Israeli police questioned after fatal shooting of Palestinian man

Two police officers were brought in for questioning after security forces shot and killed a Palestinian who allegedly stabbed an Israeli man in East Jerusalem

Palestine, Israel

12/5/2021 4:30:00 PM

Two police officers were brought in for questioning after security forces shot and killed a Palestinian who allegedly stabbed an Israel i man in East Jerusalem

Video on social media appears to show the last few seconds of the incident, in which one of the officers continues to shoot at the 25-year-old when he is already lying on the ground.

Two police officers have been brought in for questioning after security forces shot and killed a Palestinian who allegedly stabbed an Israeli man in east Jerusalem. The Justice Ministry’s police investigations unit said the police officers were questioned on Sunday shortly after the incident on Saturday and were released without conditions.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett affirmed his support for the officers' actions at a meeting of his Cabinet on Sunday.“The officers acted outstandingly, exactly as is required from fighters in an operational situation like this," he said.

Israeli police released surveillance video in which the attacker can be seen stabbing the ultra-Orthodox Jewish man and then trying to stab a Border Police officer before being shot and falling to the ground.Police identified the attacker as a 25-year-old Mohammad Salimah from Salfit, in the occupied West Bank. Police could later be seen carrying the body away on a stretcher.

A widely circulated video shot by a bystander appeared to show an officer from Israel’s paramilitary Border Police shooting the attacker when he was already lying on the ground, and another appeared to show police with guns drawn preventing medics from reaching him, prompting calls for an investigation into possible excessive use of force.

Breaking: Israeli occupation troops executed a Palestinian young man in Jerusalem alleging he stabbed an illegal Israeli colonizer.

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