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Israel threatens Gaza ground invasion despite truce efforts

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Thursday said it was massing troops along the Gaza frontier and calling up 9,000 reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion of the Hamas-ruled territory, as the two bitter enemies plunged closer to all-out war.

5/14/2021 8:23:00 AM

Israel says air and ground troops struck Gaza in the heaviest attacks yet ahead of a possible ground invasion. No sign of progress on a cease-fire. In communal violence, Jewish and Arab mobs clashed in the flashpoint town of Lod for a fourth night.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Thursday said it was massing troops along the Gaza frontier and calling up 9,000 reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion of the Hamas -ruled territory, as the two bitter enemies plunged closer to all-out war.

The stepped-up fighting came as communal violence in Israel erupted for a fourth night, with Jewish and Arab mobs clashing in the flashpoint town of Lod. The fighting took place despite a bolstered police presence ordered by the nation’s leaders.The four-day burst of violence has pushed Israel into uncharted territory — dealing with the most intense fighting it has ever had with Hamas while simultaneously coping with the worst Jewish-Arab violence inside Israel in decades. A late-night barrage of rocket fire from Lebanon that landed in the sea threatened to open a new front along Israel’s northern border.

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Saleh Aruri, an exiled senior Hamas leader, told London-based satellite channel Al Araby early Friday that his group has turned down a proposal for a three-hour lull to allow for more negotiations toward a full cease-fire. He said Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations were leading the truce efforts.

Also early Friday, the Israeli military said air and ground troops struck Gaza in what appeared to be the heaviest attacks yet. Masses of red flames illuminated the skies as the deafening blasts from the outskirts of Gaza City jolted people awake. The strikes were so strong that screams of fear could be heard from people inside the city, several kilometers away.

ADVERTISEMENT“I said we would extract a very heavy price from Hamas,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a videotaped statement. “We are doing that, and we will continue to do that with heavy force.”The fighting broke out late Monday when Hamas, claiming to be the defender of Jerusalem, fired a barrage of long-range rockets toward the city in response to what it said were Israeli provocations. Israel quickly responded with a series of airstrikes.

Since then, Israel has attacked hundreds of targets in Gaza. The strikes set off scores of earth-shaking explosions across the densely populated territory. Gaza militants have fired nearly 2,000 rockets into Israel, bringing life in the southern part of the country to a standstill. Several barrages targeted the seaside metropolis of Tel Aviv, some 70 kilometers (45 miles) away.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said the death toll has climbed to 109 Palestinians, including 28 children and 15 women, with 621 people wounded. The Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups have confirmed 20 deaths in their ranks, though Israel says that number is much higher. Seven people have been killed in Israel, including a 6-year-old boy.

In Washington, President Joe Biden said he spoke with Netanyahu about calming the fighting but also backed the Israeli leader by saying “there has not been a significant overreaction.”He said the goal now is to “get to a point where there is a significant reduction in attacks, particularly rocket attacks that are indiscriminately fired into population centers.” He called the effort a “a work in progress.”

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Thursday’s visit by Egyptian officials marked an important step in the cease-fire efforts.Egypt often serves as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, and it has been a key player in ending past rounds of fighting. The officials met first with Hamas leaders in Gaza before holding talks with Israelis in Tel Aviv, two Egyptian intelligence officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media. Hamas’ exiled leader, Ismail Haniyeh, was also in touch with the Egyptians, the group said.

Despite those efforts, the fighting only intensified. Israeli aircraft pummeled targets in Gaza throughout the day. And late Thursday, Israel fired tank and artillery shells across the border for the first time, sending scores ofterrified residentsfleeing for safety.

The airstrikes have destroyed scores of buildings, including three high rises. Israel says the buildings housed Hamas militants or facilities, but civilians were inside as well.ADVERTISEMENTIn the northern Gaza Strip, Rafat Tanani, his pregnant wife and four children were killed after an Israeli warplane reduced the building to rubble, residents said.

Sadallah Tanani, a relative, said the family was “wiped out from the population register” without warning. “It was a massacre. My feelings are indescribable,” he said.Israel has come under heavy international criticism for civilian casualties in Gaza fighting. It says Hamas is responsible for endangering civilians by hiding and launching rockets from civilian areas.

Late Thursday, Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz ordered the mobilization of an additional 9,000 reservists.The chief military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Hidai Zilberman, said troops were massing along the Gaza border for a possible ground operation. He said tanks, armored vehicles and artillery were being prepared “for mobilization at any given moment.”

Hamas showed no signs of backing down. It launched several intense barrages of rockets throughout the day and fired its most powerful rocket, the Ayyash, nearly 200 kilometers (120 miles) into southern Israel. The rocket landed in the open desert but briefly disrupted flight traffic at the southern Ramon airport. Hamas also launched a drone that Israel said it quickly shot down.

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Hamas military spokesman Abu Obeida said the group was not afraid of a ground invasion, saying any invasion would be a chance “to increase our catch” of dead or captive soldiers.The fighting cast a pall over the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, normally marked by family gatherings and festive meals. Instead, the streets of Gaza were mostly empty.

Hassan Abu Shaaban tried to lighten the mood by passing out candy to passers-by but acknowledged “there is no atmosphere” for celebrating. “It is all airstrikes, destruction and devastation,” he said. “May God help everyone.” Read more: The Associated Press »

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Yo no se...solo se que Israel es el pueblo de Dios....vean ustedes en que lugar se colocan... Israel are the new nazis stop israel Do the people who fired the rockets actually think they can do anything except invite destruction? While I support a solution, this seems counter productive. Dünyanin en vahşi ülkesi israel dir.

Israel barbarlığı devam ediyor Israel is a terrorist apartheid state 160 Israeli aircraft dropped 450 bombs on the northern Gaza Strip during 40 minutes last night. PalestineUnderAttack IsraeliTerrorism GazaUnderAttack SavePalestine FreePalestine usa stands with Isreal Israeli forces have invaded Poland and ..... oh sorry wrong nazis IsraelPalestine AqsaUnderAttack PalestineUnderAttack

morgfair GazaUnderAttack

Israel threatens Gaza ground invasion despite truce efforts JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Thursday said it was massing troops along the Gaza frontier and calling up 9,000 reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion of the Hamas -ruled territory, as the two bitter enemies plunged closer to all-out war. This will be a never-ending war, It is a big mistake by Israelis thinking can finish off Hamas 🇺🇸 To maintain its dominance over much of the world, absolutely anything goes, from the propaganda of its dehumanized capitalism disguised as 'democracy.' Until the creation, training, financing, supply of weapons of terrorist groups. The military-industrial complex 🇺🇸🤑⚰️⚰️⚰️ Just put an end to this mess once and for all.

morgfair I've seen this movie. It doesn't end in any kind of satisfying resolution. Can you invade a territory you already (legally fishily) occupy and control that has no sovereign rights or standing army? “Give me that old-time religion Give me that old-time religion It was good for our mothers It has served our fathers”

AP and Reuters are absolutely not trustworthy sources for Israel or Palestine news. GenocideinGaza Gaza GazaUnderAttack PalestineWillBeFree اللهم برداً و سلاماً على غزة GazaUnderAttack Gaza_Under_Attack Palestine جرائم_اسرائيلية انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح savesheikhjarrah ŞeyhJarrahmahallesinkurtarın SalvailquartierediSheikhJarrah RettedasViertelSheikhJarrah sauvezlequartierdesheikhjarrah

What a mess !

Israel builds up troops on Gaza border as death toll mounts Israel has said it is massing troops along the Gaza frontier and calling up 9,000 reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion of the enclave. They are bombing Gaza again! These people don’t have hearts at all 😭GazzaUnderAttack PalestinianLivesMatter IsraelTerrorist GazaUnderAttack Gaza_Under_Attack savesheikhjarrah PrayForGaza

Not easing my day on bidenites or Muslims. They don’t deserve it Hamas makes the dumbest move since the BBC erased its videos on historic events to make room in its studio: Hamas: Hey, let's send directionless missiles into the most holy city of 3 religions. That will give us support. Israel is a racist terrorist state! Free Palestine!

If god is great these two groups will just turn the whole region into a glass desert and the world will become a much better and peaceful place. 🤡🌎 GOD H8Z WAR!! ! SMH LiV iN LiTE & LUV FAM!! ! 😎🙏🏾🌞💚🎉🌟👽 Kong with godzilla abilities vs brown bears. Pop culture reference so that privileged americans can understand the conflict.

Israel God is watching your slaughter and Mary is weeping for the innocence lost! I hope you remember your teachings before it's too late This is a full scale war and invasion being led by Israel POTUS. This is what happens when you both sides things and equivocate.

Israel Ground Troops Fire Into GazaAfter days of violence, primarily through air raid rockets, the Israel i military said it sent ground forces into Gaza . Israelis are as guilty as Palestinians because neither have a large moderate humane number of citizens. The religious political and military are where power lies. There is the rest of the population who cannot find another way to power with compassion and tolerance. Seventy plus More mass murders, including women and innocent children, genocide on a wholesale basis by the brutal barbaric Israelis, straight to The Hague, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing Word is aggression not violence.

That's not clashing. That's like godzilla fighting bears. Stop both sidesing the violence. The brutality of the IDF supported by military from the most powerful military on the planet against the people of Gaza - is not violence from both sides. Rockets from Gaza are a desperate cry for help to the world. You can’t hide the truth.

IsraelTerrorist the evil imperialist UN amnesty amnestyusa hrw SavetheChildren UNICEF all in ur watch palastine_under_attack PalastinianLivesMatter palastineNeedsOurHelp rashidalmethen Now we know why Hitler killed the Jews well done Hitler 😊👍🏻. Can u stop this whole “clashes” phrase which is nothing but horse shit when discussing the Zionist crimes against Palestinians? Or would it upset your Zionist employers if u speak truth to power?... IsraeliTerrorism IsraelWarCrimes GazaUnderAttack

Time to eradicate the problem. We the world are sick of the Jewish behaviour. mannocchia Israel says its terrorists have continued to blow up Palestinian children ahead of further terrorist operations Camp David accords failed, Oslo accord failed, well, land disputes are brutal n behind every conflict there are 'Britishers' and 'religion'.

Abrahamic hell thanks to Jews & Americans! Palestinian genocide unfolding in living color on TV. No resolution. Satan of all time USA under Biden & Blinken & Congressional Jews blocking UN resolution! By the time UN acts so many Arabs will be incinerated by Zionist fire. More mass murders, including women and innocent children, genocide on a wholesale basis by the brutal barbaric Israelis, straight to The Hague, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing

At Least 24 Palestinians Killed As Israel Launches Airstrikes On Gaza Hamas and other armed groups fired rockets toward Israel in an escalation of the conflict sparked by weeks of tensions in Jerusalem . Tell the truth or shut up your mouth Maybe mention the airstrikes against Gaza in your tweet? Or are you suggesting the children being bombed are lesser than retaliation against an illegal occupation? Your tweets never get less shit.

In slide toward all-out combat, Israel and Gaza militants trade blows, bombardmentIn the first full day of back-and-forth aerial bombardment, both Israel and Hamas land deadly strikes. Is all-out war next? The narrative of two equal powers at war is a deception. Your coverage is supremely disgusting. How about Arabs riot and kill Jews for days, and throw hundreds of rockets on the civilian Jewish population while hiding behind their own children? There I fixed it for you The US should stop supporting terrorist organizations around the world in secret. The US should stop supporting a terrorist state like Israel openly. The USA is now the most hated state in the world.

New Hamas rocket barrage after Israel levels another Gaza tower Hamas unleashes a fresh barrage of rocket fire towards Israel in retaliation for the levelling of a 14-story building in Gaza by Israel i jets as tensions rise in several cities amid reports of Jewish mob attacks on Palestinians Do you demand Action from Arab & Muslim Countries against Jews/Israeli Terrorist? If Israel retaliated You people will be wailing Tattooed_Mummy You know that famous saying. 'Those that live in 14 story tower blocks shouldn't throw stones.'