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Israel must have freedom to act against Iran, Netanyahu says in Russia

Israel must have freedom to act against Iran, Netanyahu says in Russia


Israel must have freedom to act against Iran, Netanyahu says in Russia

Israel must be allowed to act freely against Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netan...

The two leaders have met more than a dozen times in recent years and the countries’ militaries have been working to avoid accidental clashes in Syria, where Israel says it has carried out hundreds of strikes against Iranian targets to stop Tehran establishing a permanent military presence there.

Russia’s RIA news said Putin praised military and security cooperation between Russia and Israel.

After an earlier meeting with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, Netanyahu reiterated that for Israel to ensure its security, its military needed to have “freedom of action” against Iran in the region.

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And Muslims (peoples) should be free to act against Zionist Israel and wipe it out. Because our leaders are puppets of Zionist America keep of Israel israel must have freedom to act against iran with the help of us. Really! When is the election? He is a criminal, why is he still in power ? Awaiting for great slamming

Warm up the bombers. Then I have the freedom to act against you. So sad, Israel looking for Russia's support... Who would have thought.. Netanyahu wants Russian ok for attacking Iran.If he is so bent upon attacking Iran what he is waiting for.He should carry out his threat and see what happens to Israel.

What kind of Israel do you envision after a nuclear attack on Iran? It is free to act but not free to drag others into its poor decision-making. It has to own the consequences of its arrogance. Freedom to act against Iran, meaning that the jews are attacking Muslims and they want impunity and immunity.

Israel strikes Gaza after rocket sirens force Netanyahu off stage Israel i aircraft struck in Gaza on Wednesday hours after rockets from the Palest... ... As coward as 45* petty and sadistic Clarification: Israel strikes Gaza after rocket was aimed and headed towards PM netanyahu along with over 500,000 civilians...

Israel wants to goat our Idiot in Chief into a war with Iran so they don't have to. Netanyahu said in 1995 that Iran was 5 years away from a nuke and they are no closer now than they were in 1995. Such an a Zibi, just go to jail!! Freedom to commit a war crime with a unilateral attack. Act with out the support of us and eu then lets see the out come. What a joke

And vice versa... ISRAEL IS THE EVIL MENACE , NOT IRAN. Israel never fights their own wars. u have freedom to choice how we destroy israel!!! Lmao. Then you need to do it ALONE. NO MORE HELP FROM YOUR FAVORITE DONORS AND BODYGUARDS— the USA. I would love to see Israel cut loose from our protection... let’s see how much shite Bibi would be talking then!

Netanyahu sees U.S. staying 'very, very tough' on Iran despite Bolton ouster Israel i Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played down the impact of hawkish John... I see us taking a huge crap on you when Trump is gone. We will see who is right. Lol

Israel and freedom in one sentence? Really?! Bibi is a good guy! Is this what Balfour intended? Israel is very much as demanding the unencumbered right to be a serial rapist...of a pliant, languidly non-resisting victim!! Who on this earth has the authority to grant Israel such right? Who can stop Iran from this freedom to act against you?

Fair enough: does it mean netanyahu IsraeliPM agrees that Iran MUST HAVE THE FREEDOM TO ACT AGAINST ISRAEL? I know it’s election crunch time but how far is he willing to test his hypocrisy limits? And with him spying on WhiteHouse and realDonaldTrump , trust him? GOP 😂 Yep... We need all the help we can get dealing with them since our traitorous former president turned over billions to terrorist Iran to help them develop nuclear & assist N. Korea in their missile program...

Freedom to war? Bibi, are you ready for the israeli corpses? Warmonger. He wants a buffer zone the size of Iraq.

Netanyahu denies Israel planted spy devices near the White HouseThe allegations that Israel planted surveillance devices near the White House were reported by news site Politico. Dude...Really... Well do u think they would admit it? Netanyahu has one agenda: protect Israel. If that means bugging the WH, so be it.

WAR who is it good bastards Irán entonces debe tener libertad para actuar contra Israel.....y Rusia y China ayudar a Irán, lo mismo que EEUU ayuda a Israel. netanyahu wants another holocaust hitler olmaya aday siyonist pislik. istiyor ki savaş kan şiddet hep olsun. Does that mean Palestine should have the freedom to act against Israel? Israel has the right to exist in peace with its neighbours, but not the right to destroy them

To act on your own with no help from the US? Sure! ... then Iran must have freedom to retaliate.. Hmmm, could this be why the Iran deal went away with trump? After 200 aerial attack, Is he still limited?

UK accuses Iran of breaking deal with oil transfer to Syria – Gulf tensions'This sale of oil to brutal [ Syria n] regime is part of a pattern of behaviour by the Government of Iran designed to disrupt regional security,' British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab says.

Free to do whatever you want to, on your own dime. Have fun with that. Just leave us out of it. “Let US attack ANYONE, but don’t let ANYONE attack US” It goes both ways

Iran says U.S. should avoid 'warmongers' after Bolton departureIran said on Wednesday Washington should distance itself from 'warmongers&q... Timely advice! 😲 Maybe Iran should STOP acting like a war monger and get out of the terrorist business.

Iran urges US to 'put warmongers aside' after Bolton firingTEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's president urged the U.S. on Wednesday to 'put warmongers aside' as tensions roil the Persian Gulf amid an escalating crisis between Washington and Tehran in the wake of... Democrat media Maybe agree to meet with us try and talk some things out? F IRAN

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