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Israel’s Baseball Team: Now Starring Actual Israelis

A group of players were so inspired playing for Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic they took it a step further: They became Israeli citizens to help Israel make the Olympics


A group of players were so inspired playing for Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic they took it a step further: They became Israeli citizens to help Israel make the Olympics

Over the past year, more than a dozen Jewish-American professional ballplayers have obtained Israeli citizenship under the nation’s Law of Return, a process known as making aliyah—Hebrew for “ascent.”

The underdog Israeli team that emerged as a sensation at the 2017 World Baseball Classic came with an asterisk. Despite the name of the country splashed across their uniforms, almost none of the players who helped upset powerhouses like South Korea, Chinese Taipei and Cuba were actually Israeli. Instead, the roster featured a collection of Americans participating under the tournament’s heritage rule, which granted eligibility to anybody with a Jewish grandparent or spouse.

Buoyed by that unexpected success, Israel now hopes...

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Awesome 😎 Blinds. 🚀 Love it. Is Koufax on the team? Another fraud in sports. Are these players willing to live in Israel? ja hier man 20 Millione Tötung in Staat UNGARIEN bist du Blöde oder was Staat USA bist du Blind oder was

Hezbollah says it shot down Israeli drone over south LebanonBEIRUT (AP) — The Lebanese militant Hezbollah group said it shot down an Israeli drone over southern Lebanon early Monday, shortly after it crossed from Israel amid rising tensions along the... Israel knows Trump,Bennie has A Daring War going on,He'll pulled America In soon A drone the US paid for no doubt God Bless Israel!

Explainer: Israel's election - will Netanyahu survive?Israelis vote next week for the second time in less than six months in a electio... If the Chosen One endorses him, he will win. Never Let's hope not.

Netanyahu: Iran had secret nuclear weapons development site in AbadehIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Iran had been deve... Israel does too. So does America. Which power doesn’t have a secret site? Does he never get fed up with his lies, war and killing of innocent

Iran's Zarif rejects Netanyahu's nuclear claim, says he 'cries wolf'Iran on Monday rejected a claim by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tha... Like we should believe anything he has to say Any thinking person would believe Iran over Netanyahu or Trump any day Until they stop stoning women for such crimes as crossing the street or going outside without a male escort? I don't give a rat's ass what they say

Netanyahu says Iran had secret nuclear weapons siteIsraeli PM Netanyahu says that Iran had been developing nuclear weapons at a secret site near the city of Abadeh, but that Tehran destroyed the facility after learning it had been exposed. They ALL have Secret Sites. Israel included. Cough, bullshit, cough. What methods could people use - to help them discern; -facts from fuction -truth from lies -real from fakenews, propaganda & conspiracytheories?

Cyber firm NSO vows to tackle human rights misuseThe Israeli-based NSO Group said on Tuesday it would abide by U.N. guidelines to... By time

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