Is the U.S. economy headed for a recession? | Reaction | 'Wake Up America'

9/24/2022 3:34:00 PM

On Saturday's 'Wake Up America', John Fund of National Review and Brianna Lyman of the Daily Caller react to the possibility of an economic recession in the ...

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'We need tax cuts, we need tax reform frankly, a flat tax, that would really juice and energize the economy.' John Fund and Brianna Lyman react to the big problems in the U.S. economy. johnfund briannalyman2 CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril MORE:

On Saturday's 'Wake Up America', John Fund of National Review and Brianna Lyman of the Daily Caller react to the possibility of an economic recession in the ...

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U.N. chief urges strong global nature deal to end 'orgy of destruction'

As countries prepare to negotiate a new global agreement to protect Earth's environment, the head of the United Nations warned there was no time to lose. Read more >>

johnfund briannalyman2 CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril Shut up Putin Puppets. johnfund briannalyman2 CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril Increase tax free thresholds for the poor or close to the poverty line .. increase taxes for the top end ... increase luxury taxes on high end goods .. johnfund briannalyman2 CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril

johnfund briannalyman2 CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril Let me guess, tax cuts for the wealthy and more taxes for the middle class and poor? johnfund briannalyman2 CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril I thought we got all that in Trump’s only legislative accomplishment. johnfund briannalyman2 CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril I would love a flat tax!!!

johnfund briannalyman2 CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril Look at what the chancellor has just done in the UK

Markwayne Mullin: Biden has no credibility, we have the weakest President | 'Wake Up America'Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Ok.): [Biden] has no credibility on the world stage, we have the weakest President that I would say we had.' MarkwayneMullin CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril MORE: MarkwayneMullin CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril And, your sources from outside the US? MarkwayneMullin CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril Clown 🤡 Show 🎪 ✅ MarkwayneMullin CarlHigbie Amanda_Bril Ah, Oklahoma. A known world politics leader. 🫠

Red Bull Considers F1 Return to Honda in Wake of Failed Deal with PorscheRed Bull determined to be 'the only team besides Ferrari that builds the car and engine.'

Angelina Jolie says Pakistan's catastrophic floods 'a real wake-up call' on climate changeAn emotional Angelina Jolie said she feared many people she had met during visits to flood-hit areas in Pakistan would 'not make it' if more aid did not arrive. Americans First! Well no shit 🤦 Does the world need an all important movie star to tell us so we will understand this Yes, the earth has a rating of many being born and many dieing, every day. Some countries just continuously have more and more and more children, into OVER populated Hellholes, that're mismanaged by mismanaged governments, who beg for money and then pocket it for themselves.

49ers feel 'very lucky' to still have Jimmy Garoppolo in wake of Trey Lance's injuryJimmy Garoppolo agreed to a restructured contract to remain with the 49ers through the season. Now, suddenly, he’s back in the starting spot.

Earth from Orbit: Hurricane Fiona Leaves Wake of DestructionHurricaneFiona, the first major storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, has caused catastrophic damage across Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Turks and Caicos. Learn more in this week's EarthFromOrbit:

USMNT Loss to Japan Acts As a World Cup Wake-Up CallAside from Matt Turner’s play in goal, there wasn’t much to like from USMNT’s showing vs. Japan. brianstraus on the World Cup tune-up, the questions it raises and the adjustments that are needed BrianStraus 💯