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Is Will Ferrell Masquerading as a Sloth on The Masked Dancer?

1/14/2021 1:19:00 PM

Is Will Ferrell Masquerading as a Sloth on The Masked Dancer?

Ashley TIsdale's got some thoughts on one of the contestants on The Masked Dancer and we can't say we disagree.

FoxSlothHe's a fitness lover who worked hard to get to wherever he is today. He had a bad accident as a kid, and one clue suggests he was onDancing With the Stars. The number 13 is also important.FoxCotton CandyShe's a perfectionist who loves an English-style breakfast, and has something to do with a wizard hat. She moved in with a new family as a kid and had trouble keeping up, and there's something about a clock with the numbers 12, 5, 6 and 9 replaced with L, E, F and I. Lip cupcakes are also important.

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FoxHammerheadHe's a shark who loves a burger and some alphabet soup that says "talk." He also loves a cup of "Joe." He became famous too quickly and realized he was unhappy, so now he's doing things that used to scare him.Fox

TulipTulip loves the number 11 and was teased all the time growing up. She was in the glee club and the acrobatics club, and she's got some fancy green boots that she occasionally clicks together a laThe Wizard of OzFoxCricketCricket's not a pro dancer but he loves to bet on himself. There are references to

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MaskedDancerFOX Hear me out...... Gavin Rossdale. He lives in another country, loves sports, and he’s a singer like the boombox clue. MaskedDancerFOX I'm thinking it's daxshepard MaskedDancerFOX The sloth is Martin Lawrence. The sloth🦥 in TheMaskedDancer is so cute. I love him. MaskedDancerFOX Whoever he is I love how he dances

No. It’s Maks from DWTS. MaskedDancerFOX Dear The Masked Dancer Production Team, I'm a rookie comic trying to break into the entertainment industry. And, I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help me promote my Acupuncture-No-More Dance 😅 Thank you! 👍🏻 MaskedDancerFOX It is Will Smith. Boom box fresh prince of bel air, made a comment about bad boy and the airplane was in reference to his famous skydiving video about fear. When he was younger he went to Mexico.

I think it's Channing Tatum MaskedDancerFOX MaskedDancerFOX Pretty sure sloth is Jeff Goldblum Theres Jurassic park amber glee clues as well and the science accident referring to the fly MaskedDancerFOX Jack in the box tester MaskedDancerFOX No it’s RickFox I know it’s him . Actor - one child - lived in Bahamas - won’t name more - its RF. Watch and see - dancing with the Stars too .

LilacOpal It’s maksimc sloth MaskedDancerFOX I have been in crisis mode since Jan 10, 2020 bc my daughter was missing on Jan 6, 2021 she passed I’m exhausted & confused You have no idea how many different ways it feels wrong to beg for help, but I don’t see a choice Please Help get her home rtitbot

MaskedDancerFOX ppl rlly obsses over this show MaskedDancerFOX No maksim chmerkovskiy is though “Talked down and dirty?” Badge says “D. R.” I’m guessing Jason DeRulo. 🙂💡 Yep He was probably made to by his handlers... Hope so 😇