'It needs to stop': Whitmer blasts Trump over Michigan rally rhetoric

Trump was speaking in Western Michigan as part of a swing through the Rust Belt.

10/18/2020 5:05:00 AM

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer excoriated President Donald Trump for continuing his incendiary rhetoric toward her in the wake of an alleged plot to kidnap her

Trump was speaking in Western Michigan as part of a swing through the Rust Belt.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer excoriated President Donald Trump for continuing his incendiary rhetoric toward her at a Saturday campaign rally in the wake of an alleged plot to kidnap her.Speaking in Western Michigan as part of a swing through the Rust Belt, Trump urged Whitmer to loosen restrictions on economic activity enacted to curtail the spread of coronavirus, which is surging in the region.

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Advertisement“You’ve got to get your governor to open up your state,” he said to cheers. “And get your schools open.”Trump’s supporters erupted into chants of “lock her up” — a refrain from the 2016 campaign originally lobbed at Hillary Clinton, but since repurposed against Whitmer and other high-profile Democrats — which Trump did little to dissuade.

“Lock ‘em all up,” he said before pausing to soak up energy in the crowd.The striking visual quickly came to Whitmer’s attention, who responded while the president was still speaking.“This is exactly the rhetoric that has put me, my family, and other government officials’ lives in danger while we try to save the lives of our fellow Americans,” she tweeted. “It needs to stop.”

Trump and other critics of the measures taken by governors to combat the virus — which has now infected more than 8 million Americans and killed at least 210,000 across the country — had singled out Whitmer, a freshman governor in a battleground state, on numerous occasions. In April Trump tweeted in all caps “Liberate Michigan” and more recently derided her as the “lock-up queen.”

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Defend yourself, he'll end up running to his bunker. No court ruled whitmer abusing residents with her dictator regulations were unconstitutional..she.has no respect for democracy realDonaldTrump is Responsible for a Plot to Kidnap Gov Gretchen and he continues to Harass her. If she made such Dangerous Comments about Him she would get a visit from the Secret Service. Why is this being Allowed cuz he's the Illegal Impeached President?

You’ll be watching after he’s out of office that he won’t be able to walk around anywhere. Karma unfortunately is gonna come back on him big time. I feel sorry for him because he’s dumb. He doesn’t understand cause and effect. He’ll be a prisoner even if he’s not in jail. Watch!! The piece of hot garbage has no soul.

GovWhitmer also excoriated bass pro shop for advertising hunting gear as it was a 'dog whistle' signaling attacks on her. She immediately quarantined all deer and ducks as punishment and is considering a plan to round up all those who ice fish to prevent attacks from lakes. Trump is one of the absolute worst examples of a male and is dragging masculinity through an endless sewer of narcissism, misogyny, racism, amorality and abuse of power. This is the darkest time in American politics but luckily we have a chance to extricate ourselves by voting.

Trump already is complicit with GOP members in the deaths of over 218k ppl by continuing to downplay the severity of COV19. Trumps continued Rally cry of DEM MICH GOV Whitmer, 'LOCK HER UP' helps those SICK PEOPLE WHO WILL HARM HER M FAMILY. Trump is a danger to USA. The new Atty Gen will have the difficult decision of which of Trump's criminal acts to prosecute first: Treason, Perjury, Obstruction, Financial Fraud, Manslaughter.....,

CNN MSNBC Well why shouldn't he is absolutely correct he's telling the truth or creature is dumber than dirt she has shown us over and over just how dumb she is❗️ This Trump skeptic is convinced that MI will be the most significant sleeper state on 11/3 thanks to GovWhitmer lockdown tyranny. I hope she is being provided with round-the-clock security.

Can she sue him? Lying witch realDonaldTrump version of Law and Order? RepublicanHypocrisy She needs to stop! Being Governor! Trump is just too stupid to understand this. If you want to see a real President, watch THE WAY I SEE IT on MSNBC. it’s by Pete Souza, the Reagan and Obama WH photographer. Unbelievably good, will make you tear up because of what we’re missing.

'Alleged' being the operative word... Good luck with Biden the child sniffer. Why do I get the feeling that she's talking to some kids not adults? IMPEACH this damn TYRANT. She is a symbol of what the founders of the country feared and fought against the most. I have no damn pitty for her. She has done nothing but burn the constitution all year and overstep her authority.

stephan17054689 That should be illegal, endangering her this way! Haha, they were leftist! donald very intentionally incites his thug followers to violence with the intent of intimidating anyone who dare challenge him. Not going to work: WeShallOvercome. What about GovWhitmer’s rhetoric toward realDonaldTrump? Her blatant disregard for truth in her press conference leading the public to think Trump had something to do with her kidnapping attempt was inexcusable!

Trump's base just crashed Google to look up the word 'excoriated'. Not to worry. He’ll be LOCKED UP SOON ENOUGH!!! Patience has its virtue. It was a fake plot setup by Democrat operatives. Fake fake. Whatever. It wasnt Trumps policies that turned her own peoole against her. Lock him up and throw the key😈

Constitution guarantees a right to bear arms to defend life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness at all costs. That would include use of deadly force against tyrannical leaders such as congressmen,senators,governors etc. Yet the Evangelical right continue to defend Trump. Unbelieveable! BidenHarris2020Landslide

From “There is no Hunter Biden story” to “it’s Russian disinformation” to “Come on, who wouldn’t sell dad’s role in foreign policy to the highest bidder? No big deal.” in less than a week! Lib media, your intellectual cowardice and corruption remain legendary. Trump is a danger to all Americans. Seriously FBI when is -enough ENOUGH!

If Trump told his crowd to 'lynch her,' they would have cheered. Nothing 'alleged' about it! He is disgusting. SHUTHIMUP but say it politely. So tell me, have any of TheDemocrats (leaders) significantly denounced violence and intimidation by Antifa? No? Then why are people trying to hold POTUS to a higher standard?

Photo editor? Sue him after he exits! He must be held accountable for ppl life he try to destroyed! . Karma is real .. he gave them all Covid-19 n He just moved on like OH WELL.. 🤭😢 The kidnappers hated Trump and loved Antifa. The kidnappers where arrested by DJT’s FBI. You and CNN are sad people Lock him up!’ Blue Wave!!!

GovWhitmer and her poor governance is responsible for any bitter attitudes towards her Jennifer is the future God she makes my skin crawl No one should keep sowing hate, especially a president. He is a terrible human being. He doesn’t care if his citizens are kidnapped by extremists. He doesn’t care about anything but getting re elected and he’ll say anything to do it. Gov. Whitmer was almost kidnapped!

Stop calling these terrorist thugs 'militias' just because they are white terrorist thugs. If they were black , the media would call them thugs. If arab, media would term them terrorists. Stop giving white people a pass. TrumpTerrorism WhitePrivilege vegix How can any Christian vote for Trump and then go to church?

Boo-hoo It's a shame when the POTUS acts like a common street thug...America deserves a real leader and it's not Donald J. Trump! He's constantly putting her in danger. Anyone else would be immediately arrested for that. The people in your state obviously don’t like you and your liberal dictates. JudithRavestein TrumpIsANationalDisgrace TrumpIsASuperSpreader

He’s a piece of💩💩💩💩 Only if she stops. He is committing sedition. Lock her up. nytimes CNN washingtonpost chicagotribune BostonGlobe MSNBC Astounding!! The POTUS publicly continuously threatening & encouraging violence towards elected public officials in America! Don't think even historians have ever read anything like this! And not the 1st time!

How come Republicans are not speaking out against this? Even they must realise Trump's hateful tirade is wrong, especially when it's his comments that nearly got her kidnapped in the first place! Publicity stunt It's Trump's administration that helped you and you're criticizing him. In comparison to Trump Whitmer won the popular vote. In terms of popular vote Trump is a loser.

Trump doesn't care or listen. Vote him out. Then he will listen. AmericansSupportGovWhitmer GovWhitmer This needs to be stop Michigan Whitmer, Biden & Harris is up! Vote! incendiary? call it what it is: fascist vegix yea theres no need for him to disrepect you but thats who he is hate It needs to stop RT if you have seen neighbors removing their Trump signs. Has the “I hardly knew him” movement begun?

Trump is a coward. Oh is the widdle muffins feelings getting hurt? Well Who gives a shit? Yes. But it won't, because Trump is thriving on its continuation. The fact that the crowd doesn't boo him, says enough about the people supporting him. Well, they're just digging a hole for themselves, but hey, they are the dumbest voters, right?

Where's the mask, look who's in the background? MI STANDS BRHIND YOU GOVERNOR WHITMER!! realDonaldTrump Trump should be arrested for inciting violence against the Governor! He is the cause for the failed kidnapping, & continues to threaten her with his taunts. Words have consequences, & Trump is NOT above the law!

𝐂𝐫𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐍𝐞𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 In general, an act that rises to the level of criminal negligence typically involves one that shows an indifference or disregard for human life, or for the safety of other individuals. He's a danger. RoArquette Wow! America is losing its power and respect. I imagine this is all falling neatly into place for the people plotting this. Roll on November 3

TheRascal2010 2017 KEITH OLBERMANN PREDICTED TRUMP WOULD BE IMPEACHED. IT HAPPENED BUT DID IT ELIMINATE TRUMP? NO. RoArquette Ya it does..he is a bully and an ass! When he looses he needs to be arrested for insighting violence! HorseRiderSoCal Imagine any other American president treating one of our governors this way!

He said stand by... now he’s calling on his storm troopers. He will be coming for the rest of us soon if he gets another term. Press State charges and name Donald Trump as an accessory. Can’t be pardoned for State charges. Didn't she accused Trump of plotting against her first? Gretch has always shown nothing but hate and disrespect for the GOP and then she wonders why many dislike her.

Is she made out of plastic? Why so shiny? If only We had an AG Btw Where is Bill Barr Trump is a traitor! And the GOP are his enabling pest! We just need to oust all those MF'ers! Why is Trump so afraid of strong women? I wonder if SDNY investigates domestic terrorism Because he initiated it and still supports it. As KamalaHarris said, 'Trump now dog whistles through a bullhorn.' He knows he's immune to any culpability because of MoscowMitch and his GOPTeaParty Senators, so he doesn't even pretend to be patriotic or decent.

He should be ashamed of himself but that’s beyond the scope of his emotional abilities. Can you say “botox” 🤡 There was a plot to kidnap the President. But they called it off when they couldn't decide who would be in charge of changing his diaper Trump is intellectually and emotionally sick Why don't the FBI charge Trump with exciting violence on Gov Whitmer? Any other citizen would be charged. He said in MI that they all should be locked up.

Speculative-politicians full of lies, They are all manipulated by 'resource monopolizing chaebols, evil anti-human terrorism and extreme terrorist organizations', forming a 'community of interests' of 'Corrupt Extravagant and Hypocritical Perverted'. vegix Simple Question for GOPLeaders in the Senate and House who haven’t spoken against this Violent Rhetoric. Do Party affiliation determine justification? What if it was a Democratic President hurling the same words towards a Republican Governor? Not ONE of you can say this is wrong?

POTUS Win 2020 I agree with moving on at some point in time. But they just tried to kidnap her recently.. She may want to focus on the current state’s misfortunes instead... That has nothing to do with your kidnapping. Socialist communist Democrat party and there propaganda arm of multimedia Trump is fighting for the working people. More jobs better pay. No new Taxes

Trump fears women who call for justice. How’d that lock down law suit treat ya? She needs to sue him. He’s use to that anyway. One has to wonder why she called the police to protect her!!!!!! send his Ass to jail now she needs to file criminal charges against this clown enough Trump has turned into a character in some kind of weird Halloween movie...

Any doubts about Whitmer policies protecting her Michigan constituents? Just follow Michigan bar in the following graph: She looks like the real thing She tastes like the real thing My fake plastic love Watch MI bar Just wondering if there was any cooling of the rhetoric after Trump was sent ricin or Republicans were shot at a baseball game.

And other leaders, and do damage to the police, and they hate the President. GovWhitmer is just trying to stay relevant. She’s not. Let me see if I have this right. She thinks someone wanting to kidnap her makes her immune from criticism? Is there a foiled kidnap exemption? How is it not illegal for him to act like that? He is inciting violence against her. He is an awful person.

Yeah lambaste him Goode vegix There’s no such thing as American Justice Politico needs to start reporting the now corroborated report on Biden Hunter's scandal. It is a dereliction of journalistic duty to ignore a presidential candidate's possible abuse of the VP position. meiselasb Press charges on the SOB.

You need to open instead of closing Imagine it’s 2012, and a terrorist group with Democratic ties attempts to abduct a Republican governor. Obama is on the campaign trail and says the puke Trump vomits on stage. Everything would be totally cool, right? Right? Ok. In 2016 over half of white women voted for trump, even after the Access Hollywood tape. What's it gonna be this time?

She deserves more She has destroyed Michigan Trump is getting sicker & sicker by the day trashing everyone & everything, what he talks about does not even make sense and to him it's perfectly okay in his sick mind, he believes all that he says. His face is so flushed, mabey his blood pressure has gone up!!

Charge him meiselasb This is wrong. Just so wrong. Our own President.....is this real life? She needs to slap him with a ease and desist order. Keeping a state closed does more harm then good. The virus is over, has been for months, it’s open up now or never at this point meiselasb Imagine how Wimpy McTrump would be crying if this were him or any GOP gov Tammy Faye would have nothing on his crying

FrankFigliuzzi1 Merely one of many reasons trump 'should be' arrested now, B4, he can take flight. 'Liberate Michigan' and countless other supremacist incitements to violence are in plain daylight. Not to even mention his 'negligent homicide' covid murders. DOJ memo not a law! He said nothing but mention you need to open your state. And he’s right. You keep finding ways to infringe on your citizens liberty, you will be recalled, or not re-elected. Michigan is turning red due to your hissy fit behaviour

I thought that the gop believed in states rights. Trump realDonaldTrump will say anything for cheers & to foster division...smh. He only cares about his campaign. Herd immunity won't work when people can get Covid 19 more than once. This is a global pandemic not a hoax. Period. Governor Whitmer is right, six men planned to kidnap her. Trump needs to cut this crap out! She's right Trump's base listens to his rhetoric.

She needs to focus on managing her responsibilities as Governor and less about criticizing President Trump. The problem is she can’t help herself because of her political background. Sad! taxgirl427 So now Donald Trump is the Governor police? What do you want to do with her Trump, lock her up also Lock up anyone to dares step out of line. That would be fascism. That is what Castro did. Is this what you support Cuba Florida Miami

I speak from my heart. He has ripped us apart; worked the crowd into a frenzy. He's divided men/women, white/people of color, straight/LGBTQ, rich /poor. Educated/non-educated. This is not America. It's NOT who we are. He is no leader. Brainwashed fools who vote for him do not care about the leadership in this country, only themselves and self interests. Shame.

meiselasb Trump hates women! Let’s do this 11/3/2020 👇 meiselasb There are millions and millions of people who support you. How can we help? JasonLaCanfora Hindenburg May have said that to Hitler. Gonna be hard to get the power back from power drunk democrats like this thing and KKKuomo meiselasb Arrest his ass. I don't care what his title is.

Because he bullies women! He’s a pu$$y grabbing pu$$y! JasonLaCanfora Resign Gov and it will stop JasonLaCanfora But they can talk bad about him. Suck it up! He's been defending himself for 3 years Joe Biden was in Detroit and drew nobody...I guess that's why they are having to mobilize and call in Barry but remember the polls say he's up 10.....John James the Republican for Senate outdrew him

meiselasb They were going to KILL her Dan Rather Compares Republicans to Rats then says that's not rally fair to Rats : He used to be a reputable guy now he shows his true colors, this is how he treats his fellow Americans and they wonder why other people hate Can't the FBI advise him to stop it? I dunno. :\\

She needs to be removed from office Free your people. Tell her to shut up. The POS POTUS. Flush this vile turd on November 3rd. Trump is basically advocating far-right terrorism. Time to call things what they are. Time to vote her out.....heard she ruined mich. during the pandemic She needs to stop lying first.

He is fanning the flames. Dont play the victim , GovWhitmer after you weilded your power and ruined your career for the radical left. You like to throw your mouth around and hurt , but dont like anyone to call you out . When you dish it out....be prepared to get it back. Liberal Democrats took the gloves off at the Kavanaugh hearing and Republicans are giving it back.

Trump is not spitting out rhetoric. He's rallying his army of extremist for November 3rd. He's going to start a civil war if he loses Just resign. Where is the DOJ or FBI on this? - so Dotard can threaten the safety of a Governor but we cannot threaten a traitor President who retarded administration cost 220,000 lives, 12 million jobs, record budget and trade deficits and Marines being targeted by Russian bounties?

Trumpsky needs to be punted out of office .realDonaldTrump is inciting white nationalist domestic terrorism in Michigan. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace And this is where Hillary said they were a basket of deplorables.... they criticized her for it but seee.... Hillary was right. It’s deplorable that they agree with Whitmer’s kidnappers

Husbandprivilege The Michigan Supreme Court even said she acted illegally. The extremists, while wrong to plot a kidnapping, were not wrong that she had over-stepped her powers. And the incident where her husband said the rules didn't apply to him is well known. She's trying to save her State. I'm in PA, the virus has not been bad at all in my State lately because 98% where I'm at wear masks in public buildings. Wolf got same complaints, but he did well here. How is GA, NC in top 10 of Covid cases? That's Embarrassing.

Commander in Chief Demi Lovato Fabulous Love it! Mail your ballots or VOTE in person! Let us VOTE for a couple of Honest Leaders!!! Let us go massively All; We the People and rescue our Country 🇺🇸!!! VOTE BIDEN-HARRIS Whatever he's doing to try to get the support of women voters, it's not working. Are we still pretending they didn't call Trump a dictator and were somehow listening to him?

Maybe she shouldn’t have blamed Trump for the attempt......she is a real moron!!! Trump don’t realize how juvenile he looks; most voters have had it with the antics. We need a president Can a Governor order the National Guard to arrest a sitting President? She should at least try. that should be lawsuit worthy

So? Have you let up on calling Trump names or repeating known false accusations? Have you gave up blaming Trump for you're inability to govern? Typical liberal though blaming others for their own failures and the liberal media hit teams make it too easy to just blame Trump.

Michigan Voter: If Republicans won't criticize Trump, 'I am not going to vote for them'Dasha Burns talks to voters in Kent County, Michigan where some are “voting blue all the way up and down the ballot for the first time in their lives.” DashaBurns What about the fake news media not criticizing Joe Hiden, is that ok DashaBurns The Republicans bow to trump irregardless of the lies and disregard for the law and the people to maintain their personal lives. They sold America out when he was impeached, he should have been out of office and now we live with their decisions. So I agree vote Democrat. DashaBurns Actions speak louder than words. Republicans speaking out now is too late. Look how they voted the last 4 years. You can’t trust a thing they say now.

Trump tries to shore up Florida, Biden targets Michigan as early voting surgesU.S. President Donald Trump sought to boost his standing in the battleground state of Florida on Friday by reaching out to seniors, while rival Joe Biden blasted Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic on a tour of the swing state of Michigan. Trump is like that middle school kid you remember back in school who never shuts up about himself telling lies and self praising with goofy dudes around him only because they have nothing else going on...but it’s middle school so you can just walk away.. Now he needs to go..badly Two masks for Biden now. Science?

'Stunning': Biden slams Trump for shrugging off Whitmer kidnapping plotBiden, in Michigan, said the president&39;s failure to condemn the people arrested for plotting to kidnapping the governor "is stunning" Anything to distract the American people from the Biden family’s corruption. We see through the bullshit. Biden Lawyer asked for harder drive back from Hunter Biden Laptop one day after Hunter Biden story broke THUS VERIFYING THE SOURCE!!! OCTOBER SURPRISE, HEY COMMIES, BIDEN IS TOAST!!!! There was no kidnap plot. Its all a hoax, fake news fake news deep state is behind it and by deep state I mean the Clintons

Michigan Sets New Covid Case Record Just Hours Ahead Of Trump RallyHospitalizations are at their highest since the spring. LOL. The GOP is right....The media is coming for them. But it isn't personal...it's a populist response to poor policy. Democrats, frankly, oftentimes also produce poor policy. Horrible job MrPresident MichiganForBiden COVID19

'Indigenous Peoples Day' booed at Michigan rally for Donald Trump'Last week, Biden, he attacked Christopher Columbus by refusing to recognize Columbus Day, and he wants to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.... Not as long as I'm president,' Donald Trump said. 'Basic human decency booed at Tr*mp rally' Good. Create a new day and leave Columbus Day the the fuck alone. So very sad.

Michigan Governor Whitmer fires back at Trump after rally crowd chants 'lock her up''This is exactly the rhetoric that has put me, my family, and other government officials' lives in danger,' Whitmer said after Trump called for her to be locked up. She broke the law Or....and I'm just spitballing here....maybe your policies are unpopular and unconstitutional This woman faced a possible kidnapping and assassination yet Trump doesn’t even have the basic decency to sympathise with her. He is literally only making it more likely that another plot to kidnap and kill her happens.