's a little late for Team Trump to complain about intel leaks

If National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien is outraged by leaks, perhaps he ought to take that up with his boss.

an important rejoinder:"The consequences of attacking the Ukraine whistleblower: concerned officials go to the media instead of proper channels. When you take away the proper route through vindictive retribution, you cannot then complain about leaks."

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That's well said and an important point.Imagine being a prominent official at a U.S. intelligence agency. You're aware of allegations that an adversary is paying rewards to those who kill American troops, and you're frustrated that the White House doesn't seem too willing to act -- except to do favors for the adversary in question.

You could play by the rules and follow proper channels -- file complaints, alert relevant authorities, etc. -- but you've seen what happens to those who do: Donald Trump puts them on an enemies list, accuses them of treason, and tries to ruin them. By all appearances, the president isn't just motivated by a desire to retaliate; he's also been eager to send a signal to others who may be tempted to do the right thing.

Some insiders have no doubt been intimidated into submission, but others have come to see the value of alternate channels.If Robert O'Brien finds that discouraging, perhaps he should take that up with his boss. Read more: MSNBC »

MaddowBlog MaddowBlog How soon do they need to complain? MaddowBlog How can the Unpresident complain about 'intelligent leaks'? He barely had any intelligence to leak out! MaddowBlog 👏 Bravo! MaddowBlog He’s more consern about Intell leaks than doing something about Putin hiring bounty hunters to kill our troops. Who’s he trying to protect? Putin and his aspe? I hope the families of our dead soldiers comes out and condemn Trump.

MaddowBlog There's your leak! MaddowBlog 'there is never a justification for such conduct.' - O'Brien When theres treason that noone will do anything to stop, there absolutely IS justification. Screw this administration! MaddowBlog They Leak, cause you. ( donald trump )& the administration are STUPID!

MaddowBlog As reported, some Obama holdovers have been leaking & the Trump admin has been attempting to ID the leaks since day one. The far left media ignored the info. It’s strange how the far left media approves of the leaks. MaddowBlog Thank you for every person who has the morality to leak on this administration & I sincerely hope you will be rewarded in the next democratic WH if you are not their needs to be an uproar I want to see all those who testified then lost lost their jobs be reinstated

MaddowBlog It's Wednesday July 1, 2020 and JoeBiden tried to frame GenFlynn a veteran and war hero for a crime he never committed but JoeBiden failed miserably at it and the MSM plus are in denial about it. MaddowBlog Cecil Rhodes was a slaver and you knowingly took scholarship money earned by his slaves. Rachel, shouldn’t you resign? Trump never did anything half that bad. I guess you are just a poser?

MaddowBlog MaddowBlog MaddowBlog Yes it is MaddowBlog When approved channels are removed (whistleblower) what should be expected? MaddowBlog ❤😍

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