Israeli court to rule on Palestinian evictions that stoked Gaza conflict

The threatened evictions have been widely criticized by rights groups, and President Joe Biden's administration has repeatedly said it is 'very concerned.'

8/2/2021 2:57:00 PM

Israel's Supreme Court deliberating on a case that could see Palestinian families evicted from their homes in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

The threatened evictions have been widely criticized by rights groups, and President Joe Biden's administration has repeatedly said it is 'very concerned.'

If the court rejects the request, it could mean eviction proceedings against the families would start shortly,according to Terrestrial Jerusalem, a group that tracks developments in the Jerusalem. It was not immediately clear if a decision would come Monday.

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“If they decide to evict us 14 people in my family will be out on the street,” said Abed Alfatah Skafi, 70, whose family is one of the four threatened with eviction in the case being heard by the Supreme Court.“It will be a disaster, all our memories, our children grew up there,” he said in an interview with NBC News outside the court Monday.

A Palestinian protester scuffles with a member of the Israeli security forces near an Israeli roadblock at the entrance of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in July.Ahmad Gharabli / AFP - Getty ImagesSkafi was not alone outside the courthouse Monday. Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians protested against the potential evictions. Over the weekend Israelis and Palestinians gathered in Sheikh Jarrah to demonstrate ahead of the hearing.

The families’ request, known as a leave of appeal, to the Supreme Court was due to be heard in May but was postponed amid earlier protests that merged withat a compound sacred to Muslims and Jews known as the Temple Mount or the Noble Sanctuary. Read more: NBC News »

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Apparently the USA will have plenty of Vacancies. Come on over. Many cases homes BUILT by the grandparents of the Palestinians, so Israel is now saying not only do they not own the home their grandparents built, but now they have to pay rent to settlers who didn't build it. Way to spin this as 'protecting' when their homes just got stolen.

The human race can be so cruel. Nope, it’s not “their” homes, they do not own them, they are tenants who are renting them. This has been proven since the owners have produced the titles papers proving ownership, the tenants have failed to do so. Palestinians get a 'very concerned' response while protestors in Cuba get new sanctions against their gov that won't help the people there either.

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Progressive members of Congress pen letter urging Biden, CDC chief to act on expiring eviction banJUST IN: In a new letter to Pres. Biden and CDC Dir. Rochelle Walensky, progressive members of Congress are calling for the CDC to 'leverage every authority available to extend the eviction moratorium' set to expire at midnight. UBI now Of course. Nobody realizes 1/2 of those not being evicted just stopped paying rent because they can’t get evicted . Places around me are cutting hours and closing because nobody will work.

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'Housing crisis': Progressives frustrated as Biden lets federal eviction moratorium expireIt remains unclear why this issue was left until the last minute. The House left for their break on Friday with some Democrats blaming the White House. Someone explain to me how Joe Biden is allowing people to be thrown into the streets during an escalating pandemic. Try using FEMA powers...eviction part of larger on going national emergency...COVID that threaten US economic stability There’s a huge labor shortage and companies are starting unskilled workers over $15/hr. There’s no excuse for not having a job and there’s no excuse for not paying rent.