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Is The Delta Variant Causing Travel Restrictions?

Is the Delta variant causing travel restrictions?

7/24/2021 6:32:00 AM

Is the Delta variant causing travel restrictions ?

The Delta variant (first identified in India in December 2020) is prevalent across the U.S. and accounts for approximately 60% of new coronavirus cases across the United States .

hasn’t required tourists to wear masks, but since July 21, 2021, employees are required to wear masks. New Orleans and Orlando are two other popular destinations that strongly encourage the general public to wear masks regularly but there isn’t a local mask mandate in these cities.

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CDC Travel GuidelinesThe CDC currently recommends fully vaccinated people to wear a mask in indoor public settings. Travelers and residents should also wear masks in outdoor areas where infection rates are high. Theindicates the positivity rate by county.

Also, the CDC continues to recommend travel for fully vaccinated travelers only.Are Lockdowns Imminent?At the moment, it appears that American states and cities do not want to reintroduce lockdowns to reduce the coronavirus transmission risk. However, if cases continue to rise, we could see regional lockdowns. International destinations may also ban non-essential travelers.  headtopics.com

SummaryWhile the Delta variant and other variants are not restricting travel yet, a continuing surge in confirmed cases and hospitalizations can lead to regional lockdowns and stricter entry requirements like we saw in 2020.  Read more: Forbes »

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You can travel to France and soon Italy, but you can’t enter a restaurant, museum, bars… Eiffel Tower. US CDC cards are not acceptable proof of vaccination

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