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Is Your Home Haunted?

Maybe it's just the wind... or maybe it's not 👻🥴

10/15/2021 8:28:00 PM

Maybe it's just the wind... or maybe it's not 👻🥴

Is a ghost playing tricks on you, or just your mind?

You’ve experienced a strange, creeping feeling like someone is watching you. People who believe they’ve experienced paranormal activity often note a sensation that someone is watching them while they sleep. Eek!Putrid odors emerge from a localized area during a specific time of day.

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You smell familiar and comforting scents like perfume or essences that evoke specific memories.Weird sounds like whispering voices might indicate that another being is trying to get your attention — or there’s a residual haunting happening in your home. A residual haunting is when a spirit replays and relives a past event over and over.

A flash of bright light occurs at the same time everyday in the same area of your home.Frigid cold temperatures in certain areas of a room, as well as a sudden drop in temperature (usually between 20-30 degrees) can mean there’s a ghost among you.Lights, TVs, or electronic devices turning on and off can be a sign that an entity is pulling its energy from your power source, or trying to communicate with you.

You’ve had a peripheral sighting, which is a glimpse of a shadowy figure from the corners of your eyesight. Spirits tend to move fast, so they may appear to be dancing or look like a flickering shadow in the distance.Missing objects are found in strange areas of your home, in places other than where they were left or are usually kept. It’s safe to assume that you misplaced an item and forgot, but if it’s found somewhere you would never think of leaving it, then it may be a sign of paranormal hijinks.

You have strange dreams you’ve never experienced before, and at night, feel a sensation of touch as though something or someone is reaching out to you.Ghostbusting 101:magicalways to put an end to the spooky shenanigans.Ghost them — literally. Tell the ghost to leave you alone or ignore them. If you stop giving the spirit attention, they will get bored and move on.

Do notplay with Ouija boards or have seances. Opening the gates to the spiritual world willingly invites energy into your home that you don’t want there.Cleanse your living space. Burn lavender in every room, wash your floors with ammonia, and get fresh air circulating throughout the home. This will detox any residual ghoulish vibes.

Protect yourself. Place a black tourmaline stone in the corner of the room to ensure that you are out of harm's way. Thisstonewill protect you from negativity — on both the spiritual and material plane.Bring in positivity. While practicing fire safety, light white candles in the rooms you’ve sensed apparitions in to clear out the negative energies and purify the area.

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Be salty. Pour black salt around your home and along the doorways. Make a circle of protection around your home with the salt to keep it secure from unwanted visitors.Make your dreams sweeter. Before you go to sleep, cast a circle of protection with your finger in the air. This will help you enter and return from the astral realm safely. To further ensure that entities don’t mess with you while you’re asleep, place an amethyst crystal by your bed, or tuck a sachet of salt or lavender under your bed or in your pillowcase.

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